Washoe County Manager Eric Brown claims that he looked into and vetted the Election Group.

Did he? Is he a liar or loon?

(9:02 timestamp starts the vote process, 9:04 timestamp Eric Brown touts them)


A group of people were brought into our Washoe County Elections without a vote from the board, we’re told. At the last County Commission meeting, the board did vote to bring them in based on Eric Brown’s statements.

So now we must ask the question: is Brown a liar or a loon?

Let me explain. When one does just a simple web search, one can quickly see that this organization has numerous red flags that instantly appear.

Here are a few examples:

Noah Praetz and Jennifer Morrell are the founders of the Election Group. 

Chris Piper is the COO.

“Chris Piper was fired from his post at the Virginia Conflict of Interest and Ethics Advisory Council after some legislators claimed they thought he was an attorney when he, in fact, is not”


“Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin plans to replace Chris Piper as the commissioner of the Department of Elections once his term ends this summer”


Chris Piper, “While Commissioner, he served on many national boards including the National Association of State Election Directors (NASED) and the Electronic Registration and Information Center (ERIC) as well as Chair of the Election Assistance Commission’s Standards Board” 

Piper was, is a part of ERIC? Have you seen the issues, lawsuits, and exposure of their team? There is a plethora of articles written on them. A good start is here:


Claire’s friend, Mr. Chew, is from The Elections Group.  This group is connected to George Soros and Jennifer Morrell.  The Elections Group was also present during the election steal in Georgia and Morrell was one of the observers selected by Katie Hobbs in Arizona to review the Senate’s election audit in Maricopa County”


“Jennifer Morrell and ‘The Elections Group’, founded by Morrell, are all over the 2020 Election steal.  Morrell and her ‘Group’ were involved in Georgia, are heavily involved in criticizing the Arizona audit, and are a key component in the Deep State ‘nonprofits’ behind the 2020 Election sham”

Three of The Elections Group’s six nonprofit and academic “Partners” are:

  • The Center for Tech and Civic Life: main Zuckerbucks nonprofit bagman;
  • National Vote at Home Institute: one of Zuckerbucks nonprofit bagmen;
  • Center for Civic Design: one of Zuckerbucks nonprofit bagmen

“Jennifer Morrell and ‘The Elections Group’ are in the middle of the Democrats’  2020 Election plans.  Morrell was involved before the election, during the election, and now after the 2020 Election.  If Morrell is there, you better guard the ballots”

Morrell is also a consultant for the Democracy Fund, which is eBay founder Pierre Omidyar’s foundation. His foundation was a heavy donor to Zuckerbucks and the Democracy Fund is a main funder of much of the election BS that went on in 2020”


Who is some of the money behind the Democracy Fund that Morrell shows she also works with and for?

Soros, Gates Foundation, Rockefellers, Muslim Foundations, and more. There are direct links between The Elections Group and The Democracy Fund.

Do you realize Soros and crew are now officially tied to our Washoe County Registrar of Voters due to Eric Brown and his handlers?

Keep in mind, these are just a few of the red flags that pop up. We’ll be sharing far more soon.

An obvious question here is, if true, how can Eric Brown, the Chief Financial Officer, and the Director of Communications, who are the furthest from election experts, bring these people in and put them to work without the board’s vote?

Commissioner Mike Clark called it amateur hour with these three highly unqualified people deciding who jumps into our entire election system. He is, of course, right, but it’s so much worse than that.

How can Eric Brown lose the vote on 3/28/23 to bring them in, and then the very next meeting on 4/11/23 have them back on the agenda for another vote?

With newly appointed Commissioner Clara Android, they were able to get this group voted in!

Commissioner Herman voted accidentally in support of this motion. Herman made a motion to deny the group from entry into Washoe elections. Newly appointed commissioner Clara Andriola, also known as Android, then amended the motion to “allow” them into Washoe. (It was a very long day as Eric Brown packed the agenda full of pork projects for him and his buddies.) Herman, tired and not understanding the amendment, accidentally voted in favor. Of course, she is upset, but regardless, Android was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

We’re told Eric Brown, prior to 4/11/23, brought the group in without the board’s vote, and when the vote came on 3/28/23, he and they were defeated 2-2. Brown brought them back on the agenda on 4/11/23, and Android was the deciding factor to bring this extremely questionable group of far far lefties into our elections.

Remember what they said,

“Jennifer Morrell and ‘The Elections Group’ are in the middle of the Democrats’  2020 Election plans.  Morrell was involved before the election, during the election, and now after the 2020 Election.  If Morrell is there, you better guard the ballots”

Eric Brown appears to be covering up for himself and his handlers.

Why does Eric so badly want this highly controversial outfit embedded like a tick in our elections? We have so many intelligent local people who could do an incredible job. Why is Eric Brown so dead set on bringing these people in?

We will continue to expose Brown frequently. Stay tuned, and share with others. It’s time we start putting faces and names to the people destroying our county and lives.

Eric Brown is one of these people. Eric Brown oversees our elections, spending, and so much more. He has sold us out. Is he a loon or a liar? We’ll leave that up to you to decide as we continue to expose Eric Brown. 

Wake up to these people and what it’s costing you.



How can Eric Brown so quickly add a voted-down agenda item and put it right back up for a vote? Especially since Commissioner Herman can’t even get one agenda item up for a vote. How corrupt is Eric Brown? Who is he really working for? What will we start showing you? Stay tuned……

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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