Yesterday we saw Donald Trump endorse Clark County’s, Sheriff Joe Lombardo.

Joe is accused of numerous serious issues—things like burying the investigation of 58 murders and countless injuries at the Route 91 Concert in Las Vegas.

Failing to properly investigate the election issues of 2020 and do anything at the time to properly address them.

Backing an obscene amount of Sisolak policies, mandates, and worse.

Allowing a sanctuary city to take root and grow rampantly with drug and sex trafficking, even underground (literally under the city) communities of crime are allowed to exist and thrive.

Rather than continue to list his horrific failures, let’s start to name his accomplishments… ok, well, we’ve struggled to find one thing he’s done to benefit Clark County, so let’s move along.

Why would anyone reward and promote this man to higher office?

Most of Nevada knows this. Why in the world would Donald Trump endorse this type of man for higher office?

We’re all asking ourselves…

Seriously, Joe literally did everything he could to throw Trump and his supporters under the bus in 2020. Why in the world would Trump endorse him?

The question we then have to ask is, did he? We know it’s highly unlikely the Don wouldn’t publicly admit he didn’t endorse Joe or if he made a mistake by actually endorsing Joe, but things that really bother us Nevadians is it happened.

This brings up the question, are Stew Peters’s guests correct?

Is Trump’s circle selling his endorsements behind Don’s back?

Watch here and tell us what you think.

Are people like Bill Stepien literally selling Trump’s stamp of approval?

We know in the past, a Trump endorsement was the death blow to any candidate running against the Trump anointed, but today, that’s simply not the case. Let’s go to the data.

Liberty Watch magazine recently did 2 polls between Laxalt and Captain Sam Brown for NV Senate. One of the questions asked in both polls is how much of a difference does it make to the voter if Trump endorses a candidate.

The Polls show 7.6% and 11%. That may seem like a lot, but Trump at one time had 90+% approval with Republicans. This shows it isn’t anymore. It’s also worth mentioning this poll was from January. It’s also worth noting if you see what’s being said in Nevada; Trump just lost Nevada for his 2024 bid. His base just left him. This is not hyperbole. We’ll say it again; Trump just lost his base in Nevada.

This isn’t coming from a hunch. It’s literally coming from 10’s of thousands of social media posts, emails, and texts all disowning Trump because of this one endorsement. Trump went against Nevada’s people’s champ. The question again is, did Trump actually do it? Or have the facts?

Now let’s talk about suppression polls. Suppression polls simply suppress what the real polls would be if they were fair.

Suppression polls are designed to depress people’s mindsets on things. In other words, if you wanted to go see a movie, but the critics all said it’s the worst movie ever, it may sway you from seeing it. Now when people see it and love it, it greatly lessens the credibility of the critics, and fewer people will trust their future opinions.

Remember Hillary Clinton? Many polls had her at a 95-99% likelihood of winning, hoping to keep the Trump base from showing up and voting as they might think they already lost, so why vote?

Well, we saw how that turned out. Trump won, so why do we continue to listen to these critics, all these pollsters who are so often horribly wrong?

When we “poll” Republicans and Independents, we find Joey Gilbert has a nearly 30-point lead over Lombardo! When Joey Gilbert hit’s the stage or walks into a room, he gets a Trump-like ovation. Nevada loves Joey Gilbert.

So why don’t the polls show what we all on the ground know to be true?

It appears we have suppression polls being used by the establishment Republican party and affiliates on even its own Republican candidates for whatever reason.

This is not a conspiracy theory.

We challenge you to attend any Gilbert event or any event Gilbert goes to, or any conservative event Gilbert’s name is simply mentioned and see for yourself.

We’ve learned we can’t trust the news in Nevada, we’ve learned we can’t trust our vote in Nevada, we’ve learned we can’t trust the polls in Nevada, so now we know we can’t trust Trump’s endorsements in Nevada either.

Ask ten conservatives in Nevada and see for yourself that this poll is actually right.

We here believe if we can safeguard elections to where all legal votes and only legal votes count, Gilbert wins by a mile.

We also believe there is big money and big interests behind Lombardo, but not big movements of we the people. The fact is Lombardo is hated by most. If we can safeguard our 2022 primaries from fraud, you will all see it too.

Show up and vote in person on election day, bring your mail-in ballot with you, and make your voice known!

Show us if Trump’s endorsement of these RINO at best candidates makes you fall in line or stand apart from those who really are here for all of Nevada.

Lastly, do you agree with Trump’s endorsement of Laxalt and Lombardo in Nevada? Let the world know on social media, use GAB, Truth Social, Twitter, and Getter.

Ok, now lastly, Trump was censored so badly on big tech, so why in the world would he build his social media app on big tech?

We’re really thinking one of two things; either Trump only cares about the money OR the people around him are deceiving him; we don’t see any other options.

Do you?

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