Howdy folks, our so-called elected county commissioner, Comrade Alexis Hill-Insky, who allegedly beat beloved county commissioner Marsha Berkbigler, is showing her full-blown commie agenda.

From what we’re told by Democrats and what we see here in the NRS and in the AG’s OML Manual, it appears they maybe right!

Comrade Hill-Insky doesn’t want us, the people, to show up and speak out against her bringing in the Soros-affiliated Elections Group.

Who is the Election Group? Here is a small taste.

Now what’s interesting is this initial move to bring in the Elections Group was defeated on 3/28/23 but then we’re told it was brought back illegally on 4/11/23 and then approved with the help of a vote by newly appointed County Commissioner, Andriola, who is a registered Republican but has voted in lockstep with commies Hill-Insky and Mariluz “I sometimes live within my district when I’m not banging your man too” Garcia.

Can someone remind Andriola she is supposed to vote with the Republicans, please? Maybe instead of experiencing gender delusion, she is experiencing political party delusion?

But I digress.

So why was it possibly illegal? Well…

Doing a quick search, I was able to find this:

“A motion to reconsider an item that has been voted on pursuant to NAC 385B.122: (a) Must be made during the same meeting the vote was cast for the item; and (b) May be made only by a member of the Board who voted affirmatively for the item, if the item was adopted, or negatively for the item, if the item was not adopted. 3. A motion to rescind an item specified in subsection 2 may be made at any time by a member of the Board. 4. Except as otherwise provided in this subsection, a person may address the Board for not more than 5 minutes concerning any motion under consideration by the Board.”

Now, I’m not an attorney, but if that needed to happen to bring all those defeated items back on the next agenda, it sure doesn’t seem like it happened to me.

What could this mean if they are right?

It could mean that Hill, Garcia, and Andriola, where they all voted to overturn the defeated items and bring back all the pork spending on the Cares Campus, bringing in the Elections Group, etc., may just be illegal, as we’re being told!

If so, how does this go unaddressed?

Do they plan to sweep this under the rug like Brown Stain’s BS Budget and where all the money really goes?

Now back to Comrade Hill-Insky.

At the liberal-at-best RGJ, they, as usual, throw cover for all things county or elections. This time it was for Comrade Hill-Insky, saying and I quote, “I do believe this is the right way to run a meeting – I think this is the right move for our county,” then she goes on to say, “But things can always change so we’ll take it one day at a time.”

Full stop, so disregarding the will of the people, potentially breaking the law, is the right move for We the People?

Things can change, so we’ll take it one day at a time? 

Does she not know the NRS requires proper notice to We the People? She’s just going to work with Eric Brown Stain and change things day by day?

This is what you would expect from a commie, hence her new name forevermore, Comrade Hill-Insky.

Now to make things worse, according to the NRS, her actively being a commie and having Soros-affiliated people show up en masse could very well be against the law.

Read the NRSs here.

NRS 203.010-119

This isn’t the first time she’s told people and groups to show up in opposition to us locals, either.

As you can see from the below information request, she is asking for people to show up and speak out against free and fair elections!

As you can see, Comrade Hill-Insky asked the Washoe Dems, and God only knows how many other groups to show up, don’t take it from me. Read her own words for yourself.

Now I’m just giving you a taste, we’ll give you much more later, but for now, this alone shows she was working with groups to bring about opposition! NOT discussion. She’s supposed to be a commissioner, not an activist! If something bad happened, someone were to get hurt, someone to storm the building, it would ALL be on Comrade Hill-Insky as seen there in her own words! How is this not grounds for removal alone?

Don’t worry. We have sooooo much more, in case it’s not 🙂

Now we know that at that meeting, Soros-funded people showed up for $60 an hour, according to the great Hope, as seen here in her exposing it during public comment with the fliers from the Soros-funded group.

In case you don’t know why Soros is such a bad guy, listen to him here on 60 minutes say what he did to his own Jewish neighbors, with no regrets! This is his origin story, it only gets worse from here!

To digress for a second, I’m sure you know, we still have the UNDEFEATED $80,000 challenge to prove us wrong about our broken elections. In these documents, you will also see Comrade Hill-Insky DID NOT WIN against beloved County Commissioner Marsha Berkbigler. We know in communist countries, elections mean little. We saw that here in 2020 in the Hill vs. Berkbigler race. But guess what…

Marsha Berkbigler is running against Comrade Hill-Insky NEXT YEAR, and this time, it’s going to be much harder for Hill-Insky to have the “help” she previously received.

Berkbigler will wipe the floor with Hill-Insky, I promise you.

Now back to breaking open meeting laws, as you know, she doesn’t allow clapping either. At least when it’s not in her favor. This too is apparently a violation of the NRS and Open Meeting Laws, as seen here and here.

There are also numerous court cases that say the same.

Here’s one for you as well.

But commies do what commies do, so we sent the information to Assistant District Attorney Edwards and all the County commissioners this morning in hopes they will save us from the commies.

I believe Mr. Edwards has been put in a tough spot over the years by these people and has done the best he could. Know that I have much respect for Assistant DA Nathan Edwards and hope he does right by us all. You know me, I don’t butt-kiss; I just tell it the way it is. If someone does good, I’ll praise them; if they do us wrong, I’ll condemn them. I believe it’s easier just to always tell the truth. I do respect him.

See the emails we sent here below:

From: Robert Beadles <REDACTED>
Date: Fri, Apr 21, 2023 at 10:27 AM
Subject: Alexis Hill Violations
To: <>
Cc: Clark, Mike E. <>, Herman, Jeanne <>, Hill, Alexis <>, Garcia, Mariluz C. <>, <>


Good morning,

Mr. Edwards, and commissioners, it has come to our attention via several first-hand witnesses that Alexis Hill is potentially trying to incite a disturbance or potential riot, according to NRS 203.010-119.

These potential crimes go from misdemeanor to felony not to mention a violation of her oath of office.

We are told, and the witnesses are happy to testify, that she has been reaching out to numerous groups to show up to Tuesday’s commissioner board meeting in support of the George Soros-linked Election Group.

Why in the world would a so-called elected official do this?

For countless reasons, I can’t state how inappropriate and concerning this is. We would appreciate you addressing this ASAP.

Additionally, Alexis Hill is violating our First Amendment rights, our rights prescribed through the open meeting laws of the AG, and NRS statutes that allow clapping. There are countless court rulings and case files I can cite if needed to show she is acting as a dictator, not a chair for the commissioner.

Her actions are quite concerning, and we have over 700 people who are willing to file a class-action lawsuit against her personally and the county.

This behavior is inexcusable.

Please address these tremendous issues and get back to us ASAP.

From: Robert Beadles <REDACTED>
Date: Fri, Apr 21, 2023 at 11:45 AM
Subject: Open Meeting Violation
To: <>, <>
Cc: <>, Garcia, Mariluz C. <>, Herman, Jeanne <>, Clark, Mike E. <>, Brown, Eric P. <>, Hill, Alexis <>
Mr. Edwards,

In addition to the previous email, it appears Eric Brown has removed opening public comment from Tuesday’s meeting. This is in violation of the NRS 241 as well as the AG’s Open Meeting Manual as well as many court cases that could be cited.
Please add the opening public comment back to the agenda as required by law. We also request a full investigation into every penny Eric Brown has touched of taxpayers’ dollars since his time at the county.
I appreciate your attention to this, truly – we do. Please address and respond immediately. Thank you in advance.

Now, as I’ve mentioned before, I have numerous Democrat friends, many of whom are more conservative than some so-called Republicans, and they all tell me Comrade Hill-Insky has lost her mind and is not representing them.

Many of them believe there should be open dialogue between the people and public servants, and what Hill-Insky just did, they don’t support it or Comrade Hill-Insky anymore.

So now, it’s up to us to continue to keep peaceful pressure on the board, the DA, and Hill. Let’s remind them all peacefully that Brown Stain needs to be fired and investigated, and Hill-Insky needs to be investigated and removed if she’s breaking the law.

Obviously, Commissioner Andriola needs to vote with the Republicans. Let’s see if she does this time around. If it’s even allowed to be voted on! Who knows, maybe the Democrats are right, and the new votes on all the defeated items should have stayed defeated! We’ll see!

On this coming Tuesday, we’ll see if Hill-Insky and Brown Stain possibly break the Open Meeting Laws right in front of us all by not allowing clapping, moving opening public comment, and by even allowing a vote on the Election Group, etc., as we’re told it was defeated, and her and Brown Stain bringing it back possibly wasn’t legal!

I look forward to seeing you Tuesday. If you can’t make it, let the County know how you feel by emailing here:

Or call and leave 3 minute or less message here:

(775) 328-2003

But both must be done by Monday at 4 pm.

One last thought, how in the world do Eric Brown Stain and Comrade Hill-Insky have the power to silence 500,000 Washoe residents? Does that seem like America to you?

It sure doesn’t to me. Let’s send these two packing.

Remember, no clapping once we do 🙂



We have so much sunlight we will be putting on these so-called public servants. You got a taste this week. If you didn’t read those 6 or 7, do it now. Next week will be very revealing as well.

Sorry for the format of this post, I did it very rushed, I know it’s a bit sloppy, but you deserve to know what’s going on as you certainly won’t get it from the local propaganda papers.

See you Tuesday!

1001 East 9th Street, Reno

9:30am until whenever

ALSO, let’s support SB 405, to help clean up our elections. This is common sense stuff, anyone against it is a commie.

Let our legislators add it to the hearing and pass it.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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