$30,000 challenge for Beth Smith, AKA Death Smith, to publicly debate Paul White and stand by her policies and votes. Are her policies and votes making our kids safer, or closer to death and ruining life like the parents and teachers say? If she agrees to the debate, you can decide!

People know me by now, I am a two-trick political pony. I care about our kids and our elections, as I believe those two issues are how America thrives, or dies. Washoe County Schools have huge issues. This brings me to Beth Smith…

I would love to see Beth Smith (she/her/hers), Washoe County School District Trustee, AKA Death Smith, in a debate with someone who actually speaks the truth about the dire situation our kids and grandkids are in under her watch. I’d like to see a debate between Beth and Washoe County’s own Paul White, who is running for School Board Trustee District G.

I would happily pay $30,000 in Beth’s name to a real program or organization that truly benefits the kids if she would publicly debate him. We can iron out the details of place, length, which stations and media will be present, and who will moderate; I’m easy that way.

Why would I do this? So the voters, parents, and grandparents hear the truth, and decide for themselves.

Beth Smith is a very smooth talker. In a recent interview she did, she points to issues but then deflects, never addressing why things are so bad, how it happened on her watch, or how these liberal policies she promotes are doing damage to our kids and education system as a whole.

Maybe it’s because she’s such a George Orwell fan, stating 1984 is her favorite book. Maybe she wants that type of dystopian future for our kids? Her voting record sure implies that.

Maybe when Orwell stated, “The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command,” she hopes we will all do the same, never questioning her statements.

She is now displaying fake outrage with the moniker folks have given her “Death Smith”, stating how could I or anyone say such a thing; she’s a cancer survivor… Um, what does that have to do with the harm she’s causing our kids?

She hopes by trying to make it all about her, it will misdirect folks into feeling sorry for her, versus asking her why the hell she’s promoting policies that could kill our education system and kids.

She states, “We don’t know what to work on if people aren’t talking with us.” She states the best way to talk with her is through showing up to public meetings and speaking to the board. Full stop. This is the same person who supports the organization that calls concerned parents and grandparents who show up to these meetings “domestic terrorists!”

Yes, that organization apologized for that ridiculous totalitarian statement, but Death Smith has not. She goes so far as to say she is harassed and maybe even feels threatened when a 77-year-old disabled veteran, pillar of the community, with three daughters, five grandkids, and two great-grandsons leaned in and wore a badge saying “Domestic Terrorist” to mock her insane antics. He was there trying to do what she said, and ONLY “talk” with her as she again states, “We don’t know what to work on if people aren’t talking with us”.

Beth had him thrown out of the board meeting….

This Beth Smith character is one smooth talker, I give her that. If you look at her bio it states she/her/hers “is a gaming industry professional with more than 20 years of experience in marketing, communications, inclusion, and relationships.

So she’s a spin doctor? What the heck does she know about teaching kids? A friend of mine, a teacher, who will remain nameless for obvious reasons, says “Death Smith speaks with such authority for someone who has never taught one child for 30 seconds and knows nothing about what it takes to truly educate a room full of kids.”

These parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, are the furthest thing from domestic terrorists; we’re concerned parents.

Here are just a few examples that Paul White points out that give all Washoe County parents, grandparents, and citizens cause to be alarmed and concerned about what’s happening under Beth Smith:

  • The daily absence rate has been published as being between 30 to 62%.
  • Students and staff at numerous middle schools and high schools have reported 50% to 75% of the kids using drugs every day on campus and in class.
  • Some of the high schools have as many as 30 or more girls at a single high school being managed and sold by pimps, and the district is aware of it, and doesn’t care.
  • Based on the most recent test scores that were published, the students scored between 60% and 85% at a level considered functionally illiterate.
  • Teacher states, Death Smith is so delusional and avoiding the truth about what’s going on in the school district that it is endangering the lives of all our children.
  • And a WCSD staff member says, “however bad you hear it is at school and whatever your kids tell you, believe me, it is many, many times worse.”

These are just some of the issues and should make any sane trustee stop and say whoa, we need to fix this. Not demonize the parents calling it out. Not demonize the one Trustee, Jeff Church, calling the issues out.

People need to get out of their bubbles and talk with the students, teachers, etc., to really hear what’s happening, versus what Beth Smith is saying in interviews and from her throne.

It should be public knowledge that WCSD is concealing how bad things are from you and your families, and we should peacefully demand that it stops.

They are trying to call you and me names for pointing out their failures and the harm they are causing our kids.

We parents, grandparents, etc., never call for violence; we’re simply begging for this insanity to stop. We’re pointing out their insanity, how it is the love for our kids is why we voice our concern, never calling for violence; we’re pointing out the violence happening to our kids and teachers because of policies of Beth Smith and her stooges.

If we’re wrong Beth, debate Paul White, publicly. This is a public challenge, Beth, debate Paul White, show us how wrong we are, how we parents, grandparents have nothing to fear, stand by your votes, stand by your policies, I’ll donate $30,000 in your name if you do.

The challenge is on the table. Will you misdirect, make excuses, use your Orwell playbook and communication background, and run for political cover, or prove us all wrong?

The ball is in your court, Beth.

$30,000 is a lot of money to help the kids.

You claim to be totally transparent. Show us, don’t tell us. Debate Paul White.

Accept the challenge at the next board meeting. By doing nothing, it says everything. By turning us down, it shows everyone we’re right.



It’s worth mentioning again, she says in her interview, “Public comment is the best way for us to voice our concerns,” yet out of the other side of her mouth calls us domestic terrorists for doing it.

I love this one too….

“We don’t know what to work on if people aren’t talking with us.”

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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