In case you missed it, during Tuesday’s Board of County Commissioners meeting, they summoned Satan. You can call me the bad guy for pointing out the demonic actions these individuals took openly; I don’t mind. I’m used to being called the bad guy for pointing out the wrongdoings of others. Plato warned me and you, he said no one is hated more than he who speaks the truth. Well, I can’t and won’t lie, so let’s get into it…

Commissioner “Clara The Clown” Andriola had added an item to the agenda back in June and successfully passed a vote for various individuals to provide an invocation before the start of the commissioner meetings. Strangely, I have yet to witness Pastor Phil from Calvary leading us in a prayer to Christ. Instead, we’re told Comrade Hill-Inski brought in her friend Jason to conduct a prayer to Satan before the meeting began. This raises many questions and suspicions.

What we do know is that somehow, a Satanist was permitted to address the chambers in a manner promoting Satan. Furthermore, it appears that Clara The Clown was aware of this event before anyone else, including myself. The Satanist sat directly behind me and proceeded to pray to Satan right in front of me. Clara The Clown promptly left and went upstairs exactly one minute before Jason, the Satanist, stood up, leaving all of us to endure this disturbing situation.

So how did she know about this in advance? This situation seems to have occurred because of her involvement. Clara The Clown runs around telling people she was appalled at what happened, yet it all happened because of her. If she was genuinely appalled, why did she allow it to happen in the first place? Furthermore, how did she know it was going to happen unless she played a role in its occurrence?

I urge you not to be swayed by Clara The Clown’s words but instead to examine her actions and watch the video. This situation appears to be a setup, similar to someone lighting a fire in a backyard and then rushing to the front of the house, claiming to help fight the fire. Clara The Clown’s departure right when the Satanist stood up to summon Satan strongly suggests she was aware of it in advance. Perhaps Commissioner Hill-Inksi also knew, as she appeared quite pleased that it all unfolded.

As I mentioned to them all, at least they are no longer concealing whom they serve; these individuals showed their true colors. Do not be deceived by Clara The Clown’s words; the video will provide you with the evidence you need. She knew it was happening before I did, even though the Satanist was only two feet away from me. My faith in Christ and my commitment to Him protect me from these individuals and the darkness they represent. Do not believe the BS from Clara The Clown; watch the video and see for yourself.

Watch how Clara The Clown Leaves 1 minute before the Satanist takes the microphone.

Watch how he looks at me when he stands up, starts, and when he finishes, look at the brief glances.

6:04 - 8:34 timestamp

Do you think this is simply the county letting anyone and everyone have an equal opportunity to lead an invocation? If so, how did this Satanist know about the ability to do an invocation? Has anyone looked into the ties of Hill-Insky and the members of this Satan group? They should, from what we’re told. Do you think it’s a coincidence it happened on the day I asked you all to come with me and support VC Jeanne Herman for Chair, and to say no to the proposed ROV?
Do you think it’s a coincidence he sat directly behind me, summoned their god directly infront of me?

Again, watch how Hill reacts to it all, how the Clown disappears exactly one minute before, how the Satanist looks at me when he stands, starts, and finishes.

They simply showed us who they work for; don’t let them fool you. When someone tells you who they are and what they’re about, believe them the first time.

Hill and Andriola must be fired in this coming election. It will be tough with a broken election system, but we will win; they have zero chance of winning now. Wait and see what happens very, very soon.


These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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