Nevada, we have a problem. A HUGE frickin problem…

As we know, AB321 essentially is the nemesis to free and fair elections. Carter and Baker told us long ago that the best way to steal an election is the use of mail-out ballots. 

This is why most industrialized nations require ID and do not allow the mass mailing of ballots.

Nevada is the epicenter of how to have the most unsecure elections in the history of elections all while pretending to sidestep every safeguard in the name of inclusivity and convenience.

AB321 is terrible for any legal voter who wants their vote to count legitimately.

I could go on and on with the issues in Nevada as to the lack of transparency, online voting, machine algorithms, corrupt officials, unelected people declaring the winner of the elections, election month instead of election day, using machines to count the bubbles and the ballots, the bloated-corrupt voter rolls, the automatic registration of voters, using machines to tell us how many votes there were instead of humans, using out of state temp workers, etc., etc., etc. but instead, I’ll touch on the fruit ripest for fraud, ballet trafficking, AKA ballot harvesting.

Have you seen the documentary 2000 mules? 

If not, Watch it here:

Here are some excerpts from What’s New With Nevada elections:

Mail Ballot and In-Person Voting (AB321) 

All Mail Ballot Elections: Starting in 2022, Nevada will have all-mail ballot elections. In-person voting options will still be available too. 

In-Person Voting: 

You may still vote in person on a voting machine at any one of the many convenient early voting sites or Election Day vote centers, even if you receive a mail ballot…If you have your mail ballot with you, you must surrender it at the voting site; or l If you do not have your mail ballot with you, you must sign an affirmation that you are not voting twice in the same election.

Did you catch that? They are mailing out ballots to every so-called registered voter. If you want to vote in person, you have to use a machine! We’re told that no longer will we have access to paper ballots in person to vote by. We have to surrender our mail-in ballot, then use a machine!

Have you seen my $30,000 challenge!?

The machines are rigged, and machines even count the bubbles and ballots we mail in!

But I digress.

So now you know they are mailing out ballots to all registered voters, they say.

But how do the ballots make their way back to be counted?

We’re told the documentary 2000 Mules is literally mostly all legal in Nevada!

We’re told you can be a mobile ballot harvesting service in which you could go pick up 1 or 100,000 ballots and bring them to the Registrar Of Voters or election center etc., depending on what county you are in for counting.

Do you see a problem with this?

Have you read this article from 2020 where this whistleblower literally tells us how they steal our elections using this same method?

Here’s a taste, and I quote, “They get to register where they live in, and they go to the polls and vote,” he said, laughing at the roughly $174 per vote Mike Bloomberg spent to win his third mayoral term. He said he could have delivered the same result at a 70 percent discount.” 

We’re told that teams of unscrupulous people will take advantage of this system, we were already warned by Carter and Baker but that wasn’t enough for our legislature, Secretary of State, or Governor. 

They can harvest, or traffic thousands, tens, hundreds of thousands of ballots and then remove the ballot, insert their own, then when processed, the signature matches, but the ballot within was not the voter’s choice!

Can this be done, really? Well, we can prove that over 70% of Millers’ ballots when he ran against Stavros in Clark County in 2020 were…wait for it…FAKE!

So, in addition to removing ballots from the envelopes and placing their own ballot within, they have even more creative ways of cheating!

Remind me again why the envelopes have all the voter’s details, not the ballot?

We’re supposed to be able to trust the election workers, right?

Why do we care if they see our name? They already have our name, DOB, address, political party, etc. 

When you separate the envelope from the ballot, the ballot is now completely anonymous.

The purpose of a secret ballot has nothing to do with this issue. 

So now we can have illegal ballots stuffed inside legal envelopes. How is the election worker to know? Say they are totally honest—most are—how would they know?

Why does this matter? Some candidates lose their race by as few as 12 votes! Every stolen ballot destroys YOUR vote!

It’s simple, we have a corrupt at worst, idiotic at best, legislature that passed AB321 and an even worse Governor who signed it into law.

So what do we do? 

Call it out! Do not be quiet! 

Watch 2000 Mules, ask yourself and any others, is this right? Moral? Look into the money that funds these endeavors; they are huge leftist organizations! How is that legal? Other states call it bribes. In Nevada, it’s just another day with our current government. It’s disgusting.

Look, let me be clear, I could care less if you’re a Democrat or Republican. Your legal vote should count legally, period!

Don’t you agree?

We’re suing in Clark and Washoe County, so you-we can all have defined meaningful observation into our elections.

Our current system is broken. In fact, unelected people tell us who wins! How can we trust these people when we can’t even see the ballots before, during, or after the election?

How can we trust machines to count everything, then report the winners when we can prove they are all rigged!

People, we must say enough. We must not be quiet. $10 gas, $10 milk, beyond unaffordable housing, and losing our sovereignty are all but a moment away under this system.

If our voices via our votes are not heard, we lose. Every time in history this happens, the people lose. The few at the top gain it all. Again, I beg you to look for yourself, not take the word of some bought-off corrupt fact-checker. You be your own fact-checker, look through the propaganda and lies and see if what we see is true. 

I bet you $30,000 we’re right.

I’ll bet you far more that if we continue down this path, we’ll all become slaves to whoever controls this power over us. Your family deserves your own research, and your family deserves you to say enough!

Don’t do it for you, do it for them. Don’t take my word for it; look into it yourself.

God knows I didn’t want to be the guy exposing this, but when you know, you know, and I have to answer to God someday. 

So will you and “they”. 

Let’s all do our part and say enough! 

The only way this ends is when we stop complying and call them out. 

Or you become their slave.

Let your sheriff, assemblyperson, senator, county commissioners, registrar of voters, secretary of state, and governor know this is unconstitutional, and they are all guilty of treason under this current system if left as is.

$30,000 to prove us wrong:

Say No to ballot harvesting! No to AB321! Or at least get rid of the machines, and let the tens of thousands of volunteers from all parties count the bubbles and the ballots! After all, we now have a month to do it! Not a day!

Do not be silent.

God bless,


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