Looking at the enormity of public funds that appear to vanish into thin air in our county, one might pose the question: Are there any consequences at all? We’ve all observed the concentration camp-style circus tent that has allegedly swallowed up $130 million in taxpayer money so far, with an annual upkeep cost of $17 million. Do the math, and it’s apparent that the numbers simply don’t add up.

Our repeated requests for a transparent account of the costs have been met with evasion and mockery. Everyone knows that something simply isn’t right here.

Reflecting on the previous entries in our Corruption Chronicles, particularly those highlighting Eric Brown’s office and Eric BrownStain himself, the same nagging question remains: “Will there be any repercussions?”

We’ve just begun to share what we know, but with that alone, you would think something should happen, right?

The public, of course, can always stand up and peacefully hold these individuals accountable. But what about the federal authorities? Would they take notice if laws, rules, and regulations are being broken?

The latest scandal to hit the County Manager’s office is a case in point. They’ve placed a repeat sexual offender over 43 more competent candidates. We’re told that the individual who moved the predator up the list is not only unqualified but also had no business being involved in the process. Yet the County Manager’s office directly told this unqualified person to place the predator. It raises the question: What do HUD and ARPA have to say about such malfeasance?

A quick look at the HUD and ARPA websites provided me with these potential consequences, just for this one transgression, not to mention potential violations of state and federal laws:

  • Civil penalties: Up to $10,000 per false claim if you lie to receive HUD funds.
  • Criminal penalties: Up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000 if you lie to receive HUD funds.
  • Repayment: The HUD funds obtained through deception may have to be repaid in full.
  • Eviction: Lying to receive HUD housing assistance could lead to eviction.
  • Disbarment: HUD employees who lie to receive funds could be barred from working for HUD.

These are just a handful of potential outcomes sourced directly from the HUD and ARPA websites. It’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The case of this sexual offender being prioritized over 43 more deserving candidates is just the beginning. It’s intriguing to consider what might happen when we trail the money and expose where it truly ends up.

Meanwhile, for those of you who’d like to get the ball rolling by asking for an investigation into Eric BrownStain, Hide’n Hillary Schieve, and Comrade Hill’Insky accountable, here’s the contact information:

TIGTA: 1-800-347-8477.

ARPA Fraud Hotline: 1-866-532-5400.

HUD OIG: 1-800-424-8585.

HUD Hotline: 1-800-669-9777.



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