You may remember we covered Eric Brown’s very drunk and driving wife, Melody, last year.

Re-read it here:

In a nutshell, she was driving while nearly 4x the legal limit, severely under the influence, got in an accident, never did jail time, and never got a DUI.

The reason I’m bringing this up again is that we have new information. Someone came forward to us. We always suspected Eric Brown had helped cover up for his wife Melody, but now if this person is telling the truth, we know he did, and he wasn’t alone.

We see crappy Brown budgets, now we see crappy Brown ethics.

The more you look into Brown, the crappier it gets too.

Now let’s get back to Melody Brown’s nearly 4x the legal limit DUI, that’s not a DUI if you have friends in high places?

So here comes Melody, driving her car nearly four times over the limit, crashing into something, and coming to a full stop on the side of a busy road. She is assisted by the police, who were notified of a stopped vehicle. Upon investigation, she admits and shows that she has been drinking. She is tested by the most amazing officer I have ever heard of. The officer is patient and calm, and if I ever have to deal with the police, I hope it’s someone like her. But I digress. Melody Brown can’t pass a single test, but she kept reminding all of us and the officers who her husband is: Eric Brown, the Washoe County Manager.

Now the new information starts to come in here, we’re told Eric Brown was drinking too, and we’re told when the police called Mr. Big Shot, “I’ll keep you out of a Dewey” Eric Brown, Washoe County Manager, sounds drunk as well.

So was he? Was he drunk too?

Did he pick up his wife from the Po-Po station drunk as well?

Interesting right?

What’s more, how did Melody Big Shot County Manager Eric Brown’s wife stay out of a jail cell?

How did this happen?

If it were you or I, we’d probably still be sitting in jail or at least have a suspended license, right?

Melody Big Shot County Manager Eric Brown’s wife, though, is sent home with her possibly drunk Big Shot County Manager Eric Brown?

Now how could that be? Who would someone like Big Shot Brown have to call to completely bypass the entire legal system? OR how many whos’ would be needed to be called?

You wouldn’t believe me if I told you how many people are alleged to have made this happen. The people involved are all public servants or officials, according to the whistleblower.

Now if you just look at the court ruling, that should really have you demanding a full investment into Dirty Brown pants.

What does it show?

It shows Melody Brown doesn’t get a DUI but is at a .30 blood alcohol rate.

She Doesn’t get her license suspended.
She Doesn’t do any jail time.
She Doesn’t have to pay for an expensive blowhard and interlock device in her car.

Do you know what the court case of Mr. Ortega shows?

He has a .22 DUI, not a .30 like Melody.
He didn’t get into an accident.
He did do 2 days of jail.
He did get his license suspended for 180 days.
He did have to put an expensive interlock device in his car.

Do you know what this means?

Within minutes, these 2 very similar cases have 2 completely different outcomes and rulings.

How is this possible? Has anyone asked the ex-Judge?

How did Melody Brown get out of a DUI at nearly four times the legal limit?

I suggest you all ask that question.

We suggest ethics complaints be brought against Brown and everyone involved.

We have the names and information, whether it’s true or not, as to all the names they say helped, we do know that Brown’s ethics are very much in question for this and so many other things to be shown to you.

We need a full investigation into the DUI that wasn’t a DUI if you’re big-shot dirty Brown pants wife?

Call for an investigation into Eric Brown. Send an email or call to your county commissioner.

They hired him, they can fire him.

Let’s clean up the crap and take our county back.


Let them know you want an investigation into Brown Pants.

County Commissioners: 

Alexis Hill (District 1)

Michael Clark (District 2)

Mariluz Garcia (District 3)

Clara Andriola (District 4)

Jeanne Herman
 (District 5)

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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