This is the first of many lawsuits we’re filing.

When someone cannot logically debate with you, they often resort to silencing you, for they fear the power of your words.

Here is the lawsuit:

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This is the first of many lawsuits we’re filing, and it’s a crucial one for you and your way of life. We’re taking on SB406, a messed-up law that could land you in jail for four years just for asking why an election worker isn’t doing their job. Talk about a complete lack of clarity and an invitation for abuse!

The Problem with SB406:

This bill is so vague that it leaves everything up for interpretation. That means they can twist the rules however they want and silence anyone they please. The media will undoubtedly say our lawsuit is an attack on democracy, but that’s just a load of BS.

Protecting our Rights:

Let’s get one thing straight – we already have laws to protect people from harassment and stalking. Instead of creating new ones, why not focus on enforcing the existing ones? We can’t have Grandma ending up in maximum security just for annoying the guy at the polling place who won’t give her a ballot because someone already voted for her. Remember County Commissioner Jeanne Herman? Someone stole her identity and cast a vote on her behalf. When she spoke up, the election worker gave her a hard time until a witness stepped in and vouched for her. If this law had been in place, she could have ended up with a class E felony! I’m not exaggerating here; this is a serious threat to our freedom.

Our Broken Election System:

You won’t believe what’s been going on with our county manager, Eric Brown, aka Eric Brownstain, and the utterly incompetent, who’s not competent enough to clean toilets let alone our voter rolls, Jaime Rodriguez, our registrar of voters. They finally admitted that our Washoe County election system is a total mess and needs to be torn down to the studs. And guess who’s been saying this for years? You and me, my friends! What if we were silenced and thrown in jail just for speaking the truth?

Defending Free Speech and Democracy:

This unconstitutional bill is a direct attack on our First Amendment rights – our right to free speech and our right to address grievances. Don’t fall for the propaganda from those commie news agencies; this is about protecting our voice and our right to vote. And let’s set the record straight – we are a constitutional republic, not a democracy. If they want a democracy, they can get the hell out of the U.S.

The Fight Against Injustice:

This is just the beginning. We won’t back down. We’re not suing Governor Lombardo to play some political game; it’s a 1983 case, and we have to follow the process. It’s nothing personal. It’s just how it has to be done. The same goes with Cisco Aguilar. These two must be sued in their professional capacities. So don’t believe the hype or propagandists who are saying we are trying to split the party, as that’s utter B.S. One can not sue the “State” in a 1983 case, they have to sue the Governor.

Don’t Let our Voice be Silenced:

This law must be defeated. We can’t let them silence us. Don’t buy into the propaganda from these commies; this is about protecting our right to vote and our freedom of speech. Our elections are a disaster, and it’s time to exercise our rights. Anyone who harms an election worker deserves punishment, but guess what? Laws already exist for that. This bill is a twisted perversion of law under the guise of worker safety.

As Frederic Bastiat said, “When plunder becomes a way of life, men create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.” We can’t let this stand in America. Criminals hide behind laws like these.


Not one election worker has been assaulted in Nevada, this is straight up the weaponization of our legal system our founders warned us about. It can not stand. Know, this is just the beginning of our battle against SB406. Make no mistake, we will take this all the way to SCOTUS if needed. If they do this in Nevada, they will do it everywhere. We’re fighting for our rights, for the integrity of our elections, and for the freedom to speak our minds. We won’t be silenced or intimidated. Our goal is to ensure that every American can exercise their right to vote without fear and to preserve the fundamental principles that make our nation strong.

This is the first of several lawsuits we are filing. Enough is enough. Next, we will be suing these so-called servants in their individual capacities. We’re coming for the corrupt. We will win. I’m right again.



You won’t believe what we just finally put all the pieces together on. Monday, we will start exposing the people who I’ve again been right about all along. You wanted proof, it’s coming.


Here’s the Nevada Globe’s article on our lawsuit against SB 406:

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