Recently, County Manager Eric Brown and County ROV Jaimie Rodriguez, in an interview with the RGJ, claimed the need to tear the election system down to the studs in Washoe County. However, our team has been highlighting these concerns since 2020, and these individuals are hardly the ones to initiate meaningful change.

We have presented undeniable evidence to Eric BrownStain and Jaimie Rodriguez, revealing the abysmal state of the voter rolls and our ability to predict precinct voting based on data from just three precincts. Yet, these grave injustices remain unaddressed, met only with slander in an attempt to silence us. This response speaks volumes about their knowledge of rigged elections and their role in covering it up. If they were truly unaware, they would engage with us, examine their own data and certified reports, and explain how the impossible in fair elections is totally possible in Washoe County and Clark County.

To further expose their deceitful tactics, let’s examine their own damning confession.

The Introduction of Voting Machines in 2004:

In 2004, voting machines were introduced and used in Washoe County. The main reasons given were:

Accessibility: Advocates argued that electronic voting machines offered features like audio prompts and adjustable font sizes on touchscreens, making them more accessible for individuals with disabilities.

Efficiency and accuracy: Proponents claimed that electronic voting machines would streamline the voting process, reduce human errors in vote tabulation, and provide faster and more accurate results.

Cost savings: Supporters argued that electronic voting machines would save money in the long run by reducing the need for printing and distributing paper ballots.

Now, we find ourselves spending tens of millions of dollars annually on Washoe County elections, which are far from efficient, accurate, or cost-effective. With approximately 300,000 registered voters and only around 110,000 actual votes, we should be able to count the votes in a matter of hours and have results on election day. Instead, it takes six weeks. They may argue it’s per legislation, but let’s consider that we’re dealing with just 110,000 votes. Can we honestly say this is efficient or accurate, or cost-friendly? You know it’s B.S., and so do I.

The Hidden Truth:

Here’s the most outrageous part of it all. Through a public records request, the Registrar of Voters (ROV) openly admits to having no idea about the usage of “large type” fonts or auditory, tactile interfaces, despite their insistence on voting machine accessibility for disabled individuals. These are some of the very things they scream to the skies about, saying we have to have to make sure the disabled can vote.

Our Questions and the ROV’s Disturbing Answers:

Total usage of Auditory Tactile Interface (Sip ‘n Puff) for the 2022 and 2020 General Elections.

ROV Answer: No documentation exists, and the use of these features is not tracked.

Total usage of “large type” font for visually impaired individuals for the 2022 and 2020 General Elections.

ROV Answer: No documentation or reporting exists for the use of large-type ballots during those elections.


These people are caught exposing the lie right here about the need for machines due to these features for the disabled, etc., which is their go-to line as to why we must use the machines.

The Rigged System:

Do you now grasp the severity of this rigged system? Filling out a mail ballot is as simple as filling in bubbles on a paper ballot. Yet, they insist on using machines for everyone to vote on, with the machines counting the votes.

Most people are unaware that not a single ballot is counted by humans in Washoe County. Every ballot and bubble is counted by machines, with no transparency or oversight regarding the software used. The ROV, under Eric Brown’s direction, brazenly violates damn near every election law by counting our votes in secret as well! That’s right, a few people now decide the entire election and every race behind closed doors! 

Enough is Enough:

Can you see the corruption now? The need for voting machines was a lie. It has nothing to do with disabled voters; it’s all about centralizing control of the entire election process and its results in the hands of a select few.

They always say it is about “inclusivity” and “accessibility,” yet it’s neither. Furthermore, since they can’t even tell us if even one voter used the features, it further shows it’s not the reason they want us to use them.

If we return to in-person voting on election day, reporting results at the precinct level, this rigged system will crumble instantly. Thousands of people cannot remain silent about election rigging. However, in Washoe County, it only takes a few individuals to manipulate it all.

This public records request exposes their deception. These individuals are dismantling our county and robbing you of your only voice for driving real change, your vote. This is not hyperbole; it’s a fact. They are criminals who believe you are either too foolish or too frightened to hold them accountable.

This all ends when we expose them for who they truly are. We must shine Sunlight on their actions, revealing their identities, their deeds, and hold them accountable for their crimes. They are stealing everything from you and your families. Enough is enough. We must peacefully demand Brown and Rodriguez resign, and the legislators repeal AB321. Let’s return to election-day voting in our precincts, mail ballots only to those who genuinely need them, and count and report within our own precincts. Any legislator opposing this is either ignorant or complicit in the rigging. Over 80% of the nation now doubts the trustworthiness of our elections.

It is evident to me, and it should be to you, that they refuse to legitimately “fix” the elections because they thrive on illegitimate outcomes that give them the power, money, and control.

Stand up, call them out peacefully, and together, we will end this.



It’s all a hoax, folks. The machines aren’t more efficient, cheaper, accurate, or accessible. 

Here’s the actual document showing the need for the machines is all a lie:

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Here’s proof the mail-in ballot sham is all a financial scam too:

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