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No matter which way you lean, it’s impossible to NOT notice that something is seriously wrong with our country these days. Media stations all fall into lockstep with whatever specific narrative they’re currently pushing…and anything that says otherwise is suppressed, censored, banned, and “debunked” by “fact checkers” that are paid or owned by the very same people pushing the narrative in the first place. Click on one sometime and just read through the ridiculous word play they use to skew it however they want.

Politicians are being allowed to take money from lobbyists, Big Pharma, Planned Parenthood, and other massive entities…and we wonder why they never vote in our best interest? Why are they spending tax money we don’t even have in the middle of an economic crisis they caused to defend Ukraine’s borders…but refuse to do anything about the drugs, cartels, and child trafficking that occurs across ours? You see it’s not about representing the American people anymore…it’s about Congress lining their pockets with our tax money, padding their stock portfolios through insider trading, and appeasing the foreign controlled corporations, central banking system, and defense contractors that actually own and control DC. You can’t vote your way out of voter fraud and these people aren’t going to investigate themselves for fraud. The fact that no one trusts our electoral system anymore because absolutely none of the required transparency to hold legal elections is even occurring in the first place, shows you just how much we not only need a change… but that it’s NOT going to come through the same politicians we suspect of stealing their seats. It’s BOTH parties too, there’s a reason nothing got fixed in 2020 at all despite more than half the country no matter the party no longer believing our elections are fair. What’s going on is the equivalent of playing poker against someone who keeps winning with Royal flushes, but refuses to show you their hand as proof.

It’s not that citizen journalists and other people haven’t tried to get the truth out there, it just gets censored. So I’ve decided to compile everything they’ve been censoring since this covid insanity began, starting with the election fraud currently occurring in my own state of Nevada (again) that the local news media has refused to report on, followed by the fraud occurring in other states, everything that happened in 2020, everything they lied to you about covid, the vaccine, etc. plus a few extra bonuses. I’ve included all the videos, evidence, and proof with each post mostly about election fraud as nothing matters if our votes don’t matter, because the only way to win a war of misinformation…is with the Truth.

ELECTION FRAUD 2022/2020 (Nevada)

• Washoe County, Nevada Election Livestream Goes DARK Overnight – Ballots Dropped 9 Minutes After Cameras Go Dark: a) b)

• Nevada “Finds” 60K Ballots in Drop Boxes, Delays Will Stretch into Next Week:

No chain of custody in Washoe County, missing overnight surveillance videos, multiple ballots sent out by “mistake.”

• Ballots in Washoe printed on different qualities of paper from each other, why?

• Without Explanation Counting in Nevada Will Go Into Next Week:

• Clark County commissioners certify 2022 primary election despite 2 1/2 half hours of testimony from voters unable to vote, poll watchers not being able to observe, no chain of custody, the wrong ballots being sent to tens of thousands o:

• Nevada Primaries Are Impossible To Certify Legally:

• Nevada Judge refuses to hear case involving evidence that a mathematical formula can be observed in voting machines with the algorithm:

• DMV states at least 44,000 voters had their party changed to non-partisan through a “glitch” and were unable to vote in their respective primaries:

• Taxpayers Threatened For Criticizing Malfeasance In Washoe County:

• Nevada Secretary of State (R) Refuses to Fully Investigate Election Fraud:

• Nevada Secretary of State website hacked and voting history erased and changed immediately after 2020 election:

• American Election software was outsourced and written by China:

• Election Results Raise Suspicions GOP Rigged Primary for Pro-Establishment Candidates:

• Douglas County, Nevada Just Deleted 82% of 2020 Voters Off Their Rolls:

• Democrat majority legislator gerrymanders state to benefit themselves right before 2022 election:

• Nevada Officials Break Oath of Office: Refuse to Accept Affidavits for Audit:

• Internal Political Corruption Across the Board Stalling Nevada Election Audit:


• After Physically Assaulting Citizens During Meeting, Commissioners Declare Free Speech a “Public Health Crisis” in Heated Town Hall Anyway:

• Clark County School Board Walks Out of Meeting Rather Than Face Angry Parents:

• Nevada Governor appears impaired on video after causing a crash and is let go without a DUI test:

• Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak Just Legalized Giving Someone HIV On Purpose:

Nevada Governor Gives $1 Million Dollars of Our Hard Earned Tax Money Away to Random Guy for Getting Vaccinated:

• Clark County Commissioner Refuses to Hear From Voters About Mask Mandates, Shuts Down Town Hall: Clark County Commissioner Refuses to Hear From Voters About Mask Mandates, Shuts Down Town Hall

• Kiddie Sex-Change Clinic Exposed in Vegas:

• Las Vegas School that Forces Masks on Students, Has No Problem Pepper Spraying Them:

• School Board Ignores Angry Voters and Passes Forced Vaccinations Anyway:

ELECTION FRAUD 2022 (Arizona)

All the protests and rallies the local news refused to report on in Nevada: a) b) c)

• Nevada Officials Threaten Voters Demanding Election Audits with Class C Felonies:

• Nevada Governor Gives $1 Million Dollars of Our Hard Earned Tax Money Away to Random Guy for Getting Vaccinated:

• Nevada Governor appears impaired on video after causing a crash and is let go without a DUI test:

• Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak Just Legalized Giving Someone HIV On Purpose:

• Kiddie Sex-Change Consulting Shop Exposed in Vegas:

ELECTION FRAUD 2022 (National)

• Arizona Ballots Stop at Printing Company to be Scanned BEFORE They Are Sent to County with no observers present:

• Maricopa County Attempts To Explain Election Day Printer Malfunction:

• How do Maricopa election officials NOT know where all these “found ballots” are coming from?

• Maricopa County Election Judge Is Threatened by Supervisors After Speaking Out About Tabulation Errors – Ballots Counted Is Based on Check-Ins NOT Scanning and Reading Through Tabulator:

• Arizona Republican 2022 general ballots that were supposed to be counted after the tabulators failed, put with ballots that were already counted:

• Bag of 2022 ballots found thrown in a ravine in Santa Cruz:

• Texas GOP launches probe into 23 precincts that ran out of paper ballots… ALL Republican strongholds:

• Republican Wins Idaho House Seat After a Computer “Glitch” Is Corrected:

• Evidence the entire PA voter registration file is being stored on a server in China:

• Dark money groups funded by anti-American globalists like George Soros are backing radical Attorney Generals, Secretaries of State, and other punitive state offices to install politicians they can control to loosen elections, be light on crime, and other destructive policies to our communities, why is this being allowed?

ELECTION FRAUD 2020 (all states)

The fraud in 2020 itself was super complicated, multi-level, and involved the support and complicity of high up politicians from BOTH parties, the mainstream media, and Big Tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Mark Zuckerberg spent over $400 million dollars of his own money to influence the election, as well as censoring anything damaging to Biden pre-election (like he did with Hunter’s laptop.) I’m pretty sure that’s illegal, but until We the People demand a purge of our corrupt Department of Justice, nothing will change…but perhaps this is what it takes to change it.

• Dominion Voting machines and software are designed to move, alter, add, delete, and fractionalize votes with a click of a mouse, it’s literally in their user manual. (BTW a search on Google comes back with fact checkers saying that’s false, while DuckDuckGo will take you right the video of their head engineer explaining ALL contested states were using this system in the last election. If you watched the election that night, you saw numbers on the rolling ticker get deleted from Trump and added to Biden mysteriously on live TV multiple times. They were live updating constantly and accidentally aired some of the numbers before they were manipulated…that’s why that kept occurring throughout the night.

• Large injections of counterfeit ballots (with Biden-only votes, that were sequential in number, never folded and thus never mailed or handled) were added in the middle of the night when the Dominion fractionized algorithms were running out of real ballots to alter and move over. Remember when all the states unprecedentedly “stopped counting” without explanation….only to resume after poll watchers were sent home and started wheeling in boxes of ballots and running them through on camera in the dead of night? Yea, that’s what that was about.

• In order to explain how a guy who even Democrats voters weren’t excited about, and who couldn’t pull 10 people to a rally overwhelming beat a guy (and every other candidate in history, apparently) whose rallies looked like a 4th of July rock concert….the election integrity process itself had to muddied up. This allowed smaller to moderate scale fraud to occur in the form of easily-stolen mail-in ballots, dead people voting, illegals voting, ballot harvesting, double voting, voting from non existent addresses, etc…I honestly think a lot of that stuff was just a distraction for the major fraud that was occurring with Dominion and the mass injection of fake ballots. Nevertheless, the margin of Biden “winning” was so small in many of these states, that reversing any number of these things could flip the whole state and thus the country.

• Poll watchers and volunteers were constantly forbidden to properly observe. This not only broke the rules of the transparency required to hold elections, but allowed a slew of convenient “mistakes” and irregularities to occur for which no reasonable explanations were ever given. Many observers testified under oath, that even when they were allowed to watch, issues that occurred about the serious validity of stacks of ballots were ignored when they were brought up, and were then corruptly pushed through anyway.

• Another thing worth mentioning was that there was also an unusual amount of legitimate ballots that were hand “adjudicated” …as in a stranger decided who you voted for without any transparency, without anyone watching them, and without even knowing if they did it to you at all. Why is this action even allowed at all?

I will also explain at the end of the article that Dominion Voting was created under the Obama administration by Eric Holder who was in charge of the DOJ at the time, under the direction of Biden who was in his first term as VP. I will prove that Dominion has direct ties to George Soros, the Clinton Foundation, and is linked to other rigged elections across the world. But first, let’s break the fraud down state by state. If voting machines aren’t faster, cheaper, or trustworthy because they’re own and controlled by people with political interests…than why are we using them at all?


• Like I mentioned, if you were watching election night, you might have noticed that Pennsylvania was one of 5 swing states that experienced votes mysteriously being taken from Trump and added to Biden on live TV. This “error” happened multiple times and only ever occurred in Biden’s favor.

• Here a GOP poll watcher can be seen on video being denied entry to observe in Philadelphia. Election Day in this state was also plagued by multiple Biden campaign signs being illegally placed directly by polling station doors, with election officials refusing to remove them.

• Jesse Morgan, a truck driver for a subcontractor with the United States Postal Service, claimed a trailer he was driving full of about 288,000 ballots “disappeared” from its parked location at a Lancaster, PA. To this day, no one has been able to explain where they went or who’s ballots they were.

• Gregory Stenstrom testified at a Pennsylvania legislature hearing in Gettysburg last week that he witnessed a Dominion Voting Systems vendor inserting flash drives into voting machines in Delaware County, PA. Flash drives can be used to add the fractionalized algorithm I mentioned earlier, it can make one vote for a candidate count for more than one, and another for only half. No one is supposed to be using flash drives on these machines or hook them up to the internet because that’s how they can be remotely hacked.

• Multitudes of people also rose from the grave to vote in Pennsylvania, including heavyweight boxing champ Joe Frazier and Will Smith’s dead father.

• Over 23,000 absentee ballots have impossible postal return dates and another 86,000 have such extraordinary maligned return dates that they also raise serious questions.

• In Delaware County, Pennsylvania, 50,000 votes held on 47 USB cards went “missing.”


• Over 140k illegal aliens were registered to vote and sent ballots using a DMV loophole where illegals who apply for licenses are automatically signed up to vote, unless they notice and choose manually opt out. This is not only unfair to Nevada’s election integrity, but to immigrants as well, who are being inadvertently coerced into committing a federal crime. Nevada’s Secretary of State refuses to look into this fraud, claiming it’s illegal to ask people if they’re illegal. How convenient.

• Election Czar Joe Gloria refused to allow GOP poll watchers to observe ballots during counting. As of this moment (12/01/20) he’s also dodged being served with a subpoena to testify about it.

• The Nevada Native Vote Project bribed people for votes using gift cards and prizes which is ILLEGAL and posted the photos and evidence on Facebook before quickly deleting them…not before somebody archived them though. So far this is the only fraud that’s been acknowledged by Nevada’s SOSO, and sent to law enforcement.


• Investigators uncovered over 1.2k deceased individuals voted in Nevada, over 42k individuals voted twice…an issue likely due to theft of their original mail-in ballots, as polling also revealed 1% of people that are listed as “voting” claim they never voted. That may not seem like a lot, but I’m a state of millions adds up to a lit of questionable ballots.



• Robert Cushman a TFC challenger witnessed approximately 64 boxes of ballots that came in at 4 am. None of the names were in the current poll book.

• In Detroit, election officials pushed certain poll watchers out, padlocked the door, and boarded up the windows to obscure the public’s view of them counting. The Secretary of State’s office claimed they were “over capacity” but then refused to explain why they boarded up the windows.

• Melissa Carone a Dominion IT worker testified to witnessing multiple acts of fraud on election night, including blocks of ballots being run through and counted 8-10 times, Democrat poll watchers adjudicating without GOP representatives present making ballot decisions, and a “data loss” that lines up with another employee disappearing for 3 hours to a place he called the “Chicago Warehouse” even though this was Michigan. In her video testimony she also states how she observed for over 27 hours without ever seeing a single Trump vote…a statistical impossibility.

• In Antrim county Michigan, a “computer glitch” by Dominion switched 6k Trump votes to Biden. This was only discovered because of a hand count done in one county.

• After Antrim’s discovery of fraud, Michigan citizens demanded further audits from 9 counties, resulting in the discovery that 7/9 counties had more ballots turned in than eligible voters…an impossibility. It was also discovered that Chinese made modem chips were installed into the voting machines, allowing them to be hooked up to the internet leaving the machines open to remote hacking. This alone should be reason enough to redo the election on paper through the whole state.

• Poll challenger Kristina Karamo testifies to election workers and supervisors pushing through and counting votes for Biden, even though the ballots were physically marked down for more than one presidential candidate. She faced severe hostility from supervisors upon those challenges, and those ballots were pushed through illegally anyway.

• Nonpartisan poll challenger testifies that he witnessed thousands of unverified ballots not in the “Qualified Voter” database, being removed from their secrecy sleeve and mixed together with other previously verified ballots run through the tabulators en masse and counted.

• Another eye witness testified to a van full of boxes of ballots being delivered at 3:30 am election with absolutely no legal chain of custody, and after Michigan claimed to have “stopped counting” for the day.

• A second eye witness in Michigan also testifies to boxes of Biden-only ballots being delivered at 3:30 am, which aligns with previous witness testimony.

• UPDATE: Security camera have recently been released that shows the van and boxes of ballots that the witnesses previously testified to. The former Michigan Director of Elections, Christopher Thomas confirmed that early in the morning on Wednesday, approximately 16,000 ballots in 45 trays containing approximately 350 ballots each were delivered in a white van used by the city.

• According to one expert’s affidavit, the Michigan precincts of Kent, Macomb, Oakland and Wayne there were 289,866 more ballots processed than humanly possible, given the time and equipment on hand.

• Dr. Linda Lee Tarver, a former Michigan Civil Rights Commissioner, Community Affairs Director and Election Integrity Liaison gives testimony about the election fraud in Michigan in the form of illegal ballot harvesting, ballot stuffing, and GOP poll watcher harassment and removal…not only for the 2020 election, but for the last 25 years.

• A unaffiliated poll watcher testifies to how GOP poll workers were harassed, kicked out, and removed to applause on Election Day…leaving few conservatives purposefully left to observe ballot counting on Election Day.

• Another witness testified that ballots were backdated by postal workers in Traverse City, Michigan, and that Trump campaign mail was put in bins labeled “Undeliverable Bulk Business Mail” while the same type of mail for Joe Biden was ordered to be delivered on time.

• A poll watcher in Michigan testifies to noticing huge blocks of sequential numbered ballots (impossible if they were mailed in) with no dates, all with the same signature, and being processed through by election workers without being registered in the poll books.

• Articia Bomer testifies to personally witnessing election workers manually overriding ballots from Trump to Biden in Michigan. (This is the hand “adjudication” process I mentioned before.) She states they would only be a few ballots out of 50 that they would be “happy” with and put aside, the rest were overridden using Dominion software.


• Media Deceptively Reports Maricopa Audit Proves Biden “Won” While Omitting It Also Proved Enough Rampant Fraud to Decertify It:

• $3 million dollars of Mark Zuckerberg’s money that was donated to “fortify” elections in Maricopa County cannot be accounted for…no one knows to who or where it went. This is the same county currently in the midst of a forensic audit that Democrats lawyers are scurrying to try to stop.

• A witness in Arizona testifies to trucks and trucks of ballots arriving to be counted for 10 days after the election. No answer was given to her by supervisors as to why the ballots kept arriving, or why they didn’t know how many there were still left to count.

• Another expert testifies on how Arizona’s voting statistic abnormalities can only be recreated by manually adjusting the values of each candidate…which is a specific feature of Dominion Voting Systems. (The fractionalized algorithm I mentioned before.)

• Election workers were instructed to use markers on Election Day and only Election Day, during #MarkerGate and it was never explained as to why. Conservatives overwhelmingly vote in person the day of, and the markers were bleeding through and causing trouble being read by machines.

• Another witness testified that he personally witnessed Dominion voting machines hooked up to the internet when they were not supposed to be (that’s how remote hacking works) and subsequently witnessed it get downloaded to a server in Frankfurt, Germany.

• Expert witness Bobby Piton testifies that he would not have certified Arizona’s election based on the mathematical abnormalities and impossibilities before him. He was suspended the same day by Twitter for being a whistle blower.

• A certified poll watcher testifies that the Dominion employee in charge admitted that there was no proper chain of custody of the the ballot images that were scanned onto hard drives, and that he was unsure of what location they were even being stored. No explanation was also given as to why 12% of ballots were sent to hand adjudication when typically only 1-3% would be sent to election workers to decide on their own. Maybe that was the point of using markers on Election Day, as non-readable ballots would get kicked back to election workers to decide where the vote went.

• There is also testimony from an employee at the Phoenix airport that witnessed boxes of election ballots form China being loaded off a Korean airplane. While I agree that the video footage below that accompanies this testimony is too grainy to make much out, it’s interesting to not that Sidney Powell discovered boxes of ballots in a warehouse in Georgia…that were postmarked and shipped from Arizona. No explanation was ever given for either incident.


• Wisconsin is another one of the 5 swing states that experienced votes switching from Trump to Biden on live TV. The switch that happened in one minute was enough to “flip” the state to Biden.

• Nathan Pease a nonpartisan postal delivery worker testifies about missing ballots and how his openly anti-Trump USPS supervisors ordered workers to illegally “back date” ballots that arrived after the election deadline.

• Trump’s lawyers file suit over testimony that the Wisconsin Elections Commission directed municipal clerks to illegally alter incomplete absentee ballot envelopes. Under Wisconsin law, only voters themselves can correct incomplete absentee ballot information. Lawyers also claim clerks illegally issued absentee ballots to voters without the required application.

• Green Bay received a total of $1.6 million in grant funding from the Zuckerberg-funded Center for Tech and Civic Life, a “grant mentor” who has worked for several Democratic Party candidates, was given access to boxes of absentee ballots before the election.


• 2,056 felons illegally voted.
• 66,248 underage teenagers 17 or younger voted.
• 2,423 voted that weren’t ever registered to vote.
• 1,043 illegally voted using a PO Box.
• 4,926 voted past the legal registration date.
• 10,315 voted that died before the election.
• 395 casted ballots in two states, which is illegal in both states.
• 15,700 filed change of address to move out of state previous to Nov 3.
• 40,279 moved to a different county and failed to re-register to vote in the new one (different seats and ballots.)

• Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, opened an investigation into a group called America Votes (co-founded by radical leftist Stacey Abrams) for sending absentee ballot applications to people at addresses they haven’t lived at since 1994. They have since been accused of attempting to sign the dead up to vote, as well as those out of state.

• Live security footage in Georgia shows election workers hiding 4 suitcases of ballots under a table in the morning…and then retrieving them and tabulating them AFTER they sent everyone home and claimed they had “stopped counting” for the night. Almost ALL these votes were for Biden, and Ruby Freeman, the woman seen on video running these same stacks of previously hidden ballots through 2-3 times each…has never been arrested or even given an explanation as to why.

• Dominion worker Xavier Khouri was caught on video by poll watchers inserting a USB flash drive from a voting machine to his laptop and opening files. This is exactly how votes can be manipulated according to Dominion’s own user manual.

• A receipt for an order of 25 million ballots for a county of only 1 million voters. was fished out of the trash in Georgia. No explanation has ever been given as to why they would need so many extra ballots, or where they are now.

• 3k ballots (mostly for Trump) went “missing” in the same Georgia county that Kamala Harris’ official campaign photographer passed himself off as a Dominion Rep through now-fired Election Chief Brady. He was also caught by eye witnesses imputing and tallying ballots alone when he shouldn’t have been.

• Sidney Powell won her case to seize and examine Dominion Voting machines in Georgia. The state under the direction of RINO Governor Brian Kemp attempts a “software update” to alter the evidence on the machines before handing them in as evidence. A judge intervenes and orders a cease and desist on the software update, only to have yet another judge step in and reverse the order, allowing Georgia to manipulate evidence. Keep in mind, Brian Kemp was also the main defendant in a previous election fraud lawsuit when he was Secretary of State of Georgia, where the voting machines he was supposed to surrender were wiped clean before being handed over as evidence.

Brain Kemp also helped secure the $107 MILLION dollar Dominion Voting contract despite the fact there were KNOWN security and hacking issues, and publicly stated concerns that it would injure election integrity and lead to more lawsuits.

• All together, there are about 5 million ballots in question across the country…which if you were to subtract them, is about the same number the 2020 U.S. Census reported as voting.

So aside from the mountains and mountains of proof that many people were interfering with the 2020 election….there’s also several glaring global issues of corruption behind all these voting machines and software. Keep in mind that Dominion bought out Sequoia which was owned by Smartmatic, and it’s all the same software. The fake news can construe it and call it “false” all they want, it doesn’t change the facts.

These fake “fact checkers” are really something else. Here CNN claims that “Dominion has no ties with Venezuela, the Clinton Foundation, or Soros” then goes on to explain how it was founded by 2 Venezuelans specifically for the Venezuelan election, that the Clinton Foundation pushes Dominion to be used in other countries they’re trying to influence (it’s literally on their website) and that the chairman for Smartmatic (it’s all the same software) sits on the board of George Soros’ foundation. So in other words, it’s true. Almost every time I fact check a “fact checker” (especially about voter fraud) it turns out they’re misleading people or just straight up lying, it must be nice to own your own fact checkers so you can do stuff like this….

According to “fact checkers” counting never stopped anywhere but North Carolina….when that simply isn’t true. Clearly they didn’t stop counting anywhere even when they said they were, they just told people that so they would go home and stop watching them.

ELECTION FRAUD (California Recall)

• Over 350,000 California Recall Votes Disappear Live on CNN:


• The CEO of the Dominion Voting, Mark Malloch-Brown, literally wrote the book on Globalism and starting a “New World Order” which of course is socialist, pro-open borders, pro-mass migration, fascist, anti-freedom of speech, anti-gun, anti-capitalist, and anti-American.

• As with almost anything radical left leaning and destructive, the CEO of Dominion can be directly linked to George Soros and the Clinton Foundation.

• During his first term as VP, Biden had Obama’s DOJ Eric Holder force ES&S to divest itself using an Antitrust lawsuit, which then allowed the DOJ to seize and give over half the company and it’s market, straight over to Dominion Voting Systems. In an instance, the company became a major player in the United States elections, and apparently a very handy tool to anyone that controlled the software.

• The lead engineer for Dominion Eric Coomer (the same one they removed from their site after his excessive anti-Trump vitriol made national news) can actually be seen here on video back in 2017 explaining how Dominion can be used to alter voting outcomes.

• A “Swiss” bank that’s actually owned 25% by a Chinese bank, and 75% by the Communist Chinese Party itself, invested $400 MILLION dollars into Dominion in October right before the election. Why are our foreign enemies even allowed to own our election system?

• Top level Democrats including Elizabeth Warren publicly raised concerns that Dominion was hackable and threatened the election integrity of the country back in 2019. In fact, multiple news organizations including CNN and NBC have done stories on how corruptible voting machines as far back as 2006.

• Smartmatic was designed to manipulate elections in Venezuela to keep Chavez in power during a huge recall against him. Smartmatic itself publicly ADMITTED in 2017, that their software was indeed used to manipulate and rig an election in Venezuela by inserting over a MILLION “ghost votes.”


Speaking of, how did a candidate as unpopular with his own party’s voters like Joe Lombardo, “win” over a more popular candidate that had a much more immense base of support?

Why our government blocked Russian news outlets for “disinformation” but pushed dozens of fake news stories about Ukraine to stoke war support instead. Why haven’t the illegal bioweapon labs the state department already admitted to being investigated and dealt with?

Why is human biosludge full of hormones, toxins, prescription, and recreational drugs being reprocessed directly back into our food and water supply?

Why bad actors in our government didn’t back “Trump’s War on Human Trafficking”

The government’s and Bill Gate’s plan to “dim the sun” to “stop” global warming even though that could catastrophically affect the entire food chain while dumping toxic particles into the environment AKA chemtrails that the government originally denied, but now refers to as “geo-engineering.”

How Snowden exposed how the government was (and still is) illegally spying on its own citizens without warrants through the Patriot Act:

How the Chinese government is murdering religious prisoners and selling their organs to tourists. This is 100% state mandated and was originally sold to the world on the idea that they would only do this to convicted murderers not “prisoners of conscience” like they’re doing now: “Stop Organ Harvesting”

How infants and small children are being sexually trafficked and murdered in countries across Europe: “Eyes of the Devil”

There’s more I could include, but this presentation has gotten long enough. I will continue to shine light on these issues, and if anything happens to me you know I was right. No one is going to save us from this, it’s only ends when we decide we’ve had enough.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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