Over the past couple of years, we’ve exposed many unexplainable atrocities that Eric Brown appears to have committed, and so far, he is still the Washoe County Manager. This makes no sense to me.

We exposed how his wife, nearly four times over the legal limit for driving while intoxicated, got in a wreck, and then got out of a DUI after mentioning her husband is the county manager a dozen or so times. Meanwhile, the average Joe, tried by the same judge in the same courtroom days apart, gets the book thrown at him. This is crazy and should never happen in America.

Last week we exposed Eric Brown’s propaganda minister, Bethany Drysdale, saying almost the exact opposite of what the county district attorney’s office said, to make people feel like secure elections are a bad thing. What Commissioner Herman proposes is labeled as illegal right-wing conspiracy nonsense when, in fact, everything Drysdale said is about 180 degrees off from the truth. Why are she and Brown still employed by the County?

Today, if Eric Brown is still employed by the County, it has become clear that no one at the county has any spine at all, no sense of duty, and could not care less about protecting the community.

Everything you are about to see here, we’re told there are witnesses who will appear in court, in front of law enforcement, etc., and testify that both Eric Brown and his wife are driving drunk all around Reno and Sparks.

These two appear to be doing it for sport, with zero regard for the laws, the public, or consequences.

Maybe they’re right. We saw Melody Brown evade a DUI while being nearly four times the drunk driving limit, all while telling the cops and lab techs her husband is Eric Brown, the County Manager.

Maybe the cops just give Eric and Melody Brown a pass here in Washoe County? If nothing happens after this post, no one will be able to convince me our law enforcement here isn’t completely compromised as well.

After what you are about to see, if Eric Brown is still our county manager and still walking around without law enforcement investigating him, there is no law in Washoe, and there’s no one with any spine in the county to stand up and demand Brown is fired or resigns immediately.

Here we go:

Here is Melody Brown we’re told driving so drunk she can’t keep her car in the lane and then simply stops in the intersection on a green light. This is right near where her last DUI was!

Here, you can see this is her car. It’s registered to her. The witnesses will testify it’s her driving.

Here is a police incident report with the time and date for suspected drunk driving, yet no arrest, and of course, no officer even arrived to investigate after this tipster followed her for 15 minutes and made the report. Zero repercussions.

Notice in the report below a possible 1055 is drunk driving.

Here, on another night, Melody Brown, we’re told, is so drunk she can’t even park in the stall at a local restaurant. She wandered all over the parking lots in her car to finally come to rest like this, then go eat and drink more, then drive away!

Of course, Eric is with her, too!

Here, Eric Brown is seen conducting what appears to be county business with both phones in front of him, his work and his personal, we’re told. He sits at the bar and drinks 8 alcoholic drinks in a couple of hours, then gets up, walks to his car, and drives over 100 MPH down Highway 80.

Read what one of the witnesses observed:

Phil Tenneson observed and then posted on Facebook. This was shared with us via

(Photo edit-People sitting at the bar were removed for their privacy)

Again, everything I have just shown you, we have witnesses who will testify in court, to law enforcement, you name it. They’ll testify.

It appears Eric Brown and his wife are going to kill someone. This has to stop.
He must be held accountable. These rules for thee, not for me, must stop.
The County must terminate him, or he must resign. Law enforcement needs to investigate. When will enough be enough? Maybe when the Browns kill someone you or they care about?

For anyone who watches this and doesn’t share this and demands Eric Brown’s resignation and law enforcement to intervene here, shame on you. This crap only happens because we allow it.

This all ends when our so-called public servants grow a spine and fire him or when we peacefully show up and say no more.

I’ll see you tomorrow, Tuesday 1/16, at the Board Of County Commissioners Meeting, 10 am be there.

1001 East 9th Street Reno


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