Mama bears, Grandma bears, show up this Tuesday!

The Washoe County School District has some explaining to do. Jeff Church is the only voice on the School Board who is fighting for your kids, grandkids, and families. The other 6 have clearly different motives.

The board has tried their best to put Jeff Church in the corner, to silence him, disrespect him, and now it appears to destroy his reputation and his bid for re-election.

I will attach documents for your deep dives, but I will do my best to keep this very brief so that you understand the basics of Jeff Church’s claims.

In a nutshell, we appear to have a situation where two women Jeff Church was never near, and maybe have never met, lied and said he sexually harassed them in the parking lot after a board meeting. Then, at least two members of the school board, Beth Smith and Diane Nicolet, appear to try to punish Jeff Church for these false claims, to now ask for $500,000 to allegedly try to cover up the entire disgusting fraud and paint Church still as the bad guy.

Luckily for Jeff Church, he was savvy enough to get the video footage of the school, (which they tried their damnedest not to give him), where it clearly shows the two women in the school parking lot, talking amongst themselves, then leave.

Do you know where Jeff Church was?

He was sitting in the boardroom, on video, going through all his paperwork, preparing to continue his fight for our families! He was nowhere near these two potential felons! So, right there, he is exonerated, and criminal charges must be filed against these apparently fake #MeToos.

What’s worse, Beth Smith and Diane Nicolet, told Jeff Church they needed to speak to him. He asked them point-blank if this had to do with any disciplinary issues against him, and if so, he wanted a representative present. He states they lied and said it didn’t. When Church gets to the meeting, the two of them lambast him with these false MeToo claims.

It appears Smith and Nicolet denied Church representation; now it’s his word against the two of theirs, and the potentially two false accusers from the parking lot are now trying to use whistleblower protection to keep their identity secret, but they are already caught on video, proving Church is innocent.

What’s more? Beth Smith is now trying to receive $500,000 in our tax dollars to appealingly try to cover this all up!

Folks, this is a huge story that needs law enforcement all over.

Jeff Church is an elected county official, and the taxpayer-funded lawfare his board members are trying to use against him, he is entitled to as well!

This affects county servants, who were on County grounds, during county business. Jeff Church should not have to use his money to defend himself.

If this is true, and Church states it is, this is disgusting. The two “whistleblowers”, and board members Beth Smith and Diane Nicolet need to be personally sued and criminally investigated.

But wait, there’s more!

The same Beth Smith we’re told is withholding the three applications for three highly qualified individuals for the “Safe Schools Commission” seat.

We’re told the board has their shoo-in favorite candidate and refuses to share the 3 applications in addition to their pal. The applications are all to be public record as the application clearly states:

Yet Beth Smith refuses to share the applications! Jeff has had to file a petition to force them to follow the law and disclose the applicants’ applications!

We’re told Bruce Parks is one of the applicants! Who are the other 2? Why won’t Beth Smith release their applications so we can all see who applied for the seat as the law prescribes?

Beth Smith and Diane Nicolet are up for re-election. I strongly suggest you vote for anyone but them!

Folks, this needs to be investigated. If these two false #MeToo accusers, and Beth Smith and Diane Nicolet did what we’re being told, they need to be sued personally, and the criminal justice system additionally needs to step in. If they’re found guilty, lock ’em up.

We’ve all had enough of WCSD and their countless issues. There must be accountability, there must be justice, the rules must be followed.

We know the legacy media won’t cover this cover-up so I’m glad the Nevada Globe is out there to give us a proper perspective on what’s happening here. Read their article here:

Show up on Tuesday 8:45 AM!

WCSD Board Room
425 E 9th St, Reno, NV 89512

Show up Tuesday, and demand they apologize to Jeff Church for these apparently blatant false accusations. Ask them what they are hiding, why they are hiding it, and why aren’t they disclosing the other applicants. Lastly, ask if they are conspiring with two false accusers to frame and destroy the reputation of Jeff Church, personally and crush his chance at re-election.


Here are the documents for your use:

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