Here we go again with The Propaganda Papers, also known as the Reno Gazette Journal or RGJ, or as I like to call them, “Really Gross Journalism.” They just can’t resist covering up for the heads of the county, can they?

Robison and Drysdale, like hand in glove, are trying their best to divert your attention from the real issues. They’re laser-focused on one thing and one thing only: the general fund amount being $510 million instead of the $1.06 billion they show in their maze of numbers, and Clark County’s $1.95 billion general fund budget. Talk about nitpicking! We saw at the meeting that there are items not on the budget at all! It seems like the county is running two separate sets of books. Watch the meeting when they talk about money for seniors. They say it’s not in the budget, but the money is there. That’s what we call cooking the books. And is the RGJ covering that? Of course not. They have their selective blinders on.

Let’s not forget the other important questions they conveniently fail to mention. Why didn’t anyone at the County address the general fund apples-to-apples comparison during the commission meeting? Where does the mysterious 1.065 billion actually go? And seriously, can someone please audit how past money was spent? We need answers!

Oh, and did you hear about the county manager’s office? While the rest of the hardworking folks in Washoe get zilch, they’re getting huge fat raises. Talk about the elite ruling class in the county. Maybe they should share the wealth, or at least a tiny portion of it, with the people at the county who are actually doing a great job for we the people. It’s time for some fairness and recognition for those who truly deserve it.

And what’s the deal with spending what seems like $200,000 bucks per homeless person? Are they serving caviar at their shelters? Someone needs to explain where all that money is REALLY going.

Let’s not forget about the famous Cares money. Where on earth does it disappear to? And get this, Comrade Hill-Insky, aka Alexis Hill, is sitting on the Cares Investment board and then voting to send it money! Talk about a conflict of interest! Can we get some transparency, please?

And here’s another real head-scratcher. Where’s the proof that Eric Brown can spend a whopping $300,000 without board approval? I mean, that’s some serious spending power with next to zero oversight!

Oh, and while we’re at it, where’s the list of items Eric Brown spent less than $300,000 on without approval? We’re dying to know what kind of bargains he’s been scoring behind closed doors.

Last but not least, can we please have a detailed breakdown of where every single penny is being allocated? Line item by line item, folks. Let’s shed some light on this financial maze.

In business, if we have a line item on a budget labeled “Services” and then millions of dollars attributed to it, with no detail, that throws up serious red flags. Seriously, it’s like playing a game of “Guess the Expense” with Eric Brown and his secret stash. Who knows, maybe those “services” are actually “Escort Services”? Hard to say with such little transparency from the county and zero real investigative journalism from the RGJ. They seem to be missing in action when it comes to digging deeper.

These are just a few off-the-cuff questions that I conjured up in less than 30 seconds to respond to this incredible piece of disingenuousness. The press and county heads seem to be in cahoots, working hand in glove to keep you in the dark and cover up the real issues. It’s as clear as day that they have no interest in truth or transparency. They exist solely at the beck and call of the county to sweep everything under the rug, hoping you won’t ask questions or, heaven forbid, investigate.

Let’s not forget the RGJ and other so-called media outlets in Nevada, now known for their talent in spreading propaganda, not news. But fear not! You and others are waking up to their antics and cover-ups. Keep asking those questions and seeking the truth, friends.

Now, go out there and have an awesome weekend!


These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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