Alexis Hill showed up 1.2 hours late for yesterday’s Board of County Commissioners meeting. Why did she do this? Was it because she was saving children, protecting our rights and liberties, feeding the homeless? Nope, she and Mayor Schieve were on the tarmac at our airport, slobbering over Joe Biden.

The 3 greatest failures in one photo. The destroyers of our City, County, and Country.

So, while her bosses, the public, waited at the Board of County Commissioners meeting for her to show, that’s where she was.

The week prior, she canceled the county commissioners’ board meeting. Why? Because she said she was traveling as the chair of the Truckee Transportation District from 3/11-15.

First, she can’t serve two masters; she should not be chair of both. Second, there were 4 other commissioners who made a quorum that should have been allowed to conduct county business. Third, if she was traveling that entire time, how did she have time on the 14th for her fundraiser in town?
Here again, we see Eric Brown AKA BrownStain, and Alexis Hill, AKA Comrade Hill-Inski working hand in hand to rule over our county and put we the people last.

Why would she cancel the meeting though? It’s simple, she’s afraid if the other commissioners conduct a meeting without her, they may add something to the agenda or discuss business she doesn’t want added to the agenda or discussed.

She ethically has zero business being the chair of the county commission. She is actively keeping election integrity measures off the agenda while running for office. She appears to think if there are levels of transparency to our elections, maybe she and her buddies won’t be able to cheat as much as they have in past elections?

Folks, this could easily be perceived as election interference, this could be election fraud, this could be a litany of ethical violations and crimes, that must be pursued.

Folks, this is appalling. She is ruling over our county, putting we the people last.

Hill, Garcia, and Andriola additionally passed agenda item 18 yesterday and added new undisclosed measures against commissioners whom she may say she feels bullied or threatened by. It is so vague if Commissioners Clark or Herman question her tyrannical rule, they may now be found guilty of bullying and harassing. What she is doing is bullying and harassing not only both Commissioners Clark and Herman but each and every one of us.

Hill is a disgrace, and so is Clara Andriola, who voted yet again with the liberals to enact this further tyrannical rule of these new undisclosed weapons Hill-Inski can use against Commissioner Clark and Herman.

Folks, Alexis Hill and Clara Andriola, AKA Clara The Clown Andriola must be voted out of office. These two are setting fire to our county and our rights. Enough is enough.

Get involved, and support the other candidates, not Hill or Andriola; these two have to go.

Who is running against Clara Andriola?

Tracey Hilton Thomas

Mark Lawson

Who is running against Alexis Hill?

Marsha Berkbigler

Eugene Hoover


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