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In looking at the Washoe voter rolls, looking at the Registrar of Voters (ROV) reported amount of voters, looking at the reported amount of voters added and removed, and then seeing all the missing voters, Beadles coined the term Wacky Washoe math. Simply put, the ROV data simply doesn’t add up. We’ve addressed it countless times with no answer from the ROV.

Now we’ll address the Washoe Wasted elections (Beadles coined that too) that should infuriate and piss off every red-blooded American. Again, we’ve shown SOME of this to the Washoe ROV team, the County manager, etc. Still, they’ve never addressed it other than in a prepared statement written by County manager Eric Brown at the request of the County Commissioners.

Eric Brown stated we showed the machine issues but showed it for Clark County!
SO he doesn’t say we’re wrong; he says it was only for Clark County!
Another half-truth at best as we showed him Clark AND Washoe election rigging with the machines. Watch the video here and see for yourself whos telling the truth.

As we showed them one candidate race that was rigged and cost the entire state the rightful president, we will now show you a few others that were rigged and cost us the rightful leader to represent us. You’ll start to see why these so-called leaders seem to do what they want, not what we want, and why our country is circling the drain.

Please understand that this data DOES NOT include ballot fraud, mail-in ballot fraud, out-of-state voter fraud, vacant lots, ballot trafficking, etc. This ONLY shows you how much the machines took from one candidate and gave to another or injected votes for one candidate over another.

Now for ANYONE who says we’re wrong, please, by all means, find us smarter math professors than the ones who have ALL looked this over and found it to be correct.

This can be replicated 1,000,000’s of times and holds true every time. The math works and is real. So real, in fact, and so replicable, we’ll even share a spreadsheet showing these races and a scientific paper at the end here that will allow EACH of you to verify the findings as well, if you like that kind of thing. The Ph.D.’s do.

Bottom line, if we’re correct—and every fancy 3 letter behind their name math professor thus far has said we are—our votes don’t count when we use machines. They are literally selections, not elections, and furthermore, BOTH parties benefit from the rig! This can ALL happen unbeknownst to the clerk or the ROV!

You see, humans don’t hand count bubbles or ballots anymore in Washoe or Clark. The ballot comes in, a machine scans the ballot, makes a digital image and a machine counts the bubbles and ballots, not a person.

So the people aren’t counting bubbled selections or even know how many total bubbles are filled in for a candidate. A machine does this, and then it tells us who wins.

A machine can be programmed to do many things. For example, a machine can be programmed to make a particular candidate or candidates get a certain percentage or a total number of votes. The user or worker would have zero idea of what is happening as they are not counting the ballots or bubbles.

Now, if you got a hold of all the 2020 ballots for Washoe and Clark and counted bubbles and ballots, I bet you would see huge discrepancies. Maybe that’s why we’re not allowed in the room(s) to watch the election processes or to hand count and inspect the ballots or bubbles?

What we show you here is mathematically impossible. We show you what happens when machines are programmed to give the desired outcome, NOT the real results.

Edward Solomon ran point on this and his findings have been vetted by numerous PHDs. His findings are infuriating. Remember, this is just the machines; it does not include all the other methods of fraud. Remember, this is just one county. Remember, this affects all parties and voters, even Democrats and Independents.

What’s truly a shame is the loss of leadership for legal voters. It disenfranchises everyone!
We vote for who we want to represent us and instead get something else.

Likewise, this is horrible for ALL candidates who spend their time, treasure, blood, sweat, tears, and the tension on friendships, relationships, and jobs just to have it stolen from them.
They put it all out there, really win in many cases, but are told to go home; they lost.

Everyone thinks the candidate is a loser; he-she couldn’t get the needed votes, support, etc.
The loss weighs heavily on these candidates, needlessly. Hopefully, for the few we show here, they take some comfort in knowing the people really did choose them. Hopefully, the courts will do what’s right, not what’s easy, and stop the use of machines everywhere!

Open challenge to all! Prove the team
wrong with facts & data—don’t just say it!

Edward Solomons’s vetted conclusions are as follows:

Washoe County General 2020 Election

WCSD District E 2020

Taylor vs Montongnese (Non-Partisan Race)

What you see here is the original reporting for Angela Taylor vs Montongnese for District E.
Official results show 22,879 for Taylor and 13,660 for Montongnese. If you remove JUST the machine manipulation from the vote, the real results would be:

Montongnese: 17,543

Taylor: 13,979


“They” injected 8,900 votes for Taylor and removed 3,883 votes for Montongnese.

In other words, we wouldn’t have CRT-based education for our children in Washoe as we would have Montongnese as the winner!

This affects our children and future generations in this one flip of the votes.

This also shows why when we are doing the Recall Angie Taylor signature collection, we’ve only found one supporter of hers so far.

Remember, this is JUST the machine vote manipulation.

City Council At Large (Non-Partisan Race)

Lorton VS Reese

What you see here is the original reporting for Lorton vs Reese for City Council.

The official results show 57,642 votes for Reese and 47,295 votes for Lorton. If you remove JUST the machine manipulation from the vote, the real results would be:

Lorton: 55,994

Reese: 35,443


“They” injected 22,199 votes for Reese and removed 8,699 votes for Lorton.

Do you wonder why the City of Reno continues to circle the drain? Are Reese’s policies he promotes and votes for really the policies of WE the People or is it for a corrupt minority controlling our elections?

County Commission Race District 4

Hartung (Republican) vs Baker (Democrat)

The official results show:
Hartung: 31,643
Baker: 22,691

The real results are:

Baker: 22,999

Hartung: 18,955


“They” injected 12,688 votes for Hartung and removed 308 votes for Baker.
You see, “they” rig it for Republicans too.

Maybe this is why district 4 has a nearly 96% registered voter rate? However, when we knocked on doors for Hartung’s recall, we noticed in just the first 80 doors we knocked, 50 of them DIDN’T vote for Hartung! Coincidence?

We wonder how many other County Commissioners didn’t really win their seats?

Remind us again, who appoints the County manager who appoints the ROV?

That’s right, the County commissioners, We’re sure there’s no conflict there…

County Commission Race District 1

Berkbigler (Republican) vs Hill (Democrat)

The official results show:

Hill: 27,325
Berkbigler: 20,938

The real results are:

Berkbigler: 23,058

Hill: 15,712


“They” injected 11,613 votes for Hill and removed 2,120 votes for Berkbigler.

Is this what Bob Lucey, the commissioner meant when he said he was going to come after Berkbigler in her election?

How did an unknown liberal, Alexis Hill, truthfully beat a beloved sitting county commissioner in a Republican district? It appears we now know.

How many County Commissioners are rightfully elected… stay tuned.

Now let’s show Clark and Washoe Combined, as this same “feature” was used in Washoe and Clark identically.

Washoe and Clark Combined Votes

POTUS RACE 2020 General Election

Biden vs Trump

The reported official results are:

Biden: 632,069
Trump: 532,489

What the real numbers are…

Biden: 450,889

Trump: 652,789


What does this show us if Edward and the team are right?

We simply can not trust our most precious voice to these machines. Do you wonder why we keep losing our rights and freedoms? Why the price of gas skyrocketing, why rent is skyrocketing, food, impending war, trade, supply chain issues, etc.; it’s because we believe our votes don’t count legitimately.

This affects us ALL!

We simply can not trust the technology we don’t understand. Let’s face it, most of us can’t do basic algebra, let alone algorithm reading and understanding.

Machines do what they are programmed to do. Do you trust the programmer of the machine? Could he-she-they be comprised? Love money and power? Sell us out? Work for someone or a small group other than we the people?

For hundreds of years, we hand counted our ballots. It’s not perfect, but it’s definitely not this! If we give the power back to the people and do precinct-level voting—or even district-level voting—reporting, by hand, with local legal poll workers working the polls and local legal voters voting at the polls by paper, this mostly all goes away.

We’ll even know the results on election night, save millions of dollars and even add much-needed trust and transparency back to the election process.

For County Clerks, County Commissioners-Supervisors, and the ROV, they must be reminded they work for We The People. If WE say, we want paper ballots, no machines, hand counting, precinct or district level voting, they better well give us what we want. They represent us.

This crap about a paper shortage is simply to use the machines to finish us off. This self-created paper crisis (and other crises) we believe is solely due to stolen elections.

Know too, this is not new just to 2020. This has been happening for a very long time. We only show a few races; you would all be astounded if we showed all of them.

For the County Commissioners who say this is out of their hands and it’s up to the clerks, it’s very simple. If the clerks don’t follow the wish of the people, number one, don’t ever vote for them again, and number two, we can’t trust the machines, so as Commissioners, simply DO NOT sign the certification of the votes. Why commit treason?

Simply do a hand count of all the ballots and if the machines were used, do a hand count of all the paper printouts from the machines. Then match it up to the so-called official result the machine tells us.

For leaders who say we can’t go to paper ballots—it’s too expensive to print new ballots—it’s simple! Due to AB321 (Which Carter-Baker warned us about being the easiest way to steal elections), everyone is mailed a paper ballot! Use that paper ballot! Mail it in or drop it off, or fill it out in person. If we hand count and verify, boom, it’s far more trustworthy and saves all the trees and cost of printing new ballots!

Remember, a hand count means NOTHING if you don’t count and tally all the bubbled selections and the ballot itself. All the envelopes and signatures must be validated at the time of receiving them as well. The paper the ballot is on, and the way the ballot is filled out must be legitimate as well.

If the commissioners follow the will of the people and do this, watch the love and support they will really get by simply following the will of the people.

For voters who want to be a part of the process, it’s simple. Become election workers or become election observers. Watch every process of the voting system, report, photograph, and video all irregularities where legal. Take meticulous notes, who did what, when, etc., and get it out asap.

This is our most precious voice. This is how our country was founded. If we hand it over to things that can’t be trusted due to some lame excuse like, “it takes too much time,” That person should not be our leader.
It’s essential our votes count legitimately. Who cares if it takes more time with the current system, our lives and families are worth it!

If they just go back to precinct-level voting, the volunteers will be more than needed. The process will be transparent, and the costs will be reduced by millions of dollars each cycle. We can prove this all as well. They lie and say it costs more; it doesn’t. We even did a breakdown via spreadsheet for the Washoe ROV and County Commissioners. It shows they lied to the world when they said Herman’s election resolution would cost millions more than their rigged systems.

The truth is it would save millions a year and keep them from cheating.

Will you trust these so-called leaders if they stay the same course after this article?

We sure as HELL won’t.

Spread this letter to the four corners and to all your representatives in every county across the country.


We’ll report back on the various lawsuits Beadles and team have filed to save our elections soon as well.

Real Results:


The Preface, chapters 1 and 4 is based on Washoe and Clark County. Everything else is focused on Maricopa, BUT it will be updated for Washoe and Clark as soon as we can.

Scientific Explanation and calculations:

Video Explanations

Longer Version:


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