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Who cares about the costs? Who cares about our homeless? It seems that Eric Brown-Stain, Comrade Hill-Insky, and Hide’n Hillary Scheive couldn’t care less.

As someone with extensive knowledge of housing, construction, and investing, I can say with certainty that the so-called “Cares Campus” doesn’t pass my sniff test.

I’ve been cautious about discussing the costs because they’re well hidden. But let’s err on the side of conservatism. They claim it cost $78 million, then received another $33 million, plus $5.5 million for land, and around $15 million annually to run this circus tent.

Anybody with an IQ over 60 would question why a tent that took 85 days to build and houses 604 people would cost $78 million, let alone $130 million. Remember, we’re talking about a tent without heat or air and FEMA-style beds – not a resort or even a flea-bag motel.

Let’s compare the cost to other properties in the city.

Harrah’s, the actual hotel and casino, sold for $41.5 million, situated on prime real estate in Reno. The buyer plans to create a mixed-use space with 150,000 square feet of workspace, 8,500 square feet of retail, restaurants, a grocery store, a gym, and a park-like setting. Sounds rather fancy, right?

Now imagine the city or county bought it instead. 

Imagine how many homeless people could be comfortably housed in Harrah’s, with services provided. Did you know it had 928 hotel rooms in addition to everything else? That’s 41.5 million with $90 million left to spare and as many as 4 times the number of beds!

Something’s amiss, folks. As a developer and builder, I can estimate the cost of constructing a brand-new facility for 600-800 homeless people. Even if I had to buy the land, make improvements, and build from scratch, it would cost less than $100 million.

These three individuals don’t care about our money, nor do they care about the homeless. I’ve got stories on each of them and their disdain for the homeless. They’re only concerned with themselves.

Have you noticed when their fortunes changed? We’re told, and documents support, all three went from barely getting by to raking in profits after the “Cares Campus” sprouted.

Stay tuned for more dark secrets about Eric Brown-Stain, Comrade Hill-Insky, and Hide’n Hillary Scheive.

In the meantime, knowing what Harrah’s sold for 41.5 million and what a morally upstanding developer could build for, aren’t you curious where that $130 million went for this circus tent?

These people have been called crooks. I say it’s about time for a full-blown audit and investigation into each of them and see if the allegations are true.

What say you?


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