In an extraordinary turn of events, as reported by The Nevada Globe and even our own previous posts, something is undeniably amiss. Judge Hardy, who once received my admiration, at one time, now appears to be engaging in behavior that is anything but ordinary. It’s “Hardly” the Hardy I thought we had as a judge.

In fact, over a dozen Washoe judges and attorneys now say, “What the hell is he doing?” But I digress.

As you’ve been following the comical Trackergate scandal, a few key points emerge. First, it’s not illegal for a private investigator to track someone. Even the Sparks Police Department confirmed this with Hillary Schieve. Yet, a lawsuit was filed by her anyway.

Then, Judge Hardy grants an ex parte motion for subpoena, which is as rare as spotting a genuine unicorn. Soon after, connections emerge between Hillary, Hardy, and the commissioner responsible for the report stating it’s essential to identify the PI’s client.

Seem Hardly right in our justice system?

This entire situation is laughable for numerous reasons, and I am confident that the truth will soon come to light. Keep in mind: no crime was committed by the PI, but we were told was by Hillary and Hotdog.

Let’s delve into a taste of the ludicrous details, starting with the crooked Hillary Schieve, and yes, she is crooked. You’ll see for yourself soon enough. Then there’s Vaughn “Hotdog” Hartung, a sexual predator whose dark past will also be exposed. Look no further than existing court records to validate these claims. 

The “Hillary Hotdog” is in desperate attempts to profit from this scandal but may very well land them behind bars. Mark my words.

In a twist of irony, when the “Hillary Hotdog” accused the PI of divulging information that led to their whereabouts, it was actually the Sparks PD, KUNR, the Nevada Independent, and others that leaked their locations! That’s right. The very individuals reporting on this story, who share close ties with those involved, are the ones responsible for the so-called doxxing!!! This is hilarious! The PI never disclosed anything to anyone, yet the Sparks PD and media did!

See here:

Hillary wanted this to go very public. Well, it’s about to get very public and deeply personal for Hotdog and Crooked Hillary. I can’t fathom why they would take someone to court who possesses the ammunition to expose them to the world. Since hearing the ruling yesterday, I haven’t stopped laughing. It’s like a spoiler alert that’s impossible to contain.

God willing, everyone will witness the misdeeds of these individuals and the powerful allies backing this baseless case, which could potentially topple half the “prominent” county. That’s not an exaggeration, by the way.

This unbelievable situation has me helping the PI, and if you were privy to the information I have and the revelations to come, you’d be laughing hysterically too.

Media, judges, politicians, and other prominent figures – all the things you thought you knew or at least suspected – are about to come into full view. Will law enforcement finally intervene when the REAL  genuine criminals are unmasked?

As a side note, during Monday’s hearing, Judge Hardy went out of his way to emphasize his lack of conflict of interest, claiming ignorance of the parties involved. Yet, he neglected to mention his business partner Woodman, who appears to be Schieve’s personal attorney. I can’t help but wonder what will come of that as well…

Prepare your popcorn, folks. When the REAL truth emerges, when the REAL crimes are exposed, demand that these people do the time for their crimes. You’ve long suspected corruption; we’ve shown it to you daily. Brace yourself for the fireworks, as there’s no containing what’s about to be unleashed. And as you know, the PI broke no laws, but these two certainly did, according to numerous people. This is just starting to get good. I “Hardly” can’t stop laughing…



I can’t wait to show you how the so-called local media has been carrying water for these potential criminals.

Look into Brian Duggan at KUNR, as well as Jon Ralston at the NV Independent and others covering this laughable story, then watch what we expose.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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