I’ve been asking all over the place, trying to find out what Hillary is potentially Hide’n here too.

I’ve found something that needs to be explored further. Hide’n Hillary Schieve, the infamous mayor of our city on fire, sits on two boards that I will discuss here today. This is in addition to all of her other boards, etc., that she sits on.

What I want to talk about today in this post is WAHC! No, I didn’t spell it wrong. I’ll leave it to God, you, the courts, the city, the county, etc., to see if it really is Whack instead of WAHC.

WAHC is the abbreviation for Washoe Affordable Housing Corporation.

When one first searches for this self-proclaimed nonprofit, you’ll quickly see that at some point, their corporation filings were revoked by the Nevada Secretary of State, but now they appear to be back to active status.

You’ll then go to the IRS search tool to see if they have any nonprofit filings from 1995 to the present and find zero filed. You can try searching by Washoe Affordable Housing Corporation, its abbreviation WAHC, or its EIN number – all come back with zilch.

Then when you search the board, you will see Hillary Schieve as a board member as well as the Secretary and Treasurer.

Then if you go to Reno Housing Authority website guess who sits on the board there too? Yep, Hide’n Hillary Schieve.

When you visit the Reno Housing Authority website and look at its budget, it lists WAHC as a subsidiary company.

Here it says RHA owns WAHC?

Let’s take a moment to digest this: She’s on the board for WAHC and Reno Housing Authority. Both organizations receive a significant amount of money from various sources, as shown in RHA’s disclosures. These entities focus on housing, homelessness, and other related issues.

In Washoe, there’s a vast amount of “black hole” spending on homelessness, just on the Cares Campus. When you factor in all the housing and related needs for people who require assistance in addition to the homeless, and its derivates, the numbers are staggering.

How much money has Commissioner Alexis Hill, or as we like to call her, “Comrade Hill-Insky,” directed towards these entities on which Hillary sits on the boards? What about County Manager Eric Brown or as we like to call him “Eric Brown-Stain”? We’ve seen these three continuously push for unprecedented spending on the Cares Campus and related projects, but how much money is going to these two entities as well?

Now, I’m not saying that WAHC is a fraud or even shady. They might be doing great things for the city, the county, and the people, or maybe they’re not. I personally know that RHA does some fantastic things for the people of Washoe, as one of my companies has provided housing to them since 2019. They have incredible people working there. What I’m questioning is leadership, not the people at these entities or even the entities themselves. We all know the saying, “The fish rots from the head,” and with Hillary sitting on both boards as well as being secretary and treasurer for WAHC, I can’t think of any positives.

Back to WAHC, they claim to be a nonprofit and owned by RHA. I’ve asked for proof of non-profit status from WAHC and even left a voicemail, but both remain unanswered. I’ve also submitted an information request to the excellent staff at the City of Reno, and guess what they responded to me saying?

That’s right, they say:

“The City has determined there are no responsive records to your request.”

Woah! Full stop, even the City of Reno doesn’t have proof WAHC is a nonprofit? 

Folks, this needs to be looked into ASAP.

If WAHC isn’t a non-profit in good standing but claims to be, and they’ve been running tens of millions of dollars through this corporation, I can’t even list all the laws they might be breaking. Off the top of my head, though, it could be things like fraud, tax evasion, violation of Nevada’s Corporate Laws, violation of Nevada’s False Claims Act, and breach of contract, just to name a few.

But maybe they’re entirely legit and, for whatever reason, simply fail to respond to our requests or show any proof of non-profit status. This situation obviously requires further investigation, and we need to ask why Hillary sits on both boards and is the treasurer and secretary for WAHC.

We see Comrade Hill-Insky sitting on boards, even an investment board, and then voting to give these organizations millions and millions of dollars. Folks, we have some massive issues in Washoe that law enforcement really needs to look into and address.

Lastly, Hillary, on her Secretary of State annual filings report, states she only makes $77,000 a year from her position as mayor, owns three properties, and receives income from Resale Girls LLC. 

If you recall, she locked down businesses across Reno, but allegedly, hers stayed open! 

Not to mention all the PPP money she received for that business too! 

None of which our investigators say appears legit. That’s for another investigation we the people need to have happen. But I digress, why do I care about how much money she claims to make? Well, she’s telling the Secretary of State under penalty of perjury, that’s all the money she makes and all her sources of income. What if she’s not being truthful? We know most boards pay their board members. It’s typically the board members that get paid.

I’ll soon show you another board member who gets paid so that you’ll have an example of what I mean 🙂

What could all of this mean? Well, this is Wicked Washoe under our current leadership. I imagine when we start kicking over rocks, we’re going to find even more questionable things.

In the meantime, while we wait for WAHC to respond, we must get the word out and share these articles, as no one in the local media is covering any of this. The media has all put their biased spin on anything related to Hillary, Hill, Brown, and others. It’s time we all become the media and kick all these people to the unemployment line.



Share this post with everyone you know in Washoe; it’s about time we counter the propaganda papers and put the sunlight on the people destroying our county versus cover for them.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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