So, what’s wrong with the Washoe County Election system? 

Well, how much time do you have for me to go through it all? A month? A year? A presidential election cycle?

To save you from analysis paralysis and save your sanity, I’ll simply do the “in a nutshell” approach. I’ll name the main issues, from which everything else stems. It’s the root problem method. I’ll name just the root problems; everything that stems from them would disappear if the root issues are solved.

In this post, I am going to just name the root problems. In the next post, I will show you how we can solve 80% of these issues in one day, and the other 20% in less than a year.

Let’s get into it.

  • To start, we have unqualified, incompetent people and their puppets running our elections. They do what they are told, right or wrong, by their handlers. Expect little help from them.
  • Workers are made up, in part, of temp workers from out-of-state or out-of-county companies.
  • Workers are not divided equally amongst all political parties.
  • Voter rolls are grossly in error, could be as high now as 52%
  • AB4 and AB321 created a nightmare of ballots sent to every dog, cat, and person, living or dead. They are like Las Vegas fun coupons, littering the streets of Washoe County, except they are ballots for anyone or everyone to pick up and mail back to the ROV, even the postage is included!
  • Ballot harvesting is now legal in Nevada, meaning you could go pick up 100,000 or more filled-out ballots and drop them off yourself at the ROV.
  • All the ballots are mailed to or brought to one place, the Registrar Of Voters HQ at 1001 East 9th Street in Reno.
  • Chain of custody cannot be demonstrated by the postal carriers, nor the ballot runners.
  • No human counts a single bubble or ballot. All bubbles that are filled in, all amounts of ballots, are all counted by machines. No human verifies their counts by hand, or by eyeball, ever. It’s actually illegal to try. You can get all the envelopes of every voter in Washoe that show their name, their address, the political party, their precinct number, their unique identifiers, and even their signature. Enough to steal anyone’s identity; you can have, but you nor I can ever count the bubbles or ballots that are completely anonymous with zero identifiers on them.
  • Signature verification is not being done properly, allowing thousands of illegal votes to be counted as legal votes.
  • No voter ID is required to cast votes.
  • Washoe County uses unapproved, unqualified election equipment, software, etc.
  • The voting machines that are used store the voters’ information on a thumb drive in the machine; the thumb drive is then taken to the ROV HQ, where it is plugged into the black box, the EMS, the Election Management System. Where the votes from the thumb drive go directly into this EMS. All the paper ballot counts from the machines also go directly to the EMS. So, all votes, paper or digital, are put into the EMS, where no human ever verifies the original vote data or totals.
  • The EMS is directly hooked up to the internet, where an “Albert” device acts as a firewall of sorts between the physical EMS and the internet.
  • The Poll books, containing all the voters’ data, including whether they voted or not, are connected to the internet.
  • There is an illegal function in the election system flipping votes, which is stealing elections from all of us.
  • 1-5 people, behind closed doors, violating court orders and numerous laws, tell us what the machines say. This means these people tell us who wins and loses, with no ability to audit and no transparency. No verification, and no trust in the entire process.
  • It only takes 1-5 people to steal an entire county’s election.
  • The Secretary of State has yet to properly address any violation that hundreds of us have sent them.
  • The Washoe County election system costs we the people tens of millions of dollars, yet we have just over 100,000 actual votes.
  • The election takes 6 weeks, instead of one day.
  • Neither political party is doing anything meaningful to address any of these issues, which is a travesty of justice to ALL voters.

These are the main issues; I could go on for days, including the “Albert” device, who owns it, what it does with the data, where it goes, what they can do to the data, what they can send back, etc. Like I said, I can go on for days…

This should be enough to open your eyes, as this is all the truth, not hyperbole, not a conspiracy theory; most if not all of the above is proven in CV23-01341.

Folks, feeling a little overwhelmed? Like it’s all rigged, and we’re all doomed? Don’t; the biggest part of solving a problem is first, clearly identifying the problem, then fixing it.

We’ll do that in the next post. We can fix 80% or more of the issues above in one day.

Yes, one day.

Something you can actually do, get behind, and get others to as well, from all parties, all walks of life. This equally affects us all. The person it helps today, it destroys tomorrow.

If we can save Washoe, we can save it all.

Stay tuned.



Did you hear about the MGM cyber attack and ransom? Everything is offline, Do you know who certifies and tests our election machines? The same people who test and certify the gambling machines…..

Read about it on 775 Times or see it for yourself here:

Also, did you know, that “Election software (KNOWiNK Systems) that is used in 36 states plus Washington, D.C., has contracts that include a clause that allows the election staff to override the results of an election” Nevada uses them too!

Here’s more, BREAKING: Evidence shows the Maricopa County Election Day printer “failures” were caused by malware or by remote access; 200,000 ballots were ejected out of 248,000 votes cast.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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