Folks, we just had a Nevada judge do the right thing! Imagine that! Holy crap! Hallelujah! Thank God!

Judge Maddox just ruled the ballot initiative for voter ID is to move forward!

The Hillary Clinton war machine was in full effect opposing this, calling voter ID unconstitutional as did Aaron Ford, Nevada AG.

The judge disagreed. The people disagree. 74% of all voters want voter ID, and if you take the undecided and unaware, it could be as high as 92% of people!

This brave judge, Maddox, simply followed the law and ruled justly. Imagine if they all did that!

By no means is this initiative out of the woods yet, though. It still needs a ton of signatures and wouldn’t be implemented in this election, but hey, it’s a hell of a victory for all Nevadans.

Congrats, David Gibbs, and Repair the Vote, way to fight for all of us! I and we are very proud of Judge Maddox and Mr. Gibbs.

Remember too, Governor Lombardo vowed to implement Voter ID either through legislation or “at the ballot box.”

Let’s see if he gets behind this as well!

Now let’s see what the Supreme Court does with my case and see if they follow the law too!

Wouldn’t that be something?!

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