Folks, what’s going on here?

We saw last election, they printed ballots numerous times, sent them out to voters, then refused to tell us where they are or went.

We are told by numerous people that they are receiving ballots for people who have long since moved, died, or never lived at their address.

Now we see this, numerous ballot versions going to the same voter, at the same address.

See for yourself here:

What do you notice?

Do you see that there are only 2 candidates the voter can vote for on the first ballot?

Then on the second ballot, there are numerous candidates the voter can vote for?

These ballots were sent to the same voter.

The voter could vote them both.

But why are they different?

One ballot appears to have the voter listed as a Republican, the next ballot as a nonpartisan. The voter is a Republican; he is not registered twice as two different people and from two different political parties. Why the two ballots? We’re told this happened to a ton of people, some receiving as many as 9 ballots at their homes!

How many people did this actually happen to?

How many times will the same people vote?

How can we trust any results they report?

Sure, we know the Secretary of State says this is impossible or that a person could vote more than once as they would catch it. However, we have numerous witnesses that said someone voted for them, it was not them, they went to the ROV and the ROV would not let them cast a new ballot while certain it would void out the illegal ballot that was cast in their name.

So now we have ballots mailed to everyone, anyone can fill them out and send them to the ROV, the ROV doesn’t check the signatures required by law, so all the ballots are counted as legitimate ballots, and now, in addition to ballots to everyone, we have multiple versions of ballots going out to the same people.

There will likely be less than 130,000 votes cast in this election, yet millions and millions of dollars are spent on our elections here.

Our vote is the only peaceful means we have to effect change in our community and these people for whatever reason refuse to run legit elections.

Does anyone else see a problem here?

I’m sure they’ll say there’s nothing to worry about just like all the other times.

How incompetent or how corrupt are these people, really…

Peacefully call them out and share this everywhere.

We can only win when people know what’s going on and call it out.


These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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