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Let me share with you 10 insights into what the caucus exposed.

I helped at Clayton Middle School as an usher, basically roving around answering questions, pointing people in the right direction, sorting ballots, and even patching up people who fell and hurt themselves, among other things. I learned and saw a lot that I will touch on here in this post.

Before I get into the meat of this post, I have to say how very proud I am of all the volunteers, Cindy, Jackie, and Jeremy, the site coordinator, and the thousands of voters who showed up at Clayton Middle School, where I was. And, of course, all the other volunteers and voters across Nevada!

Okay, let’s get going; let’s start at the beginning.

For those who still don’t know what a caucus is or what the PPP (Presidential Preference Primary) is, let me give you a very quick and dirty explanation.

The caucus is paid for by candidates and the political parties, with little to no cost passed on to the county, state, or taxpayer. The non-binding PPP cluster crap is paid for solely by the Nevadan taxpayers, costing somewhere between 5-10 million dollars.

Since 1981, Nevada has had something called a caucus. Think of a caucus as a big neighborhood meeting where people from the same political party get together in their area called a precinct or district. At this meeting, they talk about politics, can choose to join their party’s central committee that helps run their party in their county, and vote for who they want to be the Presidential nominee for the United States. Voters can also apply to be delegates, who go to the National Convention and represent the State of Nevada. At this convention, delegates vote for the Presidential nominee based on what the people back home wanted.

For example, if Bill got 99% of the votes from the people and Sara got 1%, then at the national meeting, 99% of the delegates would vote for Bill, and 1% would vote for Sara. This way, those 26 delegates make sure the voice and choice of Nevada’s people are heard when deciding who they want to run for President from their party. So, in short, delegates go to the national convention and vote for who the people in Nevada want to be their choice for who runs for President for their political party.

Does that make sense? It’s a quick and dirty explanation, so all you savvy political folks out there, don’t attack me for giving the dumbed-down explanation 🙂

Moving on, in 2021, Democrat Representatives Frierson, Benitez-Thompson, and Miller decided they no longer wanted caucuses and wanted what’s called a PPP (Presidential Preference Primary), where it’s basically a vote by mail as to who they want to be their party’s nominee for President of the United States.

This was done during the 81st (2021) Session of the Nevada Legislature under AB 126.

In this passed bill, they repealed numerous statutes that guaranteed Republicans a place to conduct their caucuses, primarily at schools. Instead, it made it so they were no longer guaranteed locations for caucuses but essentially left it up to the schools as to whether they wanted this decades-old tradition of people from all parties coming together, joining committees, talking politics, applying to be delegates, and of course, voting as to who they want to be their presidential nominee.

This made it very tough for Republicans to hold a caucus as they had to find locations willing to work with them, and then it only allowed 2.5 hours for the entire process to take place!

They really didn’t want us coming together and talking about them, did they?

Here are the specific Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) changes related to guaranteeing political parties locations in schools and other public spaces for holding their caucuses that were repealed as part of legislative changes made in 2021. The repealed sections include NRS 293.130, 293.133, 293.134, 293.135, 293.137, 293.140, 293.143, 293.145, 293.150, 293.153, 293.155, 293.157, 293.160, 293.161, and 293.163, as noted in the Statutes of Nevada 2021, at page 1980.

These sections covered various aspects of caucus and convention procedures, including the use of rooms or spaces occupied by the state or local government and the process for precinct meetings and elections of delegates to county conventions.

Ok, so now you know the basics. Now let’s get to what this process exposed.

  1. This mess was caused by the Democrats, and the media lied for them. 

The Democrats and media tried to blame the insanity of these two methods of voting on the Republicans. Which you can clearly see above was done by predominantly Democrats, as can be seen here in these links as to who sponsored this new way of doing things, and of course, all the people who voted for it.

So this proves it was the Democrats who made this mess, and the press, which is paid by Democrats and dark money, lied for them and said it was done by Republicans.


Meaning that the Democrats with their PPP are not enforceable. The lawsuit the Nevada Republican Party brought forth against the State of Nevada exposed that the PPP is non-binding. So Nikki Haley, who was on the PPP method of voting, gets zero delegates, even if she won the PPP, which she didn’t. “None of these candidates” won 🙂

3. The Republican Caucus is Binding

Trump, who was on the ballots at the caucus, gets all 26 delegates!

Mark Robison of the RGJ, in this jumbled cluster of a paragraph above, tries to confuse the reader about what happened. Robison says the caucuses were put on by Trump supporters. That’s lie number one; it was put on by the Republican Party. Who cares who they support. He then says, “despite a new state law requiring the parties to hold presidential primaries,” which the lawsuit below shows is NON-BINDING, and there’s no reason to do it! So why do it?

The Republican Party has been doing caucuses since 1981 in this current format. The non-binding law Robison is trying to confuse you with holds no value or outcome for any candidate’s delegates, making it not worth the ballot paper their bogus election is written on. Robison goes on to say that the caucus was a benefit to Trump. We’ve held these caucuses since 1981; the caucuses are designed for all candidates for the presidential nominee.

It was Nevada SOS and the Dems, as shown below, who created the non-binding PPP, which benefits NO Republican candidates as NO delegates will be given to anyone on the non-binding PPP the Dems and the State created. So Robison, as you can see here, tries to completely befuddle the reader into thinking the Republicans caused this mess all to benefit Trump when the exact opposite is true. The Dems and the SOS created this mess to confuse voters, decrease turnout, and upset people into not voting. I’ll cover more below.

To further prove what I’m saying, here are the results of the non-binding PPP. “None of these candidates won.” Did “None of these candidates” receive Nevada’s 26 delegates? Did the runner-up to “None of these candidates,” Nikki Haley, receive the 26 Nevada Presidential Delegates? Of course not. See below as to who did.

As you see here from the New York Times, Trump, who participated in the decades-old tradition of being part of the Nevada Caucus, won all 26 Nevada Delegates!

So why does Robison at the RGJ try so hard to confuse everyone…

Read up on the RGJ, Robison, and why they may be running cover for the Dems and Deep State here.

4. Trump and The Republicans Did Not Rig the Caucus So Trump Would Win

It’s clear the Democrats created this caucus mess, as shown above. Trump and Republicans didn’t play their PPP game, so the people who rigged the caucus are now saying Trump and Trump loyalists rigged it for Trump to win. It’s absurd and asinine.

5. Elections Can Be Done In The Same Day, by Hand, with VOTER ID

We proved that even in a tiny 2.5-hour window, volunteers, at a district level, can process tens of thousands of voters, check IDs, use paper ballots, no machines, count and report all the ballots from different locations in the county, and have the results the same night! All at next to no cost for the county or taxpayer! Additionally, it could have saved the 5-10 million dollars the taxpayers had to pay for a non-binding PPP the state forced on us!

6. The Media Lied About the Turnout of Voters

News crews would roll into the schools and see thousands of people in line, then drive off. They didn’t want to show what the people really want, that’s to vote in person, by paper ballot, and have their vote counted by their neighbors for all to see. They additionally disingenuously say 2016 had a higher turnout of voters for the caucus than back in 2016, and guess what? That’s because we actually had a caucus then! Not a PPP and a caucus! This led to catastrophic confusion among the voters, all caused by the Dems and the SOS. Not Republicans or people losing interest in voting. It was hard to get the message out to tell people what was really happening and who caused it. Now it’s clear for anyone reading this. Let’s not forget, too, this was all done in 2.5 hours, not a full day like in 2016 and definitely not 6 weeks like the state takes!

Here are just a few pictures from Clayton Middle School, where I volunteered. The lines were packed with thousands of people, I wonder why the news refused to cover this fact.

7. Secretary of State Lied and Said No Double Ballots for the PPP Would Be Sent Out

We had hundreds of voters tell us they received multiple ballots in their own name, at their own addresses. The SOS said this couldn’t happen. It did.

8. Republicans PPP Ballots Are Self-Evident Just Looking at the Envelope

If you look at the PPP ballots the SOS sent out, you can clearly see they are for Republicans. See the pink ballot showing through? This could lead to nefarious people throwing them out or simply not counting them.

9. Proof You Can Publicly Watch Vote Counting Without the Voters’ Identity Ever Being Known

The ballots are anonymous, meaning there are no physical identifications on the ballots letting any observer or vote counter know who cast the ballot. There is zero reason this can’t be done publicly as the law demands, yet the ROV breaks the law and does it in secret.

(Volunteers first organized the ANONYMOUS ballots by precincts before counting votes and then reporting the results)

10. Turnout Totals Are All Based on Voter Rolls

The voter rolls are the foundation of our election system. They are trash and inaccurate. Everything from turnout to political party numbers is derived from them, making all that data trash. Additionally, AVR registers ALL Nevadans regardless of whether they wish to vote or not. So, for argument’s sake, say 3 million Nevadans are all registered to vote, but only 10% care about voting, and if the rolls are trash, how many real legitimate, interested voters do we have? What would be a landslide?

People need to stop blindly trusting the government and actually fact-check them. You’ll see all the data they present is just like their voter rolls, which all election data is derived from, it’s trash. Dig in for yourself, you’ll wonder how the elephant in the room hasn’t been addressed by all. Here’s just a brief example, as they have never addressed the 11,482 issues that I provided the SOS and ROV from back in April of last year!

What We Learned in a Nutshell

The Democrats caused the caucus debacle, the press covers for them, and they all together blame Republicans and Trump. They try to say Trump rigged the caucus when it was them. They say we had a higher turnout in 2016, but that’s because we only had a caucus in 2016, not the Democrat-induced PPP debacle alongside the Caucus. Additionally, we had a full day to vote. During this caucus, we only had 2.5 hours! Turnout is based on voter roll data; if it’s trash, so is all the data derived from them. We can have same-day elections that are trustworthy and save the taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

In spite of the state and Dems only giving us 2.5 hours, we showed that skeleton crews of volunteers from their own neighborhoods can come together, process tens of thousands of voters from multiple locations across the county, not just the ROV headquarters, check IDs, use paper ballots, use no machines, count all the ballots publicly in front of other voters, report all the results the same night, just hours after the election. This doesn’t take 6 weeks like the state demands; we can do this in hours. Do you understand this all happened in 2.5 hours! Not 6 weeks!

If we scaled up this caucus proof of vote to 7 am to 7 pm and staffed each location with 30 volunteers, not 10-12, not 2.5 hours, we’d know the entire countywide election results the same day, for little money, with absolute trust in the results!

They lied, we don’t need machines, tens-hundreds of millions of dollars, 6 weeks to do elections, using election contractors and service providers, temp workers, etc.; we can do it all ourselves, the same day, and can be trusted by all!

For the lazy slouches who can’t show up every 2 to 4 years to make your voices heard and be the change you want to see in the community, these folks could opt-in and vote by mail but be required to show SSN or ID proof that it’s them. Not everyone in Nevada should be automatically opted in to become a voter like they do now! It should be the exception, not the norm!

Additionally, for military, students, and those indefinitely confined, they should be able to vote by mail as they were able to under absentee ballot rules, not this universal mail-out ballots to every living and dead organism in the state.

This caucus proved we the people can scale what we did here at our caucus and provide legitimate elections for all legitimate voters for the entire county for pennies on the dollar and near 100% reliability.

Who would be against that?

Share this with your legislators, call them out by name; there’s no reason legitimate public servants wouldn’t get behind this unless they’re illegitimate, cheating scum.

Share previous posts here as well, guiding them on how to do everything:



I’m very proud and thankful to all the volunteers and voters; we proved this can be done quickly, cheaply, and most importantly, legitimately. Never forget what we did and can do and who’s lying to you about what we all just witnessed.

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These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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