The Education Crusade, led by Paul White, has made strong accusations against the Washoe County School District leadership. According to the law they have quoted, Superintendent Enfield, two principals, and the entire school board (except for Jeff Church) could potentially face felony charges. It is alleged that they were aware of the atrocities that were happening to a 14-year-old girl who was later murdered and had ignored prior pleas for help from the parents.

This horrific murder was 100% preventable.

The state of the schools in the county is alarming, and it seems that the leadership has failed both students and teachers. Furthermore, there are suspicions that some of these individuals are benefiting from the decline of the schools and the county. Multiple lawsuits are expected to be filed against the county and these individuals, and justice needs to be served quickly for the sake of the students and teachers.

In the meantime, parents are advised to consider alternative education options such as homeschooling, church school, or private school, as the situation in the district is dire. The school board, with the exception of Jeff Church, must resign immediately as they have no place around children or teachers and are only making the situation worse.

The media’s lack of coverage of this issue is also concerning. Despite being included in all of Paul White’s Education Crusade press releases, the press has failed to address the issue properly, making them complicit in the matter.

It is time for action to be taken. All those involved must resign and face prosecution, and the claims made against these failed leaders in the attached document must be carefully examined. 

As Nelson Mandela once said, “Safety and security don’t just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear.”

Enough is enough. Justice must be served.

The Education Crusades Release:


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February 23, 2023
According to Nevada State Law…
Do the Actions of WCSD Superintendent Enfield, a
High School Principal, a Middle School Principal,
AND the School Board, Qualify Them to Be Charged as Co-Defendants for the 14 Year-old Student’s Recent Murder?
Read the Nevada State Law and YOU decide.
NRS 195.020 Principals (to crimes)
(The principal of a crime is:) EVERY person concerned in the commission of a felony … whether the person directly commits the act constituting the offense ..whether (they are) present or absent; and EVERY person who directly or indirectly …ENCOURAGES… another to commit a felony… shall be proceeded against and punished as such.
The fact that the person (who) aided, abetted…(or) encouraged… did not entertain a
criminal intent shall NOT be a defense to ANY person…


NRS 200.030 Murder Penalties
A person convicted of second degree murder is guilty of a category A felony and shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for 25 years to life, with eligibility for parole beginning when a minimum of 10 years have been served.
1) WCSD Superintendent Susan Enfield is responsible for knowing about the repeated bullying and threats to the victim at her middle school and high school, and the Superintendent did not even acknowledge the problem and failed to do anything to stop the bullying threats.
The Superintendent’s lack of action to stop the bullying threats, and promoting a discipline policy that allows this type of criminal behavior, AND implementing policies that prevent school employees from speaking out about dangerous situations, ENCOURAGED the charged perpetrators to continue their criminal activity that resulted in the victim’s murder.
2) The victim’s mother states that she pleaded repeatedly, for close to 2 years, with principals from both the victim’s middle school and high school to stop the students who were constantly threatening and bullying her daughter … but the principals did not stop the bullying threats. The Principals’ lack of action to stop the bullying threats, and promoting a discipline policy that allows this type of criminal behavior, ENCOURAGED the charged perpetrators and allowed them to continue their activity leading to the victim’s murder.
3) The mother stated that the threats and bullying were so extreme that the girl was not even able to go to classes much of the time, but had to sit in the school office doing her work. She could not walk home or take the bus, but had to be picked up by her family, for fear of her safety. And still the school did nothing. The Principals’ lack of action to stop the bullying threats, and promoting a discipline policy that allows this type of criminal behavior, ENCOURAGED the charged perpetrators and allowed them to continue their activity leading to the victim’s murder.

4) The School Board
WCSD describes the School Board’s role as, “… serving as the steward and guardian of the District’s values, mission, and resources …” which includes, “… ensuring that our schools are safe learning environments for our students and staff.”

The School Board has repeatedly violated their sworn and legally-established responsibility.
 They have ignored multiple written and spoken communications from parents and the community, begging them to intervene in dangerously escalating student violence and bullying threats, not only at the murder victim’s high school, but at numerous other WCSD schools. The School Board’s lack of action to address these bullying threats, and supporting a discipline policy that allows this type of criminal behavior, ENCOURAGED the charged perpetrators and allowed them to continue their activity leading to the victim’s murder.
• A child enrolled in WCSD was brutally and needlessly murdered.
• The Superintendent, 2 Principals, and the School Board ALL refused to take actions that could have prevented this tragedy. Rather, their lack of action ENCOURAGED the individuals charged in the murder to continue their criminal behavior toward the victim.
• The mother stated that neither the Superintendent, the Principals, NOR the School Board has even reached out to express ANY sympathy for her daughter’s murder. The school has not even corrected the robo-call machine that calls the mother every morning and tells her mother that her daughter is not attending school.
More and more parents and community members ask Education Crusade: “What can we do to stop this unacceptably dangerous and dysfunctional situation in our schools?”

The solution is simple, and could be implemented immediately.

1) Demand that the School Board IMMEDIATELY take a 7-0 vote to terminate Superintendent Susan Enfield’s contract. According to her own resume, she has NEVER been a principal of a single school and has NO experience with solving the dangerous issues threatening our children. 
Until the Superintendent is removed from her position, this out-of-control violence and lack of learning will continue to worsen. The Superintendent is a strong, public supporter of the current no-accountability discipline policy that encourages the violence that occurs daily in WCSD schools – the kind of violence that cost the victim her life.
2) Demand that any School Board member who does not vote in favor of terminating the Superintendent, resign immediately.
3) STAND Up – SPEAK Out – and DEMAND items 1 and 2 … until they are accomplished.
We’ll close with the words of two WCSD school-site employees.
  • It’s the District’s fault. They do not check up on how principals are doing, or if the principals are holding others in authority accountable….
  • We have so many students contemplating suicide….
  • Fights are off the charts, like nothing I’ve ever witnessed. Our 6th graders were so innocent and unaware. Now they’re beating each other up all the time. Our principal has come up with dangerous and stupid consequences (that do not work). There is so MUCH wrong here, and it begins and ends with our principal.”
“I would tell EVERY parent or grandparent of ANY age child:
Do WHATEVER you have to do to keep your children OUT of our WCSD schools,
NOT just because they won’t learn, but because they WON’T BE SAFE.
The existing system needs to be totally rebuilt, and those responsible for it,
need to be removed … COMPLETELY.



Let’s take action by speaking up and holding our leaders accountable for their failures. It’s time to stop glossing over the truth and start calling them out for what they are. Failures. Don’t be afraid to speak out and demand the change our community deserves. All these people have emails and phone numbers. Here are some emails to get you started. All these failures and blood are on their hands. May the justice system be swift and just, and if they’re guilty, lock’em up!

Media that fails to cover meaningfully:

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