Yesterday at the Board of County Commissioners meeting, it was a long day. A few of us rolled in around 9:15 am, leaving around 9:15 pm. Don’t get me wrong, there were hundreds that showed up throughout the day, but not all stayed the whole grueling day (Huge thanks to you all that showed up and supported).

To start the dramatic script of the day, it opened with a Satanic prayer, directly in front of me. Commissioner Andriola, forever known as Commissioner Android or Clara the Clown, is the one who opened the door to Satan’s little helper, Alexis Hill, also forever known as Comrade Hill-inkski. I’m sure she played her part in making it happen. Why this day of all days…?

It was fitting for these two individuals to bring in who they really worship in front of us all. For anyone who had any doubts about what we’re up against, they showed it for all to see. They can backpedal all they want, but these two made it happen. Would you? Of course not.
Moving on, public comment lasted around 2.5 hours, with mostly all people in support of our items, with the exception of a few lobbyists who appear to have come for Hill and Garcia. If you remember back on 9/12/23, Agenda Item 18, 23-0602, they said lobbyists were to be disclosed, and if not, fines could be levied, etc. Well, fear not, it appears Hillinski and Garcia broke those rules in front of us, too. As they appear they were there for them, to make it appear they had community support for not voting for Herman to be chair and to appoint Cari Ann Lefler Alleman Burgess as the new interim ROV.

Yesterday was a very telling day; it confirms what we all know. Clara the Clown or Commissioner Android, whichever you prefer, is always the one vote that keeps us from taking back our county. She’s the one that votes against Commissioners Mike Clark and Jeanne Herman in what now appears to be 90% of the time.

Android is one of the dumbest, deliberate people I’ve ever seen and is so truly transparent in her BS, she shows her hand a mile away. She’ll start pontificating and babbling, then asking questions, trying to set the stage for her to then have some sort of reason to vote yet again with the liberal cabal and not the people. She does this every time.

She voted for the new ROV, she voted against limiting Eric Brown to a $100,000 spend from $300,000, she voted against Commissioner Herman becoming chair, she votes with the liberals almost every time.

She literally sat up there and told us she’s not a Republican! That’s obvious, but starting with a prayer to Satan, admitting she’s not a Republican, voting with the liberal cabal nearly every time, her being the one vote that keeps us from taking back our county, shame on anyone who gives her a dime or any support whatsoever. She’s gotta go.

Let’s send this appointed clown back to the rodeo and Hill-Inski back to her handlers.


The board did manage to make one correct decision; they granted Pro Pony the permission to construct an enclosed area for their horses on their own property. It’s quite astonishing that it took over three years of effort just to put up a structure on one’s own land. Mike Clark, Jeanne Herman along with many others, put in significant behind-the-scenes work. However, Clara the Clown and her associates attempted to take credit when they realized that they were jeopardizing their careers by not allowing these individuals to make improvements to their own properties and by seemingly favoring another developer over the people. Nevertheless, they did make one correct vote this time, despite their motives and credit-stealing attempts.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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