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When figures like Hillary Schieve, Eric Brown, and Alexis Hill adopt the façade of a “welcoming city,” it results in tangible harm, even loss of life.

Let’s examine the over 120 million dollars invested in the so-called “Cares Campus.” But the question that arises is, do they actually care?

The homelessness crisis has morphed into a massive business venture. No matter how substantial the funds they receive, it’s never enough, and the situation continues to worsen. Those who are genuinely contributing to resolving the issue receive neither media coverage nor recognition because successful solutions aren’t deemed newsworthy.

Consider it in terms of the pharmaceutical industry: there’s no profit if a 5-cent pill can cure you. Instead, they need you dependent on three-lifetime prescriptions that manage symptoms rather than treating the root cause.

The same dynamic is at play here. Payment is allocated per head, per bed, creating an incentive to draw as many individuals as possible. As a past supervisor, Alioto of SF County stated, the current handling of homelessness is criminal. It’s all about profit for the few, with genuine care for those in need taking a backseat.

Consider this: if there are 604 homeless individuals and over 120 million dollars are needed to house them, something is clearly amiss. You know it, I know it, and they’re aware that we’re onto their scheme. That’s why they’re hiding documents from us. But as I often say, the truth will surface. And it will.

It’s baffling how these same people claim to welcome the homeless to our county, yet when Hillary encounters a homeless person in her neighborhood, we’re told she promptly dials the police to have them removed. Does this behavior sound caring to you? If Hill, Brown, and Schieve truly cared, why wouldn’t they invite these homeless individuals to their homes?

Now that would indeed be a sight to behold, wouldn’t it?

The catalyst for this post is a grim revelation: as reported by the 775 Times in the past nine days, three dead bodies have been retrieved from the Truckee River. Three lives were lost. We were informed they were homeless. Whether these individuals tragically misjudged the river currents and drowned or a serial killer is at large, the blame lies with those in charge.

The blood is on their hands.

Their profit-driven decision to bring these individuals here has inflicted catastrophic damage on our city, our county, and the lives of these individuals. The truth about this appalling homelessness situation will be revealed, not due to the needs of the people but due to the predatory politics and, at worst, the possible corruption of individuals like Schieve, Hill, and Brown.

We must call for a thorough audit of every dime spent on the flourishing homeless industry in our area. Every. Single. Dime.



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