Foxes in the Henhouse: The Unchecked Corruption in Our County

Ah, the sweet smell of corruption! The dire need for a budget audit has been painfully obvious for quite some time. Yet, our dear Eric Brown and his assistant county managers continue their brown-stained spending, seemingly unnoticed. But the time has come for us to stand up and demand accountability.

Where’s the Accountability?

A year-old account of spending is still floating around, and no one seems to bat an eye. It’s as if everyone has turned a blind eye to the open cash register, the uncounted till, and the unresolved issues plaguing our county. And let’s not forget how our homeless issue has morphed into a full-blown homeless industry. Reports show 600-1,000 homeless people, yet the money being thrown at this problem is staggering.

Laughable “Accounting”

Brown-Stain sent this fiasco to Congressman Amodei a year ago, and the spending has only accelerated. Politicians enter office poor and leave with pockets full of cash – a classic tale of corruption. Check out the absurd “accounting” of funds:

    • Direct Medical Expenses: $41 million
    • Non-medical Economic: $49 million
    • Public Health Infrastructure: $26 million
    • And “Other”: $11 million (Ah, yes, the elusive “big guy”)
    • And 41 million missing?
    • I rounded it down if you’re wondering why it doesn’t equal 169 million. Who’s even going to notice another million dollars missing, right?

This doesn’t pass the sniff test. They say, “We spent $169 million on this and that,” without any accountability, line items, attachments, or details. Just an email stating, “Hey, if you have questions, reach out.” Um, yea, we have loads of questions! Could you imagine presenting this “summary” to your boss or the IRS?

The Foxes Guarding the Henhouse

Why can’t the county show us that Brown has the authority to spend $300,000 without the board’s approval? Why can’t we see what he’s been spending money on? Why can’t we see where this money really went?

We need a full audit of the Cares Campus and the budget. We’d have to provide one, so why won’t they?

A Call to Action

My fellow truth-seekers, we cannot allow this injustice to continue. It’s time for a full-blown audit, and we need your voices to make it happen. Stand up, demand answers, and let’s expose the rot in our county.

I pray that Congressman Amodei is paying attention and will demand an audit if he hasn’t already. As a numbers guy, let me tell you: none of this passes the BS sniff test. Not a single bit.

Now, let’s get to work. Let’s stand up for what’s right and bring the dark, corrupt humor of this situation to light. It’s time to peacefully take our county back!


Here’s the letter. You tell me if this would fly with your boss or the IRS.

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