Folks, in my earlier letter to you, I explained how Alexis Hill, AKA Comrade Hill-Insky, decides now when your business at the County Commission meetings can be heard. This is also in large part due to Eric Brown and our DA’s office not forcing Comrade Hill-Insky to follow the NRS, the County Code, or The County Commissioners’ Procedures and Rule book sections 5.3 and 5.4 shown below:

In this email from Alexis Hill to Eric Brown, she violated these rules, codes, and laws, telling Eric Brown to cancel the board meeting on March 19, 2024.

Do you understand what she is doing here? Do you understand the lawlessness, the tyrannical rule she is putting on full display for the county, the country?

She has stolen your voice; she has stolen your right to have your and your family’s business heard. She is giving the finger to every single one of you, and the DA’s office and Eric Brown are allowing it to happen.


It’s simple, if she’s not at the meeting, she’s afraid Vice Chair Jeanne Herman could move things around on the agenda, OR God forbid, hear YOUR business, that affects you.

She has silenced an entire county’s populace for her own interests.

The other 4 Commissioners should be screaming and demanding the rules be followed, and their constituents’ business be heard. Instead, only Commissioner Mike Clark is. The other 3 commissioners need to demand the meetings be held regardless of Hill’s attendance.

We had a quorum of 4 Commissioners, they easily could have heard the people’s business, they would not have necessarily been 2-2 votes. Although Commissioner Android, the appointed Republican, does vote around 90% of the time with liberals Garcia and Hill. Regardless, who knows, maybe items that needed to be heard would be 4-0, 2-2, 3-1, etc. votes, we don’t know because, Hill is acting as Tyrant in chief, killing the meetings and silencing YOU and YOUR family’s needs.

What has happened just this month? Hill canceled the 3/12 meeting while she was off on personal interests, she had a fundraiser, she was also acting as chair for another board, and God only knows what else.

Last meeting, she had Eric Brown keep all of us waiting until she arrived from her photo op with Joe Biden. We all waited 1.2 HOURS for her to show up before the meeting and her tyrannical rule could resume.

Now she is canceling 4/9/24 next month’s meeting. Why? Would we have a quorum?

When will the DA’s office reel her back? When will Eric Brown say enough? When will the people say enough?

Elections are coming up, and the campaign to vote for ANYONE BUT Hill and ANYONE BUT ANDRIOLA must begin.



As disastrous as Bob Lucey’s stint as County Commissioner was, at least he had the decency to resign as Chair of the County Commission when he sought re-election, acknowledging the blatant ethical violations and conflicts of interest in clinging to power. Yet, Alexis Hill shamelessly clings to her chairmanship, purposefully excluding election integrity measures from the agenda, thereby sabotaging our elections. By suppressing these crucial measures, she’s not just meddling; she’s rigging the game in her favor and her cronies’, making a mockery of our local government itself. This isn’t fearmongering—it’s a fact, starkly evident in my previous posts. She’s orchestrating this charade in broad daylight, with the DA’s office mysteriously silent. What’s their excuse? When will they finally address these egregious potential crimes? When will you?

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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