When I say tax money, let’s face it, it’s our money. 

Every dollar printed into existence is a debt upon us all.

Every tax dollar spent, again, is our money.

This is for another deeper discussion, but just know, tax money, is our money, and these so-called public servants spend it like it’s monopoly money, not our hard-earned money.

We see our tax dollars being set on fire for the dumbest programs and even sent to terrorist countries, even to secure other countries’ borders, while leaving ours open.

It’s ridiculous, criminal even.

Well, does that bother old Hide’n Hillary “Destroyer of Reno” Schieve?

Apparently not.

While she shut down our city and says the dumbest crap like, “I was born and raised here,” she said. “I’ve never seen casinos go dark”

Really, hey dimwit, you shut them all down!

But guess who again seemed to come out even richer during the lockdowns, shutdowns, etc she imposed?

That’s right old Hide’n Hillary, gets high on the taxpayer supply.

It appears she raked in a cool $167,217 of FREE taxpayer money…..

PPP Loan Data – Received

Resale Partners LLC D/B/A Clothes Mentor 

$24,260.00 on 5/1/2020 (7 jobs retained)

Lender: Wells Fargo

Status of loan – paid in full or forgiven

$24,260.00 on 2/12/2021 (8 jobs retained)

Lender: Wells Fargo

Status of loan – paid in full or forgiven 

Resale Girl LLC D/B/A Plato’s Closet (2 loans)

$59,350.00 on 5/1/2020 (21 jobs retained)

Lender: Wells Fargo Bank

Status of loan – paid in full or forgiven

$59,347.00 on 2/12/2021 (15 jobs retained) 

Lender: Wells Fargo Bank

Status of loan – paid in full or forgiven

So let’s get this straight….

While you and your family are struggling like crazy under her communist policies, mandates, etc…..

She’s getting a CRAP TON of our tax dollars?

Lots of it…..

We have a couple of quick questions, our detectives are begging for an audit, they say it appears this doesn’t look right at all.

From the stop-by they did they didn’t see how the numbers reported as to job retained, etc were right, at least not now.

Will the legal system investigate Schieve?

I’m also told her businesses are not set up properly as well.

They will be filing complaints as it appears to be another “rules are for thee not for me” in how she conducts her business?

I guess we’ll see who’s right.

Will we see something like “Reno Mayor Charged?”

What I do know is the person who shut down our great city, closed businesses forever, increased hardship upon residents, took $167,217 of YOUR tax dollars while they all burned!

So many businesses and people will never recover because of her!

Hell, they even closed down my favorite restaurant, it’s been here for over 40 years, Rapscallion!

So Rapscallion and others close their doors forever and her crap-ass second-hand style store took at least $167,217 of OUR tax dollars, are you getting pissed yet?

As you can see, shoppers there say she runs her business, like our city….you should read the reviews.

So, the person who locked us down, shut us up, and shut us down, took at least $167,217 worth of YOUR tax dollars with her own crap store.

Let that sink in.

This is just one of many things she’s done.

We have about 30 other things we’ll be bringing forward, we’ll make sure everyone knows what Hide’n Hillary has been up to.

She’s gotta go. 

If it were you or I, we’d be locked up. 

Let’s see what happens.

Vote George “Eddie” Lorton for Mayor, and send this turd back down the river.



Don’t believe the BS suppression polls “Butthurt Brekhus” and others want you to believe. 

Lorton is UP double digits in the polls, people are waking up to Hide’n Hillary, the Destroyer of Reno. 

The people see she has to go.

Let’s see what we expose next. 

Maybe her ties to developers…..

Ewww this may get messy 🙂 and criminal?

How did she become worth $10,000,000 on a $105,000 salary……

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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