Today I filed:

  • Rule 40 Petition for Rehearing
  • Motion to Expedite
  • A crap ton of exhibits and disclosures

Justices Pickering, Parraguirre, and Stiglich will have a chance to follow the law and correct their previous ruling; if they don’t, the other 4 Justices will have the ability to rule as well via En Banc which I have already prepared and am ready to file if these three justices fail to follow the law.

For whatever reason, they affirmed the lower court’s ruling, dismissing my case; this appeal lays it out very simply for them and points to all the proof that I overcame the very reasons they dismissed my appeal.

Every lawyer and attorney who’s read their ruling and my previous appeal is dumbfounded by their ruling. They say it’s impossible what they did and missed. They lost a ton of credibility in Nevada.

We will now see if they do the right thing and show us if they are the NV Supreme Court of Justice or have become the NV Supreme Court of Injustice.

Place your bets and say some prayers.

The case shows 3 Nevada officials and why they should be removed from office.

Hundreds of election violations, and remedies that can be granted by the Court to safeguard our elections and hold officials who commit malfeasance and malpractice accountable.

Read the full case history here:

Read Justices Pickering, Parraguirre, and Stiglich’s erroneous previous ruling here:

Read what I filed today here:

If they follow the law, there is no way I lose. I overcame each and everything they pointed to for dismissal. It’s crazy I have to go through so many hoops, spend so much money, and do so much work for something that should have been a simple trial where the evidence and testimony are presented.

If they deny me this time, it will clearly show these three are part of a political machine running cover for the corrupt and wiping their ass with our constitution.

Pray they simply follow the law and do what’s right so we can praise them versus condemn them.

The NVSC recently just followed the law and allowed the Voter ID ballot initiative to be placed on the ballot. Hopefully, they follow the law here again and simply allow my case to move forward.

All eyes are on these 3 justices.



Did you see all the documents I had to create and prepare and take to them to file? The Court says it doesn’t matter what the laws and NRAPs state, they are in the process of “changing” the law and only need one copy! The NRAP states for a Rule 40 there must be 8 copies, and for a Rule 40a 10 copies. They only took one! So here again we see them say it doesn’t matter what the law says, just do what we say. Crazy!!! Let’s see if these three Justices follow the law this time, if they don’t, I’ll be back to the NVSC for a Rule 40a filing to all 7 justices via En Banc Reconsideration so the other 4 justices will then rule on the other 3 justices previous rulings and if they followed the law. All eyes on Justices Pickering, Parraguirre, and Stiglich, let’s see if they get it right this time.

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