Hey folks, we’ve all seen appointed County Commissioner Clara The Clown Andriola’s dismal voting record, in lockstep with the Democrats. We’ve seen her supporters, mostly of the RINO kind, but now, we see Democrats spending big money on her!

Why would the Democrats spend tons of money on a Republican? Does that make sense to you? It sure doesn’t to me unless the person the Democrats are supporting is really a Democrat?

See for yourself, these 2 mailers went out all across County Commissioner District 4.

These appear to be paid for by the New Day Nevada Pac. www.NewDayNevada.org

Who’s behind the New Day Nevada Pac?

Who is Riley Sutton? He and his wife founded Changing Dynamics.

Who is Changing Dynamics? They run campaigns primarily for Democrats, many of whom are responsible for the current state of our county and city.

Look whose campaigns they work(ed) on:

  • Angie Taylor for State Assembly
  • Hillary Schieve for Reno Mayor
  • Beth Smith for School Board
  • Mariluz Garcia for County Commission
  • Devon Reese for Reno City Council
  • Alexis Hill for Washoe County Commission
  • Naomi Duerr for Reno City Council (2014)

(This is a small partial list, see full list here: https://www.changingdynamics.net/services)

So there you go. New Day Nevada PAC is linked directly to Riley Sutton and to Changing Dynamics, who, of course, are linked to the very people we would love to see fired.

So why would this Democrat machine be spending tons of money on a Republican? Well, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it might just be a duck, or in this case, one clownish Democrat parading as a Republican. That sure would explain her voting record, now wouldn’t it?

Share this everywhere.

They can lie about us, let’s continue to tell the truth about them.



Also, how could a republican partner or purchase services from a company whose logo is red, turning to purple, going into blue. Look at the Changing Dynamic’s logo. 


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