In the last article, we showed you what meaningful observation means to the County ROV in Washoe County, basically a small, soundproof, no ventilation having fart box that allows no meaningful observation.

We also exposed how the mail-in ballot envelopes are confusing and do not have the self-adhesive enclosure it states it has literally printed on the envelope! It further says if you use anything other than the nonexistent self-adhesive strip, you could destroy your signature beneath, rendering your ballot void.

Now what we want to touch on is the seemingly illegal envelope the ballots are mailed in.

We are supposed to have secret ballots, and we are supposed to be free of intimidation via the voting process. The secretary of state literally removed our signatures from the damn ballots for these so-called laws.

Yet our envelopes, which contain our most precious voice, our vote, clearly shows our name, precinct number, and our POLITICAL PARTY!

Anyone who sees the envelope sees this!

So imagine a crazy right-wing or left-wing postal worker simply discarding any envelope he-she sees that doesn’t align with their political or ideological beliefs!

Imagine the same with election workers, ballot harvesters, runners, mules, etc.!

It’s literally on the envelope who we are and most likely who we are voting for! Do you think Republicans voted for Biden or Democrats for Trump?

It’s ridiculous, and they literally think you are all stupid with the catchphrase, “the secretary of state has found no evidence of voter fraud” um, ok, has she looked?

Has she looked into ELECTION FRAUD? Has she taken our $30,000 challenge?
Is she completely incompetent or corrupt?

This is a blatant violation of NRSs:

NRS 49.315 Political vote.
Every person has a privilege to refuse to disclose the tenor of his or her vote at a political election conducted by secret ballot unless the vote was cast illegally.
(Added to NRS by 1971, 787)

NRS 293.269935
Certification and reporting of mail ballot results; secrecy of mail ballots; unlawful to disseminate information about mail ballot results before polls close and all votes cast on election day; penalty. [Effective January 1, 2022.]

1.  The voting results of the mail ballot vote in each precinct must be certified and submitted to the county clerk, who shall have the results added to the votes of the precinct that were not cast by mail ballot. The returns of the mail ballot vote must be reported separately from the other votes that were not cast by mail ballot in the precinct unless reporting the returns separately would violate the secrecy of a voter’s ballot.

2.  The clerk shall develop a procedure to ensure that each mail ballot is kept secret.

3.  No voting results of mail ballots may be released until all polling places are closed and all votes have been cast on the day of the election. Any person who disseminates to the public in any way information pertaining to the count of mail ballots before all polling places are closed and all votes have been cast on the day of the election is guilty of a misdemeanor.
(Added to NRS by 2021, 1223, effective January 1, 2022)
Also, NRS293.3606, 293.385 and 293.8887

We were told they wouldn’t do this, but here they are doing it!

So, where in the hell is our justice department?

Where in the hell is our Secretary of State?

Where in the hell is accountability?

And where in the hell is our registrar of voters? Where did Deana go?

Our election system is broken. They expect you all to believe everything is fine, nothing to see here, go home.


This is just one more way we lose our most precious voice, our vote!

How do you like the rampant inflation? $10 incoming gas, milk, unaffordable housing, travel, basic necessities?

Stolen elections have massive catastrophic consequences!

You can be a denier all you want, but the rest of us prefer data and facts over feelings and the mean names they call us for pointing out all the insanity.

Wake up! Stand up and say enough! Your family deserves it!

Still on the fence? Find your best and brightest to prove us wrong. Take the $30,000 challenge.

We publish our data; what do they publish? Propaganda, programing, doublespeak, and the censoring of people like me.

They know it’s rigged; they just hope you lack the spine to acknowledge it too and just complain about all the hardships of your lives to your wives vs the people doing it to you!

Wake up, stand up, speak up, and say enough! We’ll lose it all if you don’t!


These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc

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