We’ve all heard the saying that there is no profit to be made in curing diseases; it’s in the treatment. Big pharma stands as a perfect example. Whenever a cure is discovered, it’s often shelved, while treatments that can be charged to patients are given the green light—especially when they can be prescribed indefinitely. This profit-focused approach extends beyond the pharmaceutical industry and into other sectors, as we’ll see with the case of the Cares Campus. In this post, we delve into the questionable practices surrounding the Cares Campus and shed light on a lesser-known but successful alternative, “Our Place.” Join us as we explore the hidden agendas and financial mysteries surrounding these establishments.

The Cares Campus:

The Cares Campus, a corrupt and bloated circus tent, reportedly costs around $130 million to establish and an additional $15 to $17 million per year to operate. However, what happens to the individuals within the Cares system remains a mystery. Are they truly helped, or is it merely a revolving door between county services designed to create an illusion of progress? It’s difficult to obtain information about their outcomes or track their journeys. The lack of transparency raises concerns about the effectiveness and integrity of the Cares Campus.

Unbelievable Expenditures:

In addition to the exorbitant costs associated with the Cares Campus, we discovered several questionable expenditures. We’re told an approximate $7 million was allocated to basically a toxic waste dump intended to accommodate more homeless individuals, while an additional $5 million was spent on filling the campus area with dirt. The exact costs of land acquisition, engineering, architecture, interior design, and related expenses remain beyond fuzzy. Such lavish spending demands scrutiny, considering the lack of transparency in the entire process.

The Hidden Success Story: Our Place

Amidst the County’s homeless industrial complex, there exists a hidden gem called “Our Place.” This highly successful homeless shelter cost zero taxpayer dollars for land acquisition and requires only around $3 million annually for operational costs. Remarkably, it serves over half the number of people as the Cares Campus too! The community, alongside dedicated individuals running the shelter, has managed to bootstrap “Our Place” into a thriving haven for those in need. Unfortunately, Washoe County Manager Eric Brown seems to hide this success, refusing to give it the recognition it deserves. Why?

A Tale of Disparity:

While the Cares Campus and other sacred cash cows receive millions in federal funding, “Our Place” is left without a penny. This glaring disparity raises questions about the motives and priorities of Eric Brown, Alexis Hill, and Hillary Schieve. Why are they hiding “Our Place” from public view? Why don’t they provide a side-by-side comparison of the Cares Campus and “Our Place” to showcase effective and cost-efficient solutions? The answer may lie in their reluctance to reveal a successful alternative that challenges their profitable treatment-oriented agenda.

Follow the Money:

As we delve deeper into this story, it becomes clear that there is much more to uncover. The question of where all the money truly goes remains unanswered. By keeping the focus on treatments and withholding information about successful alternatives, those in power ensure the continuous flow of millions of taxpayer dollars into their pockets.


Stay tuned as we continue to expose this intricate web of financial interests and hidden agendas. The pursuit of profit often takes precedence over finding genuine cures or supporting cost-effective solutions. As taxpayers, we should always question where our money is truly going and demand transparency from our public servants. Remember, there’s much more to this story, and we’re just getting started.



Do you notice the county can’t even secure “Our Place’s” website? They throw these people under the bus at every opportunity. Stay tuned.

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