You’ve heard the phrase “Stolen Valor,” right? It’s where a person lies and says they served in the military, usually for clout, admiration, or free stuff or discounts that our military heroes rightfully deserve. The person who steals the valor deserves none of the benefits our heroes deserve. These people who steal valor are disgusting, dishonorable people.

Which brings me to Commissioner Clara Andriola, also known as “Clara the Clown.”

She is stealing MAGA Valor.

She now claims to endorse Trump after all other candidates have been destroyed or dropped out prior to destruction.

This is comical as Trump stands for election integrity, and Clara The Clown is doing everything to ensure we have little to no election integrity.

Trump is a Republican, and Clara the Clown has been censured by the Washoe County Republican Central Committee which no longer recognizes Clara The Clown as a Republican and further will offer zero assistance to her in any political race she is a part of. The resolution, in part, states, “Clara Andriola has intentionally and willfully failed to uphold the Republicans and the Republican brand in her official capacity by predominantly voting with Democrats.”

Clara The Clown has voted in lockstep with the liberals.

Clara The Clown won’t debate other candidates running for county commissioner on 3/7/24 for the RedMove County Commissioner Debate at The Atlantis. All other Republican Commissioner Candidates will be there to tell their potential voters and supporters where they stand on the issues affecting us all. Clara The Clown is ducking the event altogether as it would be impossible for her to defend her voting record to a room full of Republicans.

By endorsing Trump, she hopes to steal the MAGA Valor and grab Trump voters. Don’t let her fool you or your friends, family, and neighbors, and have people vote for her thinking she is like Trump when she is exactly the opposite. She appears to be a liberal posing as a Republican who is now stealing MAGA valor to try and trick people into voting for her.

Clara The Clown couldn’t even make eye contact with the people she was APPOINTED to represent at the Caucus. She can’t defend her voting record, and she sure never backed Trump nor fights for what he does.

Make sure everyone knows Clara The Clown is a MAGA Valor thief and votes the opposite of MAGA in every vote she’s been a part of.

If Clara The Clown simply voted with the 2 Republican Commissioners, we could save our elections and county in one day. She refuses to. Her voting record proves everything I’m saying.

This appointed commissioner is known by many names, Clara The Clown, Android Andriola, and now Clara The MAGA Thief. Let’s make sure her next name is EX-County Commissioner, when we give her zero support and vote her out of office.


These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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