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Well, folks, we were right again. About what this time, you ask? Well, all of it, of course. But this post is about our so-called Washoe County ROV (s)election office.

Our elections are a dumpster fire, burning, babel high, stench to all sides of our globe, flaming dumpster fire.

You all saw the 85-page report by the highly controversial “Elections Group,” which was working in Nevada against the law that was brought in under Eric BrownStain, who lied to us all about it all. You saw that report, right? Here it is if you haven’t. Here is the post where we showed how Eric Brown, the county manager, lied to us. Here is the post he lied to us, and we showed the Elections Group was working against the law here in Nevada, in case you missed it.

Now, in Monday’s “Really Gutless Journal,” aka the RGJ, Eric BrownStain and the uber-unqualified ROV Jaimie Rodriguez did an interview.

In typical fashion, The RGJ ran cover for these sellouts while barely addressing the elephant in the room, that we were right all along.

Nowhere did the RGJ reasonably push back and ask, “Why didn’t you listen to the voters, the county, the people who have been saying all this time that the elections in Washoe are trash and as trustworthy as a $3 bill?”

Here’s what BrownStain, Rodriguez, and the RGJ say in this propaganda piece, and I quote:

“Take it down to the studs and start over.”

“Now that the bluntly critical 85-page review has come back, Brown and Rodriguez are moving ahead with top-to-bottom changes in a race against the clock as next year’s presidential primary and general elections speed into view.”

“It has allowed us to put a finer point on the degree to which we need to do some things, like staffing and spending levels.”

“We’ve got to go to Plan B, which is to try to figure out a way to get through the PPP in February with the existing technology that we know is suboptimal.”

“The audit noted the Registrar of Voters office has had 100% turnover since the 2020 election, and that staffing hasn’t kept up with population growth. Ten new positions were authorized in the county’s fiscal year 2024 budget.”

“Rodriguez wants to see changes so that when people contact the registrar’s office, they get consistent information – something that wasn’t happening because of a lack of good reference documents for those answering phones.”

“By creating those better reference materials and those better procedures for what we do and how we do it, we’ll also be able to turn that into better educational information we can provide to the public that walks through what we do.”

Brown said Washoe County is not unique in not having adequate standard operating procedures and a consistent set of reference materials.

“We’re listening, we’re listening,” Brown said.

Really, BrownStain? You’re listening?

Where the hell is our apology? How do we personally get our good names back from all the slander and propaganda these commies have hit us with?

So for 2 years, we’ve been telling and showing Brown and Rodriguez that the ROV needs to go, the election system is totally broken, that the elections are rigged, and nothing can be trusted from what they say, do, or report.

So because the Elections Group says the ROV office and system are trash, now they will do something about it?

The state is spending $30 million of our money on a terrible top-down elections platform called VREMS. The Washoe ROV is spending another $12.5 million on atrocious equipment and practices.

I and the team can fix all of this in 30 days, for free! What are they scared of? Fair elections?

I and the team sat down with both BrownStain and Rodriguez and showed them how our elections were rigged and our voter rolls are utter trash. What did they do? They used the media to slander me and the team and never responded to us!

Our incredible legal team has stated that what these two have done is criminal.

So now, just for a second, let’s assume they’re just idiots and not criminals. Are we supposed to believe that these people who have never done the right thing are now going to be competent enough to do it?

These two need to be fired. Nowhere in the business world is incompetence rewarded. Only in politics, where it’s our rights and dollars being burned, does this stand.

We didn’t get an apology or a response for all the issues and fraud we’ve shown and exposed. We’re right about all of it too.

We were right again. Don’t ever let the media or these commies ever forget that we were right.

Be proud you stood your ground!

Now that you know we’re right, again, do you think that $42.5 million more by these same people will fix all the issues?

Of course not.

These two need to go. Don’t you agree?



Yesterday, we showed you how we were right again with “Homewrecker Marliuz Banging Your Man Too Garcia.” Did you read and share that post? Here it is again. Share these two posts with everyone you know. These sellout commies need to go. Hopefully, to prison. Share and stay tuned. Big news coming soon.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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