Have you noticed the media all seem to be running the same one-sided narrative?

All attacking me or people like me who don’t go along with their propagandized talking points?

They try to paint us as crazy, but the average person doesn’t agree with them. They are failing.

Let me give a few examples.

Jeff Church was allegedly framed by WCSD President Beth Smith. WCSD video shows that Jeff Church was nowhere near two women who accused him of sexual harassment. We’re told a whistleblower stated it was Beth Smith’s idea to try and tarnish Jeff Church and create a fake crime and blame him for sexual harassment.

The RGJ was supposedly given all the information and access to the whistleblower and other witnesses, yet they didn’t publish the story as it was told to them. They sat on it and then seemed to release it right before Judge Breslow dismissed Church’s case.

What was strange in the Breslow ruling is we’re told Breslow wouldn’t allow witness testimony or Church to present his case, then Breslow throws out his case and the RGJ reports Breslow said Church’s case reads like a political blog.

We saw what the County DA said about my elections case, where they called it “rantings of a conspiracy theorist.”

We’re not used to seeing public servants attack people who put their grievances in lawsuits like this. Something is not right here for sure.

We see the same people over and over again, in lockstep with each other, all working together, all with a unified message.

Whether it’s the RGJ, CNN, CBS, FOX, the Nevada Independent, etc all with the same attacks, and same messaging, all trying to paint their version of what they want the public to believe. None of it is news, it’s all propaganda and opinion pieces. None of it is real journalism, it’s just attack pieces on anyone who goes against what the machine wants.

We see the same candidates and incumbents all represented by the same campaign consultants, who all work with these same “media” companies.

What do all these people have in common?

Here’s Alexis Hill and Beth Smith in lockstep over their common enemy, me. But have you looked into their other mutual interests?

These people, not just Hill and Smith, are heavily involved in our tax dollars. Whether it’s the election system, school system, or homeless industrial complex, all of the above, these people are all tied to it.

Folks, we’re over the target. Why do you think we can’t audit elections, school spending or the homeless spending?

Where do you think all that money really goes?

How many people do you really think are profiting from it?

How many have much to lose if they lose their candidate or incumbent?

How do these servants go from poor to wealthy making $100k a year?

How did we spend $300m on the Cares campus and now they want $300m more?

Or $12.5-55m on elections with less than 150k votes?

Or a budget of over 1 billion for our county?

Or a budget of over 1.3 billion for our schools?

It’s connected.

In my case that the Washoe County Courts want absolutely nothing to do with, much of this would be exposed.

Why did Rubber Stamp Russell disregard the law and throw out my case? Why did attack piece after attack piece come out on me just before the Nevada Supreme Court threw out my same lawsuit on appeal? How could three Nevada Supreme Court Justices get it so wrong? Then in lockstep all the media the same day they threw out my appeal have attack piece after attack piece in the hopper ready to go and then fired off?

How come when I filed my appeal to the Supreme Court on Tuesday showing how wrong these three justices got it, not one single “media” company covered it?

Are you starting to see how the candidates, the incumbents, the courts, and the media are all working together to suppress any threat to their funding via the elections, schools, or homeless yet?

It’s a big business folks, and they’re all in bed together for one reason or another.

Share this post with 5 people. Ask them if they believe the “media” or need to start asking where all the money is going, where our votes are really going, and why in the hell we need the largest homeless center in the entire country for less than 1,700 alleged homeless.

Folks, the courts as we see with Church’s case, my case and others aren’t being allowed to present the evidence. Why do you think that is?

Start calling these folks out by name, never forget their names, but always be peaceful.

Here are some examples, in no specific order, of the press and political consultants who work with RINOs and Dems, working together. Notice anything? (This is a small sample; I have hundreds of these.)

How is it that not one single media company covered my appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court on Tuesday?

It doesn’t fit their narrative, does it? Don’t worry, they will attack soon. They will find a way to attack it, call it crap, or attack me. They’ll do it in unison, watch.

Back to the hit pieces. As you can see, from the media, to their campaign consultants, to the county itself, there is nothing journalistic here, there is nothing unbiased, it is all political attack pieces against people like me, people like you. Are you awake yet?

Now, make no mistake, I expect journalists to be honest and report the news, not make it. But that’s not what we see in Washoe.

Instead, there are so many ties between Alexis Hill, Eric Brown, Beth Smith, Clara Andriola, Devon Reese, Hillary Schieve, Mariluz Garcia, their handlers, their endorsers, their donors, and their financial stories, I wonder why they won’t cover the real story here?

I and a few team members would love to debate these people, I’d foot the bill for the whole thing, even donate $70,000 for the debate to a charity of these 7’s choosing. $10,000 per person, to a charity of their choosing for a total of $70,000 plus I’d cover the full cost of the debate.

Do you think any of these people will do it?

I challenge all 7 of them here and now, all must accept, the offer expires 6/5/24 5PM.

(Alexis Hill, Eric Brown, Beth Smith, Clara Andriola, Devon Reese, Hillary Schieve, Mariluz Garcia)

Share this post with 5 people. Then peacefully and respectfully, call these 7 people out. Let’s see them defend their past and what they’re currently doing.

If they decline, or say nothing, you know they are all cowards and won’t face the sunlight to their actions.



We saw the judge in the NY Trump case use our Constitution and rule of law for toilet paper yesterday. The justice system is now on full display of being corrupt. People are losing faith in the robes, and rightfully so. They have much to do to earn our trust back. Folks, we are no longer living in the America our founders gave us. Corruption is on full display for all to see. You being too busy or scared to call it out is how it happens. I’m just one guy, quit looking to me to do everything for you. I appreciate the thousands of emails, but I’m just one guy; we won’t save our county or country just by me. Get involved, or lose it all. It’s not hyperbole. It’s truth.

It’s truly up to God and us. The people who are the stooges to the corruption today think they have it made, they think they are getting away with it. It’s obvious they’ve never picked up a history book as they are the ones who always get it the worst. Take a peaceful stand and call these people out. From the judges to the school board and everything in between. Enough is enough.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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