​I’ve covered the voter rolls and counting our votes in secret in previous videos, and now I want to show you signature verification issues that the County will call you a “conspiracy theorist” if you question them about it.

Signature verification is essentially the only safeguard we have in Nevada to prevent illegitimate votes from being counted as legitimate. Think about it like what a bank teller does at a bank when comparing signatures on a check before cashing it for a non-banking customer.

Like that verification, there are standards and laws that the county must follow to ensure illegitimate votes are not being counted as legitimate.

As you can see, here are some of the laws the county is supposed to follow.

Here you can see one of the workers states she was told by the county not to follow the laws and let all signatures pass as legitimate.
(Hint: We have dozens of people who will testify to this fact, but let’s move on)

Like I said earlier, signature verification is really the only safeguard we have to make sure illegitimate votes are not counted.

In Nevada, no voter ID is required; they say it’s racist or prejudicial to ask a voter to present ID proving who they are before they vote, yet most all countries require this.

We then have mass mail-out of ballots that go to everyone on the voter rolls, so anyone could fill it out and put it in the postage-paid envelope and mail it right to the county that you saw in the previous video where they count ALL of our votes in secret.

Do you think it’s right the county isn’t doing signature verification lawfully?

It’s one more reason why I sued them, and now I’m in the Supreme Court of Nevada waiting to see if the Supreme Court will uphold our Constitution and laws or destroy what’s left of them here in Nevada.

Now I have 2 questions for you,

So, after this quick example of seeing the law,

Then reading one of many worker’s affidavits who are stating under penalty of perjury that they were instructed to break the laws by the County by not doing signature verification lawfully.

So here’s my first question: The county says in my court documents, under penalty of perjury, that they are not treating signatures unequally and that they are training their staff and election officials.

Do you believe the county is telling the truth after what you just saw?

Now, my last question: am I crazy for calling this out and wanting them to follow the law so all our votes are counted legitimately?

Let me know in the comments below. Let me know, too, if you’re crazy, as well, for wanting our votes to be counted legitimately as well.

Share the video far and wide, and let’s keep asking COMMON SENSE QUESTIONS to our county commissioners and legislators together, even if they call us crazy for it…..


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