The conflicts just keep coming for Alexis Hill. I wonder why these issues are being allowed by the county, the DA, and the people?

We know Alexis Hill is currently the Chair of the County Commissioners because the appointed Republican Commissioner (on paper), Clara Andriola, votes with the Democrats 90% or so of the time, giving Hill the throne.

Hill is currently running for re-election to the same County Commission District 1. The candidate filing starts today and ends on the 15th.

Now, in 2022, it was deemed a conflict for then Chair of the Washoe County Board of County Commissioners, Bob Lucey, to run for re-election and be the Chair of the Washoe County Commissioners at the same time, so he stepped down, and Vaughn Hartung was made the Chair of the County Commissioners.

So the first question is, how is it not a conflict of interest for Commissioner Hill to run for re-election AND be the Chair of the Commissioners?

The second huge issue is the ROV and County Manager work for the County Commissioners, 2 of whom are running for re-election. The County manager and ROV run the elections in Washoe County.

So the huge question and conflict of interest here is, how can Hill be the Chair AND direct the people who run the elections while she runs for re-election?

The third glaring question is, how can Hill run for re-election, be the Chair, direct the people who run the elections, and then, through deceitful actions, misrepresent the facts and shoot down any election integrity resolution that comes forward to give all voters more transparency in the elections. How is this not a crime?

Another huge question and conflict is, how can she do any of this while I am suing her personally and in her official capacity for malfeasance and malpractice in office and election violations? How is this, again, not criminal?

I could go on and on about her boards and the funding she throws to her friends and donors, but I’ll stop here.

How is Alexis Hill being allowed to interfere in our elections while running for re-election?

Where is the DA, where are the 3-letter agencies, where are the legislators, where are civil rights groups, where are the NV GOP and RNC? Where are the people speaking out against this or through the legal system or court of public appeal stopping this?

Could you imagine if this was you or me? Could you imagine if this was Commissioner Jeanne Herman or Commissioner Mike Clark?

Where is everybody to stop these blatant conflicts?

Email and call your representatives and those running for re-election to see if they will do the right thing and step in here.



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