So as I mentioned yesterday at 11:23 PM the cameras went off at the Washoe County ROV.

They went off one at a time.

We have a list of every single time they went off prior and never once did they go off one at a time.

See the video here:

Cyber experts tell us the county is lying to us.

This image shows ballots came in when the lights and cameras went off.

If this is true what does this mean to you?

As you know saying that I have zero confidence in the Nevada Election system huge understatement.

If the lights and cameras went off and the ballots came pouring in, then the Republicans who were winning started losing is that a coincidence or a crime?

Here’s Richard:

Here’s Jesse:

Here’s ZeroHedge:

Here’s The Nevada Globe:

Washoe County Registrar’s Live Stream Goes Dark For Over Eight Hours

I don’t want to rehash all the lies and half-truths the county has fed us over the past couple of years but just look at this data. Can you tell me what’s going on?

We also just opened a Twitter account, people here will soon start posting there as well.

Follow us at @operation__sun

Know we’re working with incredible attorneys, experts, and many on the ground, this is hopefully far from over.

Don’t wait for us, get everyone you know involved peacefully as well.



Peacefully get way more involved today.

Many are discouraged, many say they’re moving, that the red wave didn’t come.

We say it actually did but the seawall of election fraud kept it from flooding the beach.

Until we have free and fair elections there will never be a true red wave, don’t listen to the people who tell you we’ll get them next time, there won’t be a next time unless we save this time.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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