If you forgot who Comrade Alexis Hill-Insky is and why she’s named such, please try to stomach this brief video:
Here you can see me reminding her where she may be going once we start laying out all she has allegedly done.

Here’s a brief synopsis of what we exposed at Tuesday’s Commissioners’ Clown Show.

Comrade Alexis Hill-Insky is duty-bound to be forthright and transparent about what boards she sits on.

If a public servant is voting on items that could be a conflict of interest, she could be breaking the law, such as NRS 281.A.400, NRS 281.A.430, NRS 281.A.430.

Additionally, there are many more laws that prohibit public officials from engaging in conflicts of interest, self-dealing, or misapplying entrusted funds.

Let’s speak about two boards she confesses to sitting on that she doesn’t disclose on her website, or the county agendas. Neither board she sits on lists her name, even though they mention numerous others who sit on the boards. Why don’t they list her, too? Why doesn’t she list that she sits on them?

As you can see here from her own email, which we received through an NRS request for information; she admits that she sits on the boards for:

  • CARES Campus Capital Campaign Committee
  • Fundraising role for the Washoe Dems

Now these are just two boards she admits to being on in private. Why does this matter? Have you seen the atrocious amount of money the County Commissioners have voted to give to the Cares Campus under her tenure? It’s reported as $78 million dollars plus an additional $33 million that was just approved, plus an additional $5.5 million dollars for a waste dump to build it on!

Is that not the definition of a conflict of interest? 

Let your mind go wild on all the ways one could exploit this type of system. Remember, this is Wicked Washoe. I wouldn’t trust her to raise money for a lemonade stand, let alone that dilapidated circus tent that’s just sucking hundreds of millions of our dollars while crime and homelessness skyrocket.

Then look at her role in fundraising for the WashoeDems. How many times has she asked them to do activism for her or for her buddies’ agenda items she wants passed? How many election items that are heavily Democrat-leaning could be potentially tied to this group or to her?

How can one list the boards they sit on, then leave out fundraising for two of our biggest issues in Washoe, homelessness and elections?

And then vote on them!

Folks, this is just a taste! You won’t believe what we uncovered into Hill-Insky.

If you think it’s just boards, no, it goes far deeper. Additionally, if you think it’s just those two boards, you’d be wrong again.

A very eloquent, calm, and respectable man from Incline Village came to the Commissioners Clown Show and accused her of being on two other boards she has been voting in favor of as well.

I suggest you watch this clip:

Additionally, when speaking to this kind man after the meeting, he listed numerous more to us that he knows she’s on with the potential to spend billions of our dollars on.

If that’s not insult to injury, take a look at her husband, Matthew Tuma, Director of the Department of Administration. He is two steps away from Governor Joe Lombardo, has access to every level of government and many other government agencies, and can pretty much get the inside scoop on anything in Nevada. These two are married!

Now I’m not saying Mr. Tuma is a bad guy or has done anything wrong. What we are saying is this appears to be a monumental conflict of interest!

I leave this thought with you, if this were you or me, do you think we’d be investigated at the least?

Or do you think this two-tier justice system we see with Eric Brown-Stain and his wife protects the very people doing We the People harm?

Start following us on Facebook and responding over there or on Twitter. You can continue to email me as always, but I’m about 200,000 behind. I promise to get to you soon. Additionally, if you work for the county, one of these boards, etc., and have information for us, we will keep you anonymous just as we have the dozens of others. Show me one time where we’ve doxed a whistleblower. You can’t and won’t; you’re safe with us. Do you feel safe with them?



Stay tuned; we’re not even through the first inning of this ball game.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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