Looking at a country like Venezuela, you’ll observe its transformation from a beautiful, thriving, free society into a state of peril and despair within just a few decades. What caused this downfall? To put it simply, the introduction of voting machines led to stolen election results, dissent was suppressed through media and government, borders and the national currency were devalued. Does this sequence of events remind you of anything currently happening in America? It’s the exact same playbook, isn’t it?

In Washoe County, our voices have been stolen, just as our votes were. We see the targeted effort by the press and government to suppress us. Comrade Alexis Hill’Insky, Eric BrownStain, and Mariluz ‘Bangin Your Man Too’ Garcia, have stripped We The People, of our voices and our right to public comment at the Board of County Commissioners Meetings. In its place, they have implemented a system that is easily manipulated named “Speak Up”.

Just like the mysterious votes for commies such as Hill’Insky or Hide’n Schieve, the voter identities who supposedly voted for them remain absent and unseen. The County has introduced this electronic comment system which, they claim, promotes inclusivity. BrownStain stated that it “levels the playing field”. However, we see it as a platform for special interest groups, funded by deep pockets like Soros, to deploy armies of bots, create fake accounts, and fake Washoe residency. This provides cover of public consent for these ‘commie’ commissioners to advance their agendas, all while creating the illusion that it is what We The People want.

They justify this system by stating that their constituents, due to work commitments, couldn’t attend the meetings in person. We all work, yet many of us manage to allocate time to attend these meetings and express our views. Conversely, these ‘commies’ have to pay people to impersonate residents of our county, like the incident in March 2022 where a Soros-funded group paid individuals $60 an hour to speak against fair elections.

This new system enables them to bot in comments from any part of the world at their convenience.

In a bid to test this program, I created two accounts, one using my Gmail and the other with my Protonmail account. The ease with which I could have continued creating accounts was astonishing, given all that’s required is a first name, two letters of your last name, an email address, and a physical address. Anyone could potentially use the Washoe County City phone books, create a slew of Gmail accounts, and inundate the county with pro-commie comments, making it seem like all of Washoe is in support of their commie ideology. They claim to screen comments, it begs the question: who’s doing the screening? So to translate this, we can assume all the pro-commie bot comments will go through no problem, yet any conservative comments will end up in the spam box…

These commies are a minority masquerading as the majority. They know they can’t debate us, so they steal our votes, our public comments, and our voices. 

It’s worth mentioning that this E-Bot system was installed without the knowledge or even conversation with Commissioner Clark or Vice Chair Commissioner Herman. BrownStain, Hill’Insky, and ‘Bangin Your Man Too’ did this all behind their backs. You can see the ones who have something to hide; they don’t want us to call them out, and they sure as hell won’t debate us.

These actions are truly disgusting. We must recognize these as tactics straight out of the old ‘commie’ manifesto playbook. It’s essential not to remain silent and to call these tactics out for what they are. We will win, I promise you. This is going to be an epic week.

“Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.” Ben Franklin



This is how they further intend to silence us and have commie bots support them.


Notice it even wants the commenter to NOT include personal information that identifies the commenter. I wonder why that is…….

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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