Show Up Tuesday! 

Tuesday’s County Commissioners Board meeting is at 10 am THIS Tuesday on 1/16/24. 

It’s located at 1001 East 9th Street in Reno.

This Tuesday, we will see if Commissioner Andriola is a Republican or a Democrat.

It’s important you show up and voice your wishes to your servants. Show up, grab some comment cards, and write what agenda numbers you want to comment on.

Here is the agenda, open the link, click on the agenda for 1/16:|&Search=


Agenda Item #6 is very important, as VC Jeanne Herman has been on this Commission for 9+ years, and she has never been chair. The County Cabal is pressing for Mariluz Garcia to become the next Chair. She, of course, is the furthest from tenured or experienced on the board. This is one of those times when the conservatives need to take a page out of the liberal’s playbook and embrace DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) as it would only be diverse, equitable, and inclusive to appoint the most tenured board member to the Chair position, Jeanne Herman.

Herman has 9+ years of being a part of these meetings, running these meetings, knows the procedures and has all the help she could need from the county’s attorneys if needed.

The only way Herman will not become the elected Chair of the Commission is if Commissioner Andriola votes against her and instead votes for the Democrat Mariluz Garcia.

It’s important we all voice our peaceful opinion to Commissioner Andriola as to why Herman is “entitled” to this appointment and how voting yet again for the Democrats would be unacceptable.

Agenda Item #12.J.2. Under agenda item #12.

Here they are trying to use a BLOCK VOTE to adopt 13 different agenda items! 

The last agenda item is 12.J.2 in where they are trying to appoint Cari-Ann Burgess as the interim Registrar Of Voters! Here is some information on Cari-Ann Burgess, AKA Cari-Ann Alleman. Needless to say, she does not appear to be remotely qualified; it’s like Groundhog’s Day, isn’t it? We keep seeing these people who are not qualified to run elections, run our elections! This nonsense has to stop. There are numerous qualified candidates that are local who have applied for this job. The county will say this is just temporary; however, history shows us, it’s interim today, then appoint full-time tomorrow. We have to peacefully demand we receive a qualified Registrar of Voters; we have the upcoming 2024 election, and we are out of time. Tracy Hilton Thomas and others are more than qualified to run the ROV and our elections, but for some reason, Eric Brown doesn’t appear to want qualified people to run lawful elections.

This can be stopped on Tuesday, but again, it’s up to Commissioner Andriola. If she votes with Commissioners Clark and Herman, we’ll have a qualified ROV appointed. If Andriola goes with the Democrats again, she is clearly showing us she is, first, not a Republican and, second, doesn’t want the best person for the job, taking the job.

It’s up to Commissioner Andriola on all these votes. 

Will she vote again with the Democrats or the Conservatives? It’s also worth mentioning they are trying to put all 13 agenda items into this one “block vote” to make it appear they have no choice but to pass the entire block vote thus appointing Burgess. This is not true; a simple change to the block vote by pulling out the 1 to 3 of the election items in agenda item 12 removes this issue. 

If Commissioner Clark, Herman, and Andriola move the board to make this change, then they can vote on these election items separately versus one vote for all 13 agenda items.

So again, it is in Commissioner Andriola’s vote as to whether she does what’s right or goes with the liberal cabal yet again.

It’s important to know if Andriola is running as a Republican for her election this June, yet votes with the liberals on this, I can’t imagine her receiving any Republican help from any club, committee, or the public; votes like these, people won’t forget, and we won’t let them.

See you THIS Tuesday at 10 am, 1001 East 9th Street, Reno.


These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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