What do you notice about these two ballots?

One has a tear-off tab atop as proof of cast vote. One doesn’t.

One looks like a photocopy. 

One looks like a real ballot.

Why is this?

Well, these are just 2 of the ballots sent out on our dime by the ROV.

There is a 3rd which I don’t have an image of yet.

But look at just these 2 examples. The photocopied one is to replace the real-looking ballot, we’re told.

So our voter rolls are trash, the ROV mailing out potentially hundreds of thousands of excess ballots to ineligible people. 

We have no real signature verification, meaning most illegal ballots may just pass right through the verification process scot-free. 

This is really troubling.

We’ve asked for clarity from the ROV, and many others have as well. We have had no response. Or we receive a response telling us they’ll answer us on or before 12/16/22, over a month after the election!

Today, our attornies sent preservation letters to the counties. 

We have people on the inside telling us all kinds of craziness you’d never believe if I told you. If it’s true, it’s criminal, to put it mildly.

Look at these ballots, asides from zero identifiers, for anyone to know if it was cast legitimately. It additionally looks like a xeroxed copy of a ballot.

Houston, we have a problem.

So we can’t even look at the ballots even though they are anonymous, now we have 3 sets of ballots, and we don’t have proper signature verification on the envelopes we’re told.

Again, do you see an issue?

How can we trust the ROV or anything they report?



I’m sure they once again will say we’re nuts for asking these questions and somehow harassing ROV workers. All BS. If these truly were our employees, we’d fire them all. This would never stand in business. As long as they have a never-ending supply of taxpayer dollars with no accountability, we’ll continue to get screwed until we say enough.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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