So….our great City and County are circling the drain.

We’re all doing worse and worse yet Hillary Schieve seems to be thriving?

What does she know that we don’t?

We’ve all heard the stories about her at swinger parties, rubbing up against Sisolak at private functions, etc., are they true?

Well, the people saying these things say they may have videos and photos.

Do they?

We’ll see. If they do, you’ll see them here first.

So back to the big question, how does a public servant become a multimillionaire on a public servant’s salary?

This image is from her own LinkedIn.

She makes $105,000 on a taxpayer-dollar salary now she’s worth $10,000,000!?!?

Hide’n while Reno burns Hillary is worth ten million dollars as of 2021?

Folks, you should be asking questions.

Simple ones.

Where did you make your money? Can we see the books?

If she represents us how did she go from thousands of net worth when initially elected to worth ten million dollars?

We want to know, is that true?

Why is our City so disgusting and unsafe, that we don’t even want to visit it, while she thrives?

Now Reno is the most dangerous City in Nevada!

Now Reno is 45% above the national average for violent crime.

Our homeless situation is out of control and disgustingly expensive!

The new report that came out states we spend around $26,000 per homeless person yet when applying the math to our retirees, only $76 goes to our incredible retiree population!

F’n disgusting!

So Reno is in the crapper, but Hide’n Hillary went from worth thousands to now worth over 10 million dollars?

How does that happen?

We all want to know.

I have a feeling that much will be coming forward soon.

Smart Democrats are leaving her in droves.

Many have told us she is violating the term limits law, we’re told she hopes to be elected then resign upon her 12th year.

2 years before her term would end, and then appoint Devon Reese?

Edward Solomon has shown George “Eddie” Lorton actually beat Devon Reese in 2020 for City Council by around 44,000 votes! The $30,000 challenge is still undefeated. 30 PHDs all agreed Edward is right.

So if all this is true, we then have a mayor who is potentially running in violation of term limits which then could appoint a person who didn’t even rightfully win his seat?

BTW Devon is not polling well at all with Dems, they say he’s the last person after Hide’n Hillary Schieve who they want as mayor.

Ask law enforcement officers about Hide’n Hillary. They say she told them to stand down while our city was attacked? If true, why?

But I digress…

What people need to realize is George “Eddie” Lorton is great for all of Reno, not just a few.

All will prosper, our families, our businesses, our city.

Who would be against that? The tiny .1% elite?

Well, I guess that’s why so many smart people have joined Lorton and so many more will.

There’s no way Hide’n Hillary wins if it’s a fair election.

Let’s hope she doesn’t get the Devon effect!

We potentially have some very explosive news we’ll be dropping soon.

We just have to cross a few T’s, with our whistle-blowers.

It appears Hillary knows she’s in trouble and may have made a new alliance?

If we can prove it 100% it’s gonna make US news.

If we can, No way to hide from it, Hide’n Hillary.

Stay tuned.



Guess who Soros and crew are backing in OUR Nevada?

Bring everyone! Vote against these globalist tools!

Stay outta our lives, commies!

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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