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Many don’t realize the hierarchy of a county and how all the departments, divisions, people, etc., are controlled by just a few at the top. When the few at the top vote one way to embrace tyranny, there are tremendous repercussions for us all.

What we see in Washoe County is the demise of what made us great and the embracing of something else, something far inferior. We know that by looking back at history and embracing the policies that these few at the top do, it never ends well for the people.

We see the demise of our children’s education, who are our future leaders and workers. The demise of our infrastructure, things that need to be done and repaired are replaced with idiotic electric scooters. People who run our elections appear to be compromised. Businesses are being forced out, tourism is a joke, development on things that are actually needed are not being done, black holes of spending on the so-called “homeless,” black hole spending on the so-called Police “Safety Center,” and on and on I can go.

But you know what?

We are only one vote away from fixing or saving it all.

Who is that one vote? Clara the Clown Andriola.

She continues to vote with liberals Hill and Garcia and continues to vote against conservatives Herman and Clark.

Last week, she voted against Herman and Clark to cap Eric Brown‘s spending from $300,000 to $100,000.

She then voted against Herman and Clark to place a known, well-qualified person in charge of our elections.

She then voted against Herman and Clark to place liberal Commissioner Hill as the Chair of The County Commission instead of VC Commissioner Herman!

She votes against Commissioner Clark and Herman we’re told now 90% of the time!

She literally chose a liberal communist to run the county commission over a conservative senior with 9 years’ tenure!

She all but confessed she is not a Republican or conservative.

And of course, she brought us the Satan worshiper to lead the “indoctrination,” not the invocation, at last week’s commission meeting.

Folks, we’re not going to convince liberal communists that big government is bad, broken elections are bad, big spending on pork is bad, but we sure as hell should be able to count on a supposed Republican to uphold conservative values!

Commissioner Clara the Clown Andriola was appointed to represent us all. She wasn’t even elected. This clown is destroying our county and making life so much harder on you and your family. We are only one vote away from saving our county. Remember that, and she is that vote.

She truly is one of the dumbest women I have ever seen. When she opens her mouth, you know BS is about to spew. I have no idea why Governor Lombardo appointed her, but I sure hope he makes better choices in the future.

Watch this video; it gives a bit more background briefly into the problems we face and how we are but just ONE VOTE away from saving it all.

This should not be a party issue. I have a ton of Democrat friends. They all admit we’re going in the wrong direction quickly and want a course correction. Many of my Democrat friends can’t stand Hill or Garcia and their communist ways either. This upcoming election is the most important election Washoe will have had to date.

We have the opportunity to replace Hill and Andriola in one election, and the candidates that are coming for these two will never lose in a remotely fair election. I promise. Both Dems and Republicans have had enough of these two. If our elections are remotely fair, they’ll be unemployed soon. I promise.

Watch the video, get involved.


These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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