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I could discuss at length the issues in Washoe and how Eric Brown, Alexis Hill, and Hillary Schieve are largely to blame for most of them. However, in this short post, as we approach hot weather, I want to focus on how little these three seem to care about the homeless in just one example.

First, let me clarify that I don’t believe we should create a “homeless industry,” as these individuals seem to have done. I believe we should help those who genuinely need or want assistance and are unable to help themselves. However, I refuse to exploit the homeless to make a profit or perpetuate a system that created the issue in the first place.

Consider this: if spending $120 million on 604 homeless people didn’t work, what will?

In reality, it creates a system that people exploit. Worse yet, city and county policies have overwhelmingly contributed to the homelessness and crime crisis. Their failed policies have led us here. We can have as much poverty and homelessness as they’re willing to pay for! The more they spend, the more people will come, and the more people will sign up for assistance. This could eventually result in a system of non-producers who all look to the government for everything. We should help those who genuinely need assistance, but we don’t want to create an environment where we’re taken advantage of by those unwilling to work. After all, we work hard for what we have. Why should we let these public servants give it all away?

Now, back to the main point of this post: why don’t they care?

It’s simple. The “Cares Campus” is a tent filled with mold, cots piled on top of each other, and no sewer system, and, of course, lacks heating and air conditioning. We’ve invested over $120 million into this tent! That should make even those with lower IQs stand up and say something is screwy here!

Just imagine how much more affordable housing you could build for 700-800 people, or even the 604 they reported, with $120 million! I bet you’d even include sewer, heat, air conditioning, and some real walls, without the mold and collapsing ceilings.

Am I right!?

Now get this, in this circus tent, there was no heating during the winter, or now there’s no air conditioning for the approaching summer!

Yet! They just spent $800,000 on heating and air conditioning for the California building, which no one depends on for life!

So, let’s get this straight: they claim to “Care” about the homeless but don’t provide them with heating or air conditioning. Yet, they spent $800,000 of COVID funds for heating and air conditioning on a building that no one lives in and hardly uses!

That alone should be investigated.

The next time they say they “Care”, remind them that their actions suggest they couldn’t care less about the homeless or our money.

Shame on Hill, Schieve, and Brown.

We’re now up to what $200,000 per homeless person? That’s ridiculous, right? Disgusting even? What about our vets? What about our precious seniors? What’s worse? The money sure doesn’t seem to make it to them, so where does it all go?

It’s time we have a legit audit and kick these commie good-for-nothing clowns out of office.



Here are the details below. Remind me again how this has ANYTHING to do with COVID and how this would outweigh the needs of 604 people living in a circus tent.

Remind me again, where’s the audit? It’s time they show us the money and where it’s really going!

  • California Building HVAC: $800,000.00

“…to equip the California Building for use during summer and winter months…to allow Recreation Staff the ability to schedule summer camps and special events regardless of the weather…”. The report states “Due to the lack of air conditioning, this facility is often eliminated as an option for recreational activities because the facility temperatures are either too warm or too cold for participants to endure…”.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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