Summed up in one word.

Now I’ll elaborate and expand upon that one word.

We know we have election issues.

Most across the US know we have election issues.

It was 83% of all Americans a few months ago who believed that. After seeing Bolsonaro, Oz, and Dixon, allegedly defeated, it’s only exponentially grown.

Here in Nevada, we have the playground for criminal voting, literally the worst election system in the US.

The State agencies mail ballots to basically everyone. These people can fill it out, sign it, then enclose the ballot in the furnished postage-paid envelope and drop it in the mail.

The people who receive and count these ballots aren’t properly trained to signature verify or simply do it incorrectly en masse.

Additionally, no voter ID is required and of course, we have the machines flipping our votes atop all of this.

And of course, we have an election 6 weeks instead of a day so they have plenty of time to make whatever numbers appear that they want to.

So if you discount everything we can prove above, everything is just hunky dory in the State of Nevada.

So now a bit of an update.

Apologies for not posting yesterday, I’ve been buried in data, discussions, etc with what is going on.

I obviously can’t share everything we’ve uncovered and are seeing but we have hundreds of people across the state plugged in and doing what they legally can.

What I can share.

We have seen the Washoe ROV group lie to us numerous times.

That may seem harsh to say, but we have two years of examples that can only be chalked up to as lies.

I’d like to think they are just incompetent but it seems far worse.

So to start we have filthy voter rolls.

Meaning many receive ballots that shouldn’t.

Washoe residents, notice I don’t say voters, had more than one ballot mailed out to many of them.

Washoe ROV has printed the ballots due to errors we’re told three times.

They also refuse to tell us if they were ALL mailed out or where they currently are.

The ROV simply told one observer they need to call the ballot printer and see what happened to them all.

We’re still waiting for an answer.

Why are our tax records pristine, and they know who we all are, yet our voter rolls are used toilet paper?

We are tracking thousands of people who shouldn’t have voted yet are shown as voted.

We are watching thousands of ballots pour in by mail daily.

We know there are actors actively filling out ballots illegally, harvesting, etc, and then simply mailing in these ballots.

Then they are counted as legal ballots. Diluting and stealing all of our voices through our votes.

Last night we saw the camera feed go off around 11:24 pm. 

Each camera went off one at a time.

We heard several excuses as to why this happened due to a power outage, then an application failure, etc neither is true according to cyber experts.

Our cyber experts say they can prove these cameras were turned off one by one.

Why would they do that?

What happened from 11:23 pm to 8 am today?

The ROV made an official statement saying all is fine, it was an application issue, and no one entered the building or ROV while the cameras were down.

Trust their word….

I have a feeling when they drop the newest ballot numbers tonight you’ll see why the cameras went down. Look for a big bump in Democrat ballots, look for Marchant, Sigal, and many others to take big hits.

We additionally have a serious chain of custody issues with the ballots.

Meaning many ballots came in from somewhere with just one person transporting the ballots vs two people from 2 different parties.

In a murder case, if you have no chain of custody of the murder weapon, the case is usually thrown out. Yet these ballots are kept and counted.

We see the ROV saying there are thousands of spoiled ballots. Why?

Are they Republican ballots?

Why not elaborate for us ROV?

We saw little help to the Republican vote totals on election day.

The press tells us Republicans want to vote and do vote in person on election day.

They say there were around 36,000 election-day votes, why didn’t we see a huge spike for Republicans when the totals were announced?

We’ve been told and see with mail-in ballots, there is nothing trustworthy about them.

I’ll discuss this a bit more but have already been ad nauseam in previous letters here.

The bottom line, we can’t trust our elections.

We have teams monitoring many things I can’t disclose here but hope to be able to pre-canvass certification. The information will blow your mind.

Well, maybe not, you’ve seen how our state has gone to hell and the people who did it and are doing it are now supposedly getting a raise and promotion? Make sense to you?

It’s quite simple again, there is nothing trustworthy about Nevada elections.

They used the pandemic to fundamentally change our election system and then never put it back. We know tyrants once they have power seldom give it back. We see that here again.

It’s absurd to think that places like Florida with 7 times more people than Nevada can know the election results on election day and go to sleep.

In Nevada, it takes 6 weeks for the process.

Why can Florida do it so quickly?

They have election day, require ID, and don’t allow mass-mailed ballots.

Imagine that, just like we did here for a century or more as well, until the pandemic.

The argument on the other side says showing ID is racist, well then I guess the DNC, airlines, liquor stores, cops that pull us over, etc are all racists for asking for ID.

They say they need more time to mail in a ballot.

So what do they tell the bill collectors if they don’t pay a bill on time? 

They say it’s too hard to go vote in person.

So it’s too hard every 2-4 years to renew a driver’s license etc?

Their arguments are asinine and just show you they are benefiting from the rig.

It’s our voice, our vote is what makes us have a say in our State, it’s clear it’s being taken from us all.

The State will say they are just following the law, the law requires them to take until the 15th to complete the voting process.

Well, we have documents and communications from internal sources that show they are working hand in hand with the SOS on WHEN they can announce vote totals.

Meaning Washoe could be counting ballots at a private sector speed, releasing totals to us hourly, but instead, dragging their butt across the carpet like a dog with a poopy butt.

They won’t release the vote totals promptly as we believe they are taking inventory of what they have received, figuring out what’s needed, adjusting the numbers, then broadcasting the results when they make sure things are matching up for their purpose across the state.

We can see Soros and others have their fingerprints all over these states that are dealing with these same issues. They’ve spent BILLIONS!

If you point out these issues they will call you a conspiracy nut, racist and more.

They can call us all the lies they want, but they know we’re right.

It’s time folks, enough is enough and it’s time to peacefully say enough.

The game is rigged, now we’re just watching the game play out.

Sure a few may squeak by but we’ve all been robbed greatly regardless of the party, in my opinion, based on all we’ve uncovered and seen.

I still have faith in God and you all to come through and save the day.

It can’t be just one of us, it has to be a ton of us.

It’s rigged and untrustworthy.

Don’t be apathetic and say well that’s the way it is.

Say enough, peacefully.

Picket, and protest, protest, protest, peacefully.

I’ll be back tomorrow, I have to get back to work.

Get involved peacefully, don’t wait for God or us to save you, get involved, peacefully.



Never forget, when they lied and said they don’t count our votes in secret, then caught them here doing it.


Get involved, peacefully.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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