“I have a personal private relationship with Oscar Delgado, who is the CEO of Community Health Alliance.”

Did you get this mail piece?

Okay, folks, here’s that “I told you so” moment. It’s a teachable moment too. I don’t say anything unless we can prove it or have people on hand who say they can. What am I talking about?

Well, Mariluz “Bangin Your Man Too” Garcia, of course. The little homewrecker just went on the record at Tuesdays County Commissioner Board Meeting and admitted it herself.

I sure hope Oscar Delgado’s wife takes him to court…and hits him hard in the ole wallet.. Nevada has some favorable laws for partners hurt by cheating spouses compared to California, etc.

But I digress.

I was called all kinds of names by the so-called press for these “outlandish accusations,” which, of course, are now proven true! In fact, when Garcia and Oscar went attorney shopping to sue me, they quickly found out they can’t sue me when I’m telling the truth!

But fear not folks. Here in Nevada, I’m sure they will come up with a law that says any communist holding office can sue an honest, moral constitutionalist for telling the truth if it annoys them or hurts their feelings.

Think that comment, or I are mad? Look at SB406. Up to 4 years in the slammer for potentially just annoying an election worker!

I digress again.

So now that we know I and the team were right about Mariluz “Bangin Your Man Too,” what else do you think we’re right about…all of it, including the massive cover up of our Washoe County elections being rigged, well, if so, you win a “I’m not a sheep trophy 🏆.” Congrats! If you said all of it, well, you win a prize, lol because you’re learning! We only say what we can prove or what others say they can, and guess what?

Mariluz “Sometimes Lives in her District Too” should never have been elected nor run for county commissioner, according to our witnesses!

So Mariluz “Sometimes Lives in her District Too” should not be a sitting county commissioner, nor should Comrade Alexis Hill’inski be a commissioner, as her election was rigged for her!

Here’s $80,000 to prove us wrong. Notice Berkbigler crushed her in the race!

So with these two “commies” sitting on the board, it’s no wonder we see our county continue to circle the drain. Then with Eric BrownStain running our elections, it’s no wonder why we’re in this mess. Have you seen what he’s been accused of so far? Wait until you see what comes next!

So to wrap this up, yes, we were right again. Here’s Mariluz “Bangin Your Man Too” Garcia saying it so you can hear it right from the alleged homewrecker’s mouth:

Now, do you think we’re right again about her not being a legal sitting county commissioner?

I guess we will have to sue her personally to find out in front of a jury of our peers (hopefully not hers, lol). They will be the deciders because once we show what we know and people she knows who’s in the know, it’s a wrap, and we’re right again!

As for Oscar Delgado, he did the right thing and stepped down from City Council. That’s why we never released the volumes of what we know about him into the world. As for Garcia, if she is going to continue to impact our lives by deciding our fate through her votes, it’s time the world knows how she got that power.

Stay tuned!



Our county is so damn corrupt, but if we just legally remove a few of these links, the chain will break. Don’t give up, don’t give in, it’s coming.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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