As you know, Jamie Rodriguez resigned as the Washoe ROV. This makes 3 ROV resignations in 2 years.

Manager Eric Brown has brought in two of the most leftist election companies in the world, to Washoe, to work and possibly run the election system with Washoe County. The commissioners have not fully voted them in; however, we’re told that didn’t stop Eric Brown from retaining their services and straight up lying to us about their functions with our county’s election system.

I will discuss these 2 companies and the ROV Eric Brown wants to appoint in an upcoming post shortly.

The purpose of this post is to bring awareness to you as to what is planned for this coming Tuesday 1/16/24 at 10 am Board Of County Commissioners meeting.

There is tons of pork in the agenda for the commissioner’s pals (Not Herman’s or Clark’s), all with hands out for money or favors that I’m sure will be passed. 

Then you have agenda item 12.J.2. That accepts Rodriguez’s resignation and then appoints Cari-Ann Burgess as the new Registrar Of Voters.

Which 2News states, “is new to the Washoe County organization, coming most recently from our neighbor to the south, Douglas County where she served as Deputy Registrar. She will oversee the day-to-day staff for managing voter registration and ballot-processing operations of the ROV Office”.

We’re told she is highly unqualified and from the highly suspect election system and people in Minnesota. Home of Ilhan Omar the brother marrying congresswomen and allegedly most corrupt states in the union for election issues.

Making Burgess ROV is more nonsense, and as Commissioner Mike Clark calls it “amateur hour” at the ROV office. Why in the world does Eric Brown keep appointing people who have less than adequate, to say the least skills to properly and legally run elections?

To add insult to injury, we’re told Cari-Ann Burgess is a huge fan of election machines as well and looks forward to outsourcing as much as possible.

Here is her experience according to her LinkedIn page professing to be her:


Working at a hotel, a beach pier, and in one of the most questionable states in the union for elections comes Burgess… We’re also told she worked for Douglas County elections, but there is no mention of it on her LinkedIn nor on Douglas County’s websites from what we’ve found.

It’s weird she didn’t show up for the swearing-in on 12/30/22 in Douglas County, which you would think she should be at?

Bottom line, how is she qualified to run the 2nd largest county in Nevada’s election?

Who will really run our election? These out-of-state companies? Electronic voting machine companies? Eric Brown? Burgess?

What gives? We have Tracey Hilton Thomas and others who are right here from Washoe County that have decades of experience that can legally, efficiently, morally, and transparently run our elections. Why does Brown and team continue to dismiss these highly qualified folks?

What can you do?
It’s simple, we have three Republicans on the board of county commissioners, 2 vote as Republicans, and one has voted with the liberal cabal around 80% of the time not with what the people want. If you’re wondering who that is, it’s Clara Andriola.

So if Commissioners Clara Andriola, Jeanne Herman, Mike Clark all vote against these 2 companies, and installing unqualified ROVs and their deputies, and vote to handle our elections locally, this nonsense all stops.

So, will Clara Andriola do what’s right for the people, her party, and the constitution or will she side with the liberal cabal?

If she’s smart and at all politically savvy she may have heard the whispers that the liberal cabal will be running their candidates to take her out of her upcoming election. These people are not her friends either. Additionally, by doing what’s right for the people, and her party, she may actually get supported in the upcoming election by the people vs condemned.

Show up on 1/16 and let the commissioners know we want qualified, locals running our elections, not out-of-state, people and companies.

They must interview, and hire the right person, this has to be done right.

Has Brown ever put forth the resumes of Burgess or others he’s been hiring for the ROV? I sure haven’t seen them, have you? Why push these people into ROV roles?

Tracey Hilton Thomas will do it right, she’d be the best ROV either party could ever ask for. Why does County Manager Brown and team dismiss her? 

Is it because she exposed so many issues in the 2020 elections that Eric Brown and the team created? 

Is that why she’s never been called back to work at the ROV since? She can run it, efficiently, morally, and legally, what is Eric Brown afraid of…..

Make sure to show up this coming Tuesday and peacefully call out this insanity and make sure Clara Andriola knows we all expect her to do right by we the people.

Say enough to this take over of our ROV!



I and the team will be exposing a ton about these out-of-state people and companies soon. We definitely don’t want them in our elections.

Peacefully show up and speak up.

Tuesday 1/16/23

10 AM

101 East 9th Street Reno

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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