Listen, folks, I’m taking a stand, putting it all on the line to sue the County Manager, ROV, and Commissioner Chair – in both their personal and official capacities and the whole damn county itself. I’m stepping into the ring on my own. Why? Look around. Lawyers everywhere are being sanctioned and or disbarred for trying election cases. Look at John Eastman in California he’s getting sidelined and blackballed for standing up in election cases. I won’t let that happen to my legal team.

The majority of us – 60-80%, depending on what poll you look at – say our elections have serious issues. With this lawsuit, I show that our constitutional rights have been trampled over, our concerns unheard, and our lawful petitions thrown aside. But I’m not standing by idle. No, I’m calling them out on every front. Our voter rolls are a mess, uncertified election equipment being used willy-nilly, our votes being counted in secret, a function within our election system is flipping our votes, inadequate signature verification – which is the only real safeguard we have left to make sure our votes are counted legitimately – and damn near every election law there is has been broken.

Just wait, the hard evidence is on its way. I can’t put it in the complaint, you don’t present a case in a complaint, you present the evidence as the case goes forward. Know that we’re dealing with hard facts here, not conspiracy theories. The outcome? That’s in the hands of God. It’s going to be uphill for sure. To start, I’m suing the very county we demand justice from. I may have to take this all the way to SCOTUS, and I will if I have to. But this case, it’s a game-changer, and we’ll see what God brings our way.

Rest assured, I wouldn’t stake my name, or risk my reputation if I didn’t have the proof. What I demand from the court is simple: boot these people out of office and mend our fractured, dysfunctional election system. This is a high-speed ride, folks, so hold on tight and send your prayers our way. A case like this, to my knowledge, has never been attempted. If we can expose the corruption and dysfunction here, we can expose it everywhere. Say some prayers for us all, and let’s do this!

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Remember, I sued for you and your family, not just mine, If we can save our elections, we can save it all, and that’s the truth, no matter how the corrupt press tries to spin this.



This isn’t about changing past election results; this is about ensuring our votes going forward count legitimately for all legal voters as we cast them, and the people who are failing to do their jobs for whatever reason end up in the unemployment line.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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